Top & Best Trampoline Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Trampoline: Which are the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about something that provides a lot of happiness for children: the trampoline. Now, you will have access to a complete Guide so that you can make the best choice when purchasing yours.

The trampoline is the toy of most children’s dreams and a careful analysis should be done before purchasing this product, so that it offers the greatest possible safety so that people do not get hurt.

In this article, you will find important information that you should know before purchasing one of these, as well as a list of the best models available on the Internet.

First, the most important

  • Among the advantages of having a trampoline at home, one of them is that your children will have fun and enjoy the garden better.
  • A trampoline can be square, round, oval or rectangular and each shape provides differences in heels.
  • The important characteristics of a trampoline are: size, safety door, spring protection, heel canvas, weight, assembly, durability and accessories.

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Ranking: The 5 best trampoline beds

Who has never jumped on a trampoline? It’s fun for sure. This toy even pleases adults and can be fun for the whole family. Below you will find a list of the best models available on the market.

Buying Guide

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline? If so, you certainly know how much fun and how the kids love it. Whether to put in your garden, or open a business front, this toy is guaranteed success.

We will see below the advantages of this equipment, but we can already point out that it is an excellent way to get children out of the house and take a break from electronics. If you want to know everything about a trampoline, in this Buying Guide, we will show you how to choose the safest model for your children.

What is a trampoline?

The trampoline, as the name says and we all know it, is a closed space that has an elastic material where, when jumping over, children and even adults gain momentum and can reach incredible heights, giving the possibility of performing different maneuvers and turns .

The trampoline came along with the circus, as they usually improvise a safety net. Over time, it was realized that by combining this safety net with a damping system, artists could present themselves in a new way.



Did you know that in the 1940s, during World War II, the trampoline was used as training by soldiers in the navy and aeronautics?


Currently, trampoline beds are widely used at children’s parties and at home, to amuse children.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a trampoline at home?

The main advantage of having a trampoline at home is the fun your children can experience with this equipment. After all, children today are very likely to stay indoors playing video games. This may be the incentive that was needed for your children to start enjoying more free time to play in the garden.

In addition, physical activities provide better physical conditioning and help reduce stress. Children are also being hit by stress today, due to parents and school, and this is a great reason to allow your kids leisure time.

As a result of this physical activity, children will develop their flexibility. Who knows, this may lead to the discovery of a passion for a new sport, such as Olympic gymnastics, for example?

Among the disadvantages that such equipment can present are the muscle overload that it can cause in children. Especially because the little ones have a tendency to overdo the games, so it is important that they use the trampoline in moderation.

Play on the trampoline is not suitable for children under the age of five, as they do not yet have the necessary balance to make jumps, and this can cause injuries.

Another risk factor is when children of different ages and weights want to play together on the trampoline. The lighter child can be thrown farther, and as a consequence can be hurt.

Round, oval, rectangular or square trampoline?

A trampoline usually has shapes like the following: square, round, rectangular or oval. There are some differences between the formats, which are often decisive factors in choosing the most suitable equipment.

    • Round . A round trampoline, which is the most common type. It usually makes people move to the middle, as it is a reaction of the springs common to this shape. This type of trampoline is usually ideal for 1 or 2 people.
    • Oval . The oval trampoline also makes people move into the middle of the equipment. But an advantage in relation to this other format, is that it offers greater area for jumps. The elongated shape of oval trampolines also allows it to be better suited to irregular spaces, as a round trampoline ends up taking up a lot of space.
    • Square . These do not offer the risk of people colliding with each other, as with round and oval ones. When you jump on a square trampoline, you fall in the same place you did. In addition, this format is excellent for placing the trampoline in a corner of the garden, as it fits perfectly into spaces.
    • Rectangular . Rectangular shapes are mostly used in competitions, as they offer a larger jumping area. Normally, the structures of square and rectangular trampolines are heavier, as they have a more robust structure than the other shapes.


They all have the same objective: to guarantee a lot of fun. However, they also have different characteristics, as we saw above. For easy comparison, review the table below:

What are the health benefits of trampoline?

We have already talked about the advantages of the trampoline, and we emphasize that it reduces stress, improves physical conditioning and stimulates flexibility. But does the practice of this exercise offer any other health benefits?

The answer is yes!

According to an article published on the portal, in addition to these advantages, jumping on a trampoline – and this is especially useful for adults – tones the body, strengthens the muscles of the legs, butt and bone tissues and helps in the definition the abdomen.

But it doesn’t end there! The trampoline also improves blood circulation, prevents impact injuries and develops motor coordination.

How much?

The price of a trampoline can vary widely, and the best choice for you will be the one that offers good value and security.

If you end up opting for a cheaper model, carefully check its durability by evaluating other users who have purchased the same product. After all, you don’t want it to spoil during the first storm you face, do you?

In addition, if you think your children are going to play with the safety nets and try to climb on the support poles, the best thing to do is to invest a little more, and thus buy a product that offers extra resistance in these areas. In this article we list products that cost between R $ 989 and R $ 2,352, which is usually the average price of trampolines.

Where to buy?

Among the sites that sell trampolines are Amazon. The advantage of buying this product online is that you receive it at your door and you don’t have to worry about picking it up at the store.

But if you want to buy in a physical store, it may be a good option to look for party stores or toy stores in your city.

Used trampoline beds can also be found on websites like OLX. In this case, check the seller’s assessments before making your decision, as used equipment can put your children’s safety at risk if it is damaged.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing trampoline models

The trampolines can be the cause of many doubts before purchase, after all, it is not easy to ensure that the equipment is really safe for children. Some characteristics that must be observed before purchasing a trampoline are the following:

  • Size
  • Security door
  • Spring protection
  • Heel canvas
  • Weight
  • Assembly
  • Durability
  • Accessories

Below, we will explain in detail what each of these characteristics are.


Size is one of the most important characteristics to note, as the trampoline may not fit where you want to place it. In addition, there must also be space around the equipment, so that it is possible, for example, to place a ladder.

The diameters of a trampoline can vary between 81cm and just over 4 meters, depending on the age for which the equipment is indicated. The size also helps to define the weight it supports.

If you are buying the trampoline for small children, perhaps the ideal is to buy the smaller size. There will also be people who advise you to think about the future when buying the equipment, so that you can take advantage of it when the children grow up.

Think about this hypothesis taking into account that an elastic bed, considered of lower quality, has an average life of 2 or 3 years.

Security door

Elastic beds that have a safety net must have a door for children to access the equipment, and they must offer security, leaving no open spaces that allow the little ones to fall out of it.

In addition, the door must close securely so that small children do not enter the toy on their own, and end up getting hurt because of it.

Most trampoline doors are closed with a zipper, and the stitching must be reinforced, as this is one of the most fragile areas of the protection net. It is important that you also ensure that the door has zippers on both sides, as this makes it much easier to access the trampoline.

Spring protection

Springs are one of the parts that cause the most damage to the trampoline, as they are hard and have sharp points.

The protection of the springs is essential in an elastic bed, because without this children can fall and be in contact with the springs. They can curl your hair or cause injury to your fingers. That is why it is so important to have adequate protection on the springs, avoiding more serious accidents.

Heel canvas

The most important part of a trampoline is the area where the jumps occur, so there are some details that should be noted. The material that the heel pads are made of is usually standard, so it is important to focus on a few factors:

  • Seams : it is important to check if the seams are reinforced to know if the product’s durability will be long.
  • Waterproof : know if the material of the heel canvas is waterproof, again to assess the durability of the equipment that will be exposed to the outdoors and will catch rain.
  • Protection against UV rays : just like rain, the sun can also damage the equipment, reducing its durability. Make sure you offer this type of protection.

As it is the most used part of the trampoline, it is very important that it has adequate durability, so it is important to carefully evaluate this area.


One of the fundamental factors to ensure the safety of a trampoline is to know exactly how much weight the equipment can handle.

After all, children want to get into groups on the trampoline, and often, the toy may not support the weight of many people at the same time. So, be careful.

Most of the products we show in this article support a weight of up to 150kg, but there is one that supports only 80kg. The more weight the trampoline supports, the more robust it will be, as this means that it will be more reinforced to support the extra weight.


Assembling a trampoline is not the easiest task, but in return, it will not be an object that you will have to disassemble again. Nor is it necessary to clean it.

Normally, trampolines come with a manual in Portuguese and clear instructions for assembly, just follow each step to have your equipment ready over time.

If you feel very difficult to assemble the equipment, one option is to call a technician to help with the installation. Although the installation is relatively quiet, it is sometimes better to call a technician to have more security in the assembly of the trampoline, and also in its operation.


It is important to check this if the trampoline you are interested in has enough durability to withstand all types of climatic conditions, since the equipment is full time outside the house.

As we saw above, one of the main attributes for the durability of a trampoline is the protection against UV rays on your heel canvas, as they are one of the main responsible for causing wear over time.

For the durability of the equipment to be even greater, it is also important that it is cleaned regularly, and that leaves and residues are removed regularly.


Accessories are items that are not always included in the price of the product, so it is important to check if they already come with the trampoline, or if you will have to buy separately.

In the case of the trampoline, the things that are not always included are:

  • Protective cover : it has the function of guaranteeing durability to the trampoline, since through it the equipment will be protected against the variation of climatic conditions.
  • Spring protector : it will prevent children from having contact with the springs, which can cause accidents if the hair gets tangled in one of them, for example.
  • Ladder : it is very useful to facilitate access to the trampoline, especially in the case of small children, who have difficulty climbing on the toy.
  • Safety net : it is very important, as it prevents someone from falling out of the trampoline. Most of the time it will come with the trampoline, but you need to pay attention to the product description to see if it is even included.

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