Top & Best Baby Alive Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby Alive: How to choose the best doll in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a doll that won a captive place in the hearts of children: Baby Alive.

Baby Alive is a doll that eats, makes coconut, gets sick, plays and can even talk. Because it represents the daily life of a real baby, this doll has become a fever among girls and boys.

Amid so many options, with different characteristics and themes, we will show in this article what you should consider before buying Baby Alive that will meet your expectations.

First, the most important

  • Baby Alive, which can be a girl or a boy, is a toy that encourages children to take care of babies.
  • In play, the child develops emotionally, in addition to being encouraged to use responsibility and creativity.
  • We will show you what are the features that differentiate one model from another and how to choose the ideal Baby Alive.

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Ranking: The 5 best Baby Alive models

Anyone looking for a Baby Alive is looking for originality. With that in mind, the manufacturer continues to invest in themes and accessories that make this toy even more attractive for children. Therefore, below, we will present you the best Baby Alive models available on the market today.

  • Baby Alive I love pasta
  • Baby Alive Surprise Party
  • Baby Alive Pee Time
  • Baby Alive Sweet Tears

Buying Guide

There are so many different models of Baby Alive that you can be confused when choosing the best one. After all, more than a simple game, dolls play an important role in children’s development.

To help you, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision when purchasing Baby Alive.

What is a Baby Alive?

Baby Alive is one of the most popular dolls of the moment. And it will probably be one of those toys that promise to mark the new generation of children.

As the name of the toy suggests (Baby Alive, in free translation), Baby Alive was created to be as similar as possible to a real baby.

Although aesthetically it looks like a doll, Baby Alive, depending on the model, can laugh, express emotions, play, talk, ask for food and can even ask the child to change his dirty diaper. In addition, the doll can even “get tired” of playing, get drowsy and sleep.

From these features, you can imagine why this doll fell in the children’s favor.

With Baby Alive, children are encouraged to prepare and feed, change their diapers, bathe, bottle, give medicine, among many other things that dads and moms experience in real life.

For the kids it is a fun game, but basically it is also a learning experience.

In addition, nowadays, there is a wide variety of Baby Alive options, each with a physical characteristic and different needs that instigate and very much the creativity of the little ones.

Nowadays it is possible to find Baby Alive brunette, black and blonde. In addition, currently there is also a version of Baby Alive boy, in addition to the twin brothers options.

As a result, not only are boys encouraged to play with caring for a baby, just like dads do.

Not to mention that the manufacturer of the doll also offers several accessories that can be purchased together with Baby Alive or separately to make the game even more real.

With all this it is not difficult to understand why Baby Alive stands out among so many other dolls that are available on the market. Next, check out the main differences between Baby Alive and an ordinary doll:

How did the Baby Alive doll come about?

Hasbro is an American company specializing in producing toys and board games. The brand is the second largest manufacturer of children’s toys, second only to Mattel, creator of Barbie.

Founded in 1923, Hasbro is responsible for creating, among other toys, the Transformers dolls, My Little Pony, Avengers, Mr. Potato Head and the famous Play-Dog modeling clay.

The Baby Alive doll, which today is manufactured by Hasbro, was originally created in 1973 by another brand, called Kenner. And, despite the fact that some of its features remain today, many changes have occurred.

For example, at that time Baby Alive was fed with powdered lying foods that came in packages and were mixed with water (which still occurs today).

But, unlike the current models, for the doll to chew it was necessary to activate a lever on the Baby Alive’s back. In the end, the food went down inside the doll and ended up in the diaper.

As Baby Alive did not speak or advise when it had made its needs, the child had to wait to check the diaper.

In addition, the first Baby Alive to speak only appeared in 1992. At that time, the doll also started to eat fake food automatically, without the need for a lever.

In addition, at the time, dolls made their needs on a potty, instead of a diaper. Another technology applied at Baby Alive at that time was the sensors located inside the doll that detected where the food was and allowed her to say phrases like, for example, “I have to go to the bathroom”.

However, the noise of the gears and the adult voice that Baby Alive had did not please the audience. Therefore, the production of the doll was stopped and only in 2006 did Baby Alive really begin to be a worldwide success.

And it was only in 2006 that Hasbro came on the scene to become the official manufacturer of the doll. Hasbro redesigned Baby Alive in order to make it even more realistic and created various accessories such as a bib , diapers, crib , among others.

How to make Baby Alive’s baby food?

The fact that Baby Alive eats and makes coconut in the diaper is one of the greatest feelings for children. The fact is that most models of this doll are already accompanied by fake food. And when you don’t come, you can buy the original foods separately.

In general, there are two types of fake foods: powder and in the form of clay. Powdered food comes in a sachet and when added to water it becomes a mixture that resembles baby’s baby food.

Today there are even tutorials on the internet that show you how to play with Baby Alive.

In general, the doll also includes a mini-processor that is used to mix the powder with the water with a hand crank and create the baby food. The food is simple to make, but if the child is very small, help from parents or an adult is recommended.

Then, with the baby food ready, the little ones put the food on a plate, also suitable for Baby Alive, and that’s it, it’s time to start the game.

To do this, simply insert the baby food with the spoon – which also accompanies the doll – into the Baby Alive mouthpiece and push a little. The baby food enters the doll and goes down through an inner tube until it reaches the diaper.

The same process occurs with fake food made with modeling clay. Here, however, Baby Alive usually brings molds so that the child can create fruits, such as grapes, strawberries and apples, and even pasta.

To make pasta, there is also a special way. But, in this case, Baby Alive will only start eating when she asks herself with the phrases like: “How good …”, “More spaghetti please …”.

In this case there are dolls that are able to move their mouths, as if they were sucking spaghetti.

What to do if the food clogs Baby Alive?

Yes, it is possible that when inserting many “foods”, the inner tube through which the food passes until it reaches the diaper may clog. This is actually not so rare, so much so that there are even videos on Youtube dealing with the subject.

But this clogging is even more recurrent if the child inserts other products and / or real foods into the doll, which is not recommended.

If the inside of the doll ends up clogged, just open the Baby Alive and gently clean the inside.

Therefore, the manufacturer brand warns that no other product should be used except Baby Alive’s own fake food. Even so, if there is clogging inside the doll it is enough that you open the Baby Alive through a compartment that is behind the doll’s head.

Then, you must carefully remove what is left of the food and then close it again.

What is the importance of playing with Baby Alive?

Playing with dolls is one of the most traditional games that still remains current today. And this is not for nothing. The fact is that dolls are the oldest toys in the world. These toys have been recorded since ancient Egypt.

But since then, although the game has continued, what has changed is that fathers, mothers and educators understood the importance of this game in life and development, both for girls and boys.

This is because the interest of the little ones in playing with dolls comes from the desire to reproduce the environment and the reality in which they live. And that in itself is already an experience of discovery and learning.

That is, the natural tendency of every child is to imitate what they see around them. For example, if the child lives in a house where everyone cooks, it is natural that he wants to play cooking too and with that he learns about eating and healthy habits.

Therefore, in addition to being fun, the doll is an educational toy that brings cognitive benefits, stimulates creativity and also helps to work on children’s feelings and skills.

This is because the child creates affective bonds with the doll, takes her for a walk, talks, takes care and so on. And when the doll, like Baby Alive, for example, is able to stimulate the senses even more, the advantages are immense.

Check out the main benefits of playing with Baby Alive below:

  • Learning

It is during play that children learn the most. By playing with Baby Alive it is possible, for example, to learn to take care of someone, to have responsibility, to take care of their own clothes, their body and their health.

In addition, children can learn about shapes, colors, textures and even new vocabularies.

  • No gender distinction

If a boy plays with a baby doll, he may be imitating a father looking after a daughter, a teacher at school, a doctor looking after a sick person, among so many other possibilities.

Baby Alive is even more important here because it created versions of baby dolls that help even more in the identification and development of the little ones.

Another benefit of Baby Alive is that fathers and mothers end up playing. Especially at first, when it is necessary to teach the child how to eat, change the diaper and take care of the baby.

According to experts, this is an extremely important moment in the relationship between parents and children, which can strengthen emotional bonds.

When you play with dolls with children, it also helps to develop the little ones’ self-knowledge, emotions and, of course, creativity.

The fact is that, when they play with dolls, children wake up for storytelling to be played with dollhouse, school, walking, among others.

Experts also point out that this activity can also be a way of knowing how the children feel or even detecting any problem they are experiencing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Baby Alive?

As we have seen, there are countless benefits that Baby Alive provides in children’s lives. As a doll that seeks to imitate the reality of babies, Baby Alive encourages the little ones to reproduce the real scenario of taking care, feeding, changing the diaper, combing their hair and etc.

More than that, as Baby Alive has numerous versions it is possible to take the imagination to another level. In some cases, the doll speaks, reproduces sounds that give the signal to the child, for example, to feed the baby, and they even cry and ask to sleep.

nother advantage of Baby Alive is that nowadays there are dolls that help children to identify themselves with different physical characteristics and biotypes. The highlight goes to the Baby Alive versions with brown or black hair and brown and black skin.

In addition, there are thematic versions such as the case of Baby Alive Sereia or the doll that is preparing to go to a party.

However, like most children’s toys, Baby Alive also has some disadvantages. Among the main disadvantages of the Baby Alive doll is the price.

Baby Alive is not a cheap toy, especially because it has technology that allows the doll to “eat”, do her needs, express herself emotionally or speak.

In addition, the replacement of accessories, such as fake foods and diapers, also end up thinking a lot about the budget. The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Baby Alive doll

How much?

Baby Alive’s price varies a lot depending on the material of manufacture, the features, themes and accessories that accompany it. That way, in general, you will find Baby Alive costing between R $ 60 and R $ 1,400.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one. Nowadays, with the variety available, it is possible to purchase a doll with accessories at an affordable price.

Where to buy?

You will find Baby Alive for sale in toy stores.

But, still, we recommend that you make your purchase in online stores Amazon.

With this, you will be able to have even more options of themes and models to choose from and for promotional prices. Not to mention that you still get the Baby Alive doll from the comfort of your home.


Purchase criteria: What you should consider before choosing Baby Alive

If you have come this far you already know that Baby Alive is a special doll and can contribute a lot to children’s development.

As we have seen, there are many functions that this doll can have, besides, of course, the countless physical characteristics and accessories that help to stimulate the play even more.

But, in order for you to be able to choose the ideal model, among so many available on the market today, you need to know what really differentiates one doll from another.

Therefore, we have selected for you the main factors that must be observed before purchasing Baby Alive:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Characteristics
  • Accessories
  • Theme
  • Resources

In the following, we will explain each of these factors in detail so that you make the best decision and invest in the ideal Baby Alive.

Manufacturing material

The first factor that we recommend that you take into account before purchasing Baby Alive is the material of the doll. That’s because, in general, Hasbro manufactures Baby Alive in two different types of materials: plush and plastic.

In general, the recommendation is that the choice of manufacturing material should be made according to the child’s age group. For example, Baby Alive made of plush, and polyester fiber filling, is recommended for children from 1 year of age.

The plush Baby Alive model is ideal for ensuring the safety of younger children, in addition to being malleable facilitating the handling of babies.

However, from the age of three it is already possible to purchase the Baby Alive doll produced in non-toxic plastic. But as this model contains many embedded parts, it is always a risk that they can come loose and create a risk for very young children.


Next, we suggest that you take into account the physical characteristics of the dolls. As we have seen, nowadays, you can choose the girl, boy or even brothers doll.

Also, note that it is possible to choose between dark, black, blond babies with long or short hair.

The idea here, according to experts, is to diversify both to help the child identify with the doll and also to encourage understanding and respect for differences.


Another factor that we suggest you take into consideration before buying Baby Alive is the type and quantity of accessories that come with the doll. The fact is that these accessories vary a lot depending on the model you choose.

But, to give you a general idea, check out the most popular accessories that you will find together with the Baby Alive doll:

  • Food: powdered or putty
  • Diapers
  • Pinico
  • baby bottle
  • Hair comb
  • Soap
  • Bib
  • Plate and cutlery
  • Shape and mixer
  • Baby comfort
  • Bib
  • Baby crib
  • Schoolbag
  • Baby carriage


Along with the type of resource, you should also check the Baby Alive theme. This factor is what generally attracts the most children and stimulates creativity.

To give you a general idea of ​​the options that exist, check out the most popular themes that you will find in the Baby Alive doll below:

  • Baby Alive Take care of me : In this version, the doll is sick and needs care. The child will change diapers, give medicine, take the temperature and give a bottle .
  • Baby Alive Best Friend : This doll speaks more than 20 phrases and also warns you when you are hungry.
  • Baby Alive Real Surprise : This version, in addition to speaking more than 20 sentences, is capable of expressing itself by laughing, playing, eating and sleeping.
  • Baby Alive Time to Eat : The most popular of all, this doll eats all the food and makes coconut. In addition, it makes baby sounds and shakes its feet.


Another fundamental factor that you must observe before buying Baby Alive is the feature that the toy offers. In this regard, the options are numerous and the choice, in addition to being very personal, must take into account the final price of the product.

You can, for example, find the Baby Alive that eats, makes coconut, pee, gets annoyed, cries, makes sounds and talks, among so many other resources. But be aware that not all models contain all of these features. So check before you buy.

In addition, you will also find Baby Alive that does “happy dancing”, talks and blinks; the one who drinks water and “pee” in the pot; and the one that emits between 20 and 80 sounds and phrases for mom or dad.


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