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Top & Best LOL Doll Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

LOL Doll: How to choose the best one for your daughter in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a doll that became a worldwide fever among children: the LOL doll. If you are looking for more information before buying LOL or don’t know why the girls are such fans of this doll, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will explain what the great attraction of the LOL doll is, what its functions are, how much it costs and the criteria that you must take into account before buying the best doll.

First, the most important

  • The LOL doll comes hidden in a ball-shaped packaging. And the great fun is to discover the clues and accessories that come on the ball, before unraveling the doll’s identity.
  • In addition to the surprise factor, children have fun customizing and collecting the various characters of the LOL doll that, in addition to accessories such as clothes and bottles, can also change colors.
  • But prepare your pocket. This is certainly one of the most expensive dolls of the moment.

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The best LOL dolls: Our team’s favorites

The challenge in choosing the best LOL doll is great, since until the packaging is opened, the doll’s identity is a mystery. But the fact is that the manufacturer has invested in different models that have different accessories and dynamics. To help you with your choice, we have selected the best purchase options. Look:

  • The LOL doll with nine surprises
  • The one that all girls should have
  • The ideal option for those who want two dolls
  • The best surprise: Mini LOL doll or pet

Buying Guide

With so many options, the task of choosing the best LOL doll is not simple. Therefore, it is important that, before buying the toy, you understand a little about the universe of this doll and why children like it so much.

To help you in this process, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to invest in the best LOL doll.

What is a LOL doll?

From time to time a different toy appears that turns a fever among children. The LOL Surprise doll is one of them and has in its name its main attraction: the surprise factor.

That’s because when you buy this doll it comes hidden inside a ball-shaped packaging, which children affectionately call an egg.

The egg comes wrapped in several layers of plastic and the game begins just when the girls take it off layer by layer.


To find out which LOL doll is you need to unpack the entire ball.

Thus, with each plastic removed, accessories and some clues are revealed, until you reach the center of the ball where the LOL doll will be. That is, to find out which LOL doll it is necessary to unpack the entire ball.

Both accessories and dolls are made up of tiny plastic pieces, unlike another famous doll, Baby Alive . But that doesn’t detract from LOL’s fame.

After the surprise effect, it is time for the child to dress the mini doll and play with water, bath, put to sleep and let the imagination go.

But what if LOL is repeated? This is a big risk, but if this happens, the game gains new air, since it is easy to find exchange groups on social networks.

And then, of course, the girls create a LOL collection. That’s because, as we will see below, there are a few dozen different characters.

Why did the LOL doll become a phenomenon?

Unpack to find out what’s inside. Does this process remind you of anything? Just remember moments like birthdays and even Christmas, when the great fun for the little ones is to open the presents without knowing what they will win.

In a way, the idea of ​​the LOL doll really came from the children’s excitement when opening presents. But the fact is that the success of this doll among children is not such a spontaneous phenomenon.

The LOL doll was designed together with a dissemination strategy that uses the influence of child youtubers and their ‘unboxing’ videos, a term that means the act of unwrapping a product.

Thus, the ‘unboxing’ videos were largely responsible for the success of the LOL doll, which has several layers of plastic to be removed.

At the same time that this strategy hit the youngsters hard, it also became a controversy among parents mainly due to the aggressive advertising aimed at children, stimulating consumerism.

How does the LOL doll work and what are its functions?

As we have seen, with each layer of plastic that is removed a surprise is revealed to the child. And although the number of surprises and the type of pieces varies, there is a standard dynamic.

Below we show what are the main stages of the LOL doll’s operation, considering a model that comes with seven surprises:

  1. When removing the first layer of plastic, a piece of paper appears with a secret message, which gives clues about which LOL doll is in the middle of the ball.
  2. In the second layer, the child finds a set of stickers that indicate what the LOL doll can do: pee, cry or change color.
  3. Then, inside a plastic bag, the girls discover a little bottle or bottle to give water to the LOL doll.
  4. When removing the fourth layer of plastic, a pair of shoes is discovered.
  5. In the next step, the surprise, in general, is a clothes that will be placed in LOL.
  6. In the sixth layer, there is another accessory that can be glasses, purse, cell phone, among others.
  7. And finally, in the last step, the child will open the ball in half. Inside, there will be the long awaited LOL doll.

The kit also accompanies the collector’s guide and other accessories that may include a handle to transform the ball into a mini bag, tiara for the doll and etc.

The ball, in which the LOL doll comes inside, can also be used for playing, since in addition to becoming a bag, it serves as a pedestal to place the doll, bathtub or even a bed.

By giving water to the LOL doll you will find out if she cries, pees or spits the water back.

In addition, the LOL Surprise doll can have different features. This will depend on the model and the series the doll is part of.

But, in general, you will find the LOL that absorbs and squirts water, pees, cries and can even change color when it comes in contact with water. And here, too, you will only discover the features of the doll during play.

Doll LOL: Which ones are most desired?

The LOL Surprise doll already has several series and each has more than 40 different characters, with skin color, hair shape, style and varied characteristics.


You can find, if you’re lucky, the “rare” or “very rare” LOL dolls.

But among all the characters, you can find, if you’re lucky, the “rare” or “very rare” LOL dolls. And, of course, these are the most desired LOL dolls for girls.

But you remember that you can’t choose the doll when you buy, right?

Therefore, and not for nothing, the girls embark on a crusade to collect the largest number of LOL dolls in the hope of finding the desired character.

For you to better understand this universe, we have selected the main rarities of the special series, check out:

  • LOL Fancy: LOL Fancy is a collection of dolls with very stylish looks and that has the largest amount of rare dolls, with totally different personalities. There are six in total: Marjorette, the cheerleader; Super BB, the super heroine; Diva, with leopard clothing; Roller Skber, the skater; Center Stage, the LOL dancer; Leading Baby; the most glamorous LOL doll in the series.
  • Little sisters: This series has four super rare dolls. One is Cheer Captain, which has sushi and chopsticks as accessories. In addition to it, you can find Lil Center Stage, which is the tiny version of LOL Center Stage. The other two are: Lil MC Swang, the little sister of MC Swang; and Lil Roller Skber, also the smaller version of the LOL Roller Skber doll, which comes with a cell phone.
  • Glitter Series: In this series, the dolls have accessories, hair and other parts full of glitter. One of the rarest is the Crystal Queen, with shoes, a blue scarf and a princess dress with a tiara. In addition to her, there is the Glitter Queen, whose hair is all pink and with glitter. And this is where the most rare and hard to get LOL doll from the collector’s guide: The Queen Bee. With bee clothes, all in gold and black, with an accessory cell phone.

What are the special editions of the LOL doll?

In addition to the LOL dolls that come inside the ball, the manufacturer brand also diversified and created some special editions with differences both in packaging and in the dynamics of unpacking. Check out the most popular:

    • LOL Under Wraps Doll: It is known in as LOL Capsule because of the packaging format different from the traditional one. In addition, it comes with a magnifying glass and mysteries that the child must unveil to open the packaging.
    • LOL Pearl doll : This doll comes with a shiny blue suitcase. When you open it, you throw the shell into the water and inside it will have a special edition of LOL and its little sister.
    • LOL Bigger doll: This edition is ultra special since it contains 60 surprises.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LOL doll?

The fact is that the LOL doll, despite being unanimous among children, is a controversy among parents.

This is because, according to some parents, the doll ends up feeding a consumerist side that is not beneficial for children. After all LOL does not have many attractions and often after discovering the doll the child already leaves it aside.

Not to mention that the price of the LOL doll is in fact very high. This is because the doll is imported. Manufactured by the American company MGA Entertainment, it is distributed in Candide.

Another disadvantage is that the doll parts are very small and can create risks of accidents for young children. Therefore, LOL is not suitable for children under 6 years.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that playing with dolls has proven advantages and benefits for the development of children.

In addition, the LOL doll has a surprise effect which also encourages the child to accept the doll that comes.

LOL Surprise also has the advantage of allowing the personalization of the doll with different clothes and accessories, not to mention that each character has different physical characteristics and styles, which contributes to respect for differences and representativeness.

For an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the LOL doll see the table below:

How do you know if a LOL doll is original?

As with almost all highly successful products, the LOL doll has also become the target of counterfeiters.

And the fact is that, because it is a very expensive toy, the temptation to acquire a fake LOL doll ends up being greater.

But the fact that the counterfeit LOL, unlike the original, already starts at a disadvantage because it is not guaranteed by Inmetro’s quality seal. This means that neither parts nor manufacturing materials are safe for children.

Furthermore, in many cases, the fake LOL doll does not come with all the surprises that come with the original.

Did you know that by 2019 more than 250 LOL dolls have been launched among the traditional, the little sisters, the boys and the pets? But not all have arrived.


Not to mention that the counterfeit doesn’t have the features of the original LOL doll like peeing, crying and changing colors. Which can, in the end, become a frustrating experience for the child.

So, to identify a fake LOL doll, pay attention to some patterns used by counterfeiters, such as the fact that the ball is inserted in a box.

When you buy the original, the doll comes only on the ball. The name also tends to be different in the fake LOL and the plastic surrounding the packaging is usually more transparent.

Check out the main differences between the original and fake LOL dolls below:

How much does the LOL doll cost?

Items such as the series that the LOL doll is part of, the number of surprises and the types of accessories influence the price of this toy.

Thus, the price of the LOL doll can vary between R $ 80 and more than R $ 2 thousand. It is possible to find a lower value, around R $ 50, but in this case, what you get is just the ball with some accessories, without the doll.

In addition, the highest values ​​refer to kits that come with home and other LOL doll accessories.

Where to buy the LOL doll?

Despite the high price, you will find LOL in toy stores, department stores.

But we recommend that you make your purchase on sites Amazon. That way, you have the advantage of finding more exclusive models at discounted prices.


Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying the LOL doll

As we have seen, it is not possible to previously choose the character that will come on the LOL doll’s ball. But it is possible to make the best purchase option if you consider some factors.

Therefore, we have listed below the main criteria that will influence your purchase and, of course, your budget. Look:

  • Types of LOL
  • Series
  • Number of surprises
  • Unit or Kit

Next, you will better understand how to analyze each of these factors.

Types of LOL

In addition to the LOL doll, we saw that you can also find your little sister, called Lil Sister.

But the brand went further and also launched pets, boys and even a LOL ball that comes only with accessories.

Therefore, the first criterion that you must analyze before making the purchase is the type of LOL. See below the characteristics of each:

  • LOL Surprise: This is the ball that comes with the traditional doll, which measures about 8 centimeters and comes with accessories.
  • LOL Lil Sisters: This is the short version of LOL, known as the little sister. This option comes with less accessories and, therefore, ends up being cheaper.
  • LOL Charm Fizz: In this ball, which is effervescent and dissolves in water, the child will find only accessories that can be: ring, tattoo, sticker, etc. That is, it does not come with a doll.
  • LOL Lil Pets: When you buy this ball, you’ll find the doll’s pets, as well as accessories.
  • LOL Boys: The most recent novelty are the LOL characters in the boy version, which also come with different accessories and features.


Also note which series is the LOL doll. As we have seen, there are currently four series already available each has 40 different characters.

But there are still special series, the Boys series and limited edition. In addition, in each series there are doll categories: Popular, Chic, Rara and Ultra rare.

The dolls in each series have varied skin colors and even colored hair. The themes are also diverse and define the style of the doll, for example: Glitter, athletic, sleep time, for dancing, theater club, among others.

Also be aware that, depending on the series, the functionality of the doll may change.

Number of surprises

Another factor that you should consider is the amount of surprises. That is, how many layers the child will need to unpack to find accessories and clues.

The most common LOL doll ball comes with seven surprises. But you can find options with three, five, nine and up to 60 surprises.

In the Big LOL doll, the child will find, for example, 26 accessories, 18 wigs, six stickers, a LOL Lil Sister, a LOL doll, a LOL Pet and 4 secret messages.

LOL Surprise or Kits

Finally, analyze what is the best option for you: buy a ball with the LOL doll or the kits.

You will find sets that come with two or three balls, as well as kits with other features, such as the suitcase, the LOL dollhouse and the experiment factory, which serves for the child to make their own effervescent balls.

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