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Top & Best Children’s tricycle Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s tricycle: How to choose the best for your child in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a toy that promotes more than just fun: the children’s tricycle.

The children’s tricycle is an educational toy, which in addition to entertaining the little ones, helps in motor development, in muscle strengthening and also stimulates learning about speed and direction.

In the midst of so many options, we will show you in this article what you should consider before buying the ideal children’s tricycle for each child.

First, the most important

  • The children’s tricycle is a toy that has three wheels and, therefore, guarantees the necessary stability for the little ones to learn to pedal.
  • More than that, with the children’s tricycle children learn about speed and balance, a first step before venturing on the bicycle.
  • We will show you what are the features that differentiate one model from another and what you should check before choosing the best children’s tricycle.

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Best Children’s Tricycle Models: Our Favorites

The children’s tricycle must be safe and suitable for different age groups. Knowing this, the makers of this type of toy invest in options for all children.

Therefore, below, we will present you the best models of children’s tricycles available on the market today.

  • Children’s Tricycle My First Tico-Tico Europa Bandeirante
  • Children’s Motoka Tricycle Ride and Pedal Gatinha Bandeirante
  • Children’s Tricycle Pushing Didino Verde Calesita


Buying Guide

Choosing the ideal option, amid so many tricycle offers, can be a complicated task. Variations of models, ideal age, brands, printed characters, all this can influence when choosing the tricycle.

That’s why we created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision when buying the best children’s tricycle.

What is a children’s tricycle?

The children’s tricycle is a mini-vehicle with three wheels, seat, handlebars and front pedal.

Also known as velotrol, the children’s tricycle is, in general, a child’s first vehicle.

After all, young children still lack the balance and muscle coordination to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

For this reason, the children’s tricycle is considered a bicycle preparer. But, as we will see later in this article, this toy has many other benefits for children.

The fact is that some models of children’s tricycles have a rod that allows parents and friends of the child to pull or push the velotrol.

This feature is especially functional for very young children, who still do not have the strength or coordination to pedal alone.

In addition, most children’s tricycles are made of plastic with few metal parts. However, there are some types that are wood, steel or even titanium.

The most modern children’s tricycle can also have sound and luminous accessories such as horns and headlights.

But the models that most attract the kids are certainly the ones that have shapes of cars, motorcycles and animals.

What are the benefits of children’s tricycles for children’s development?

By starting to pedal and travel on wheels, children have a lot to learn. As it is an educational toy, the children’s tricycle has many benefits.

With the children’s tricycle, children tone the muscles of the legs and exercise motor coordination of legs, arms and also of vision.

In addition, with the children’s tricycle, the little ones experience the feeling of autonomy and independence, in addition to having their focus, reflection and attention stimulated.

Experts say that the use of children’s tricycles promotes and stimulates the development of motor coordination and the strengthening of children’s muscles.

As the design of the three-wheeled children’s tricycle offers a lot of stability, children feel safe to discover speed and learn to move in different directions.

And the best of all is that all learning and development takes place in a playful way, since with the children’s tricycle the child can spend hours playing and having fun, whether alone or with friends.

What is the difference between the traditional children’s tricycle and the electric one?

With the advancement of technology, the children’s tricycle has also diversified. Nowadays, for example, it is possible to find both the traditional model, with pedal, and the electric model, powered by the battery.

The children’s pedal tricycle can be used, depending on the model, by children from 10 months. In this case, the most recommended is the one with the rod for parents to push the child and control the direction.

And, when you don’t have to push the pedal tricycle, the child can control the play and at the same time do exercises with legs and feet.

The motorized children’s tricycle, also known as electric minimoto, is more suitable for children over 3 years of age.

This type of children’s tricycle is usually bigger and heavier and, because it is motorized, requires more care for the child’s safety.

In general, the electric children’s tricycle can stay on for approximately 30 to 40 minutes and, to charge the battery, simply leave it in the socket for about 8 to 12 hours.

Some models are also equipped with two or three gears, in addition to a horn and mirror.

In addition, the maximum speed that some models can achieve is 6 km / h. That is, you can accompany the child walking. Below is a summary of the differences between the traditional and the electric tricycle:

What precautions should you take with the children’s tricycle?

As the children’s tricycle is used by very young children, parents should be attentive to the games of the little ones so that there are no serious accidents.

For this, we have gathered some safety tips for when the child is on the children’s tricycle. Are they:

Security Items

As it is a children’s car, you must observe the age recommendations of the toy and also use safety accessories, especially the helmet.

In addition, to ensure maximum safety, you should only buy the children’s tricycle with an Inmetro seal. Inmetro’s seal guarantees that the tricycle is made of resistant and non-toxic material.

The space for play

Like any toy on wheels, the tricycle requires ample space for the child to pedal and explore speeds and directions.

So, prefer outdoor spaces, with smooth and flat floors, with no holes or obstacles nearby. Avoid locations near cars, hunts and pools.

How to teach a child to ride a children’s tricycle?

The most common games involving the children’s tricycle are circuit and racing.

But while a tricycle is easier to ride than a children’s bicycle , there can still be difficulties for very young children.

Therefore, we have listed below a step-by-step for you to help the little ones learn to pedal the children’s tricycle.

    • Helmet:  Encourage the child to wear the helmet even before sitting on the children’s tricycle.
    • Seat: Adjust the tricycle seat so that the child’s feet can easily reach the pedals. The feet should be in full contact with the pedals.
    • Handlebars: Show the child how the handlebars work and the importance of holding it with both hands.
    • Surface: Teach your child to pedal on a smooth and smooth surface, without slopes or slopes.
    • Comfort: Push the tricycle gently to move it forward and make your child more comfortable with speed.
    • Feet on the pedals: Encourage the child to keep their feet on the pedals and push them with their feet and legs.
    • Help: If she is unable to push the children’s tricycle with the force of her own legs, continue pushing her, making sure that her feet are on the pedals so that she understands the sensation of pedaling.


Keep in mind that it takes practice for the child to learn to move the pedals and gain strength to make the children’s tricycle ride.

It is important to note that each child has his own learning time. So it takes patience and respect with the child.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the children’s tricycle?

There are several advantages of the children’s tricycle. As we have seen, this is a toy that entertains children in games that involve direction, speed and rides.

In addition, research shows that the use of children’s tricycles promotes the development of motor coordination and the strengthening of children’s muscles.

Another advantage is that there is a wide variety of children’s tricycle models.

That is, you can choose tricycles for very young children, on which parents can help guide the toy; or for older children who can ride alone.

In addition, nowadays, there is a great variety with themes and colors for all tastes.

Some children’s tricycle models even have a horn and music to further assist in sensory and auditory stimulation of the little ones.

On the other hand, like all toys, there are some disadvantages in relation to the children’s tricycle.

Because it is a kind of vehicle, even if it is not motorized, and even if the use of safety equipment is used, the children’s tricycle can offer risks, especially in relation to accidents.

Although it has numerous advantages, the children’s tricycle can offer some risks, so it is essential the presence of an adult while the child plays.

In addition, in general, the children’s tricycle is large and wide and it can be difficult to find a suitable place to store it at home.

Another disadvantage is that, in general, the time for using the children’s tricycle is short, about three years on average.

After all, after a time that the child can balance and pedal, the natural thing is that he starts to be interested in the children’s bicycle.

To give you a general idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of the children’s tricycle, see the comparative table below.

How much?

The value of the children’s tricycle can vary a lot according to the model, the material of manufacture, the size, the theme and the resources and accessories included.

Therefore, you can find the children’s tricycle costing between R $ 40 and R $ 800.

The tip here is to buy neither the very cheap nor the very expensive. After all, the very cheap ones, in general, do not have as much quality and security. And the very expensive ones can contain unnecessary extra items.

Where to buy?

You can buy the children’s tricycle at toy stores, department stores.

However, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores Amazon.

With this, you acquire the children’s tricycle from the comfort of home, in a practical and fast way, and you will still have a greater variety of models to choose from.


Purchasing criteria: What to check when choosing a children’s tricycle

After knowing the benefits of the children’s tricycle for the development of children, in addition to the care you must take to avoid accidents, it is necessary that you choose the best model among so many available.

For that, you need to understand what really differentiates a children’s tricycle from another. But, in addition, it is also necessary to consider factors such as the child’s age and weight.

To help you, we have listed below the main factors that must be taken into account before buying the best children’s tricycle:

  • Rod and pedal
  • Ideal age
  • Weight capacity
  • Color and theme
  • Extras

In the following, we will explain each of these factors so that you feel safe when choosing the ideal children’s tricycle for your child.

Rod and pedal

The first factor that you should check when buying a children’s tricycle is whether the toy has a rod, pedal and footrest.

You can choose the children’s tricycle with or without rod. But we recommend that you choose the toy with removable rod.

Also known as an evolutionary tricycle, the rod-in-the-rear model allows parents to drive their little ones.

And the most modern ones also allow the rod to be removed when the child is able to pedal alone. Thus, you will have a 2 in 1 tricycle.

Also, make sure the toy has a footrest and pedal. The first is important when the child is very young and still cannot pedal and still keep their feet safe.

The pedal is essential for the child to be stimulated to pedal alone.

In addition, some models allow you to remove and adjust the pedals, ideal for children of various sizes to use.

Ideal age

The second factor that you should consider before purchasing the children’s tricycle is the ideal age for each model.

Please note that the children’s tricycle is manufactured taking into account different sizes, safety and comfort items that are determined according to the children’s age group.

Therefore, you should always look for this information, which, in general, is displayed on the toy packaging.

To advance your search, check below the recommendations for using the children’s tricycle according to the age group:

  • Up to 2 years: the ideal is that the children’s tricycle is lower, close to the floor, made of plastic and has control rods, protective rim on the seat, seat belt and footrest.
  • From 2 to 4 years: the tricycle can already be taller, contain some metal parts and without a rod to encourage the child to start cycling alone.
  • Above 4 years: in this age group you can already consider the metal tricycle and even the electric children’s tricycle.

Weight capacity

Then, you must observe the weight that the children’s tricycle is capable of supporting.

This varies according to the model of the toy and is essential information to ensure the child’s safety.

Therefore, observe this information that must be displayed on the toy packaging. In general, the children’s tricycle can support between 19kg to 30kg, depending on the model.

Color and theme

The color and the theme of the children’s tricycle are also factors that you should consider before buying the toy.

These factors are sure to be an extra help to motivate the child to venture into the toy in a more playful and fun way.

And the options are varied: from vibrant colors such as pink, green and yellow to stylish models inspired by superheroes, cartoons and movie characters.


Finally, we recommend that you also note how many and what extra accessories may come on the children’s tricycle.

Although this often means an increase in the price of velotrol, the fact is that certain accessories can increase the safety and comfort of the child and also facilitate their work during the ride.

You can find models of children’s tricycle that include, for example, anatomical seat, sun shade, luggage storage, bottle holder, backrest and horn.

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