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Top & Best Hula hoop Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hula hoop: How to choose the best model in 2022

Anyone who thinks that the hula hoop is just a toy for children is very wrong. The ring can also be used in numerous physical activities such as stretching, meditation, dancing, juggling and muscle strengthening exercises.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of including hula hoops in your training routine and tips on choosing a suitable model. We also reserved a space to talk about the hula hoop as a toy. Are you curious? Read on!

First, the most important

  • To choose the right size hula hoop consider the purpose of use – physical exercise, dance, performance or juggling – skill level, style and your stature.
  • The sports hula hoop can be made in HDPE, LDPE or POLYPRO and measure from 55cm to 110cm. The hula hoop can be light, intermediate or heavy, depending on the size and material of manufacture.
  • You will find hula hoop options for children, youth and adults at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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The best hula hoops: Our recommendations

To diversify physical activities, you can use a sports hula hoop, whether for stretching, isometry, circuit or dance exercises. For children, we recommend a toy hula hoop. Check out some purchase options below:

  • The best hula hoop to exercise
  • The best set of hula hoops for group activities
  • The best hula hoop kit to play with

Buying Guide

Do you want to burn calories, lose weight, strengthen your muscles and increase your balance with fun exercises that can be performed in any corner of the house? So you need to buy a sports hula hoop.

The hula hoop is also a good toy option for children of all ages, as it stimulates child development and sports. But stay tuned, the models for child and adult use are different. Continue reading and learn more about it.

What are the different uses of hula hoops?

The hula hoop can be used in various activities, whether by children, youth or adults. Children can have fun with countless games that we will detail throughout this text.

When it comes to physical activity, the hula hoop can be used in stretching exercises, muscle isometry, circuit, meditation, juggling, dancing, among other modalities.

But there are some differences between the toy hula hoop and the sports hula hoop. The toy hula hoop is made of flexible plastic and is very light, while the sports hula hoop is made of stiff material, heavier and in different sizes.



Did you know that hula hoop as we know it today appeared in the United States in 1958? Americans Arthur Melin and Richard Knerr put the hula hoop in their toy store and sold 25 million units in just four months.


What exercises can I practice with the hula hoop?

Various exercises can be practiced with a hula hoop. You can rotate the hula hoop around your waist, neck, arms, hands, fingers and feet.In traditional exercise, balance the hula hoop at the waist, with your feet hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent. During the arc turns, the muscles of the abdominal region will benefit.

The exercise can also be performed in the squat position if you want to strengthen your lower limbs.

Another option is to set up a circuit with the arches resting on the ground and jump between them. This exercise helps to strengthen the leg muscles and burn a lot of calories – about 100 calories in 20 minutes of activity.

To practice this sport, we recommend that you buy a package with dozens of hula hoops – you can find some options in the shopping ranking above.

Another option is to set up a circuit with the arches resting on the ground and jump between them. This exercise helps to strengthen the leg muscles and burn a lot of calories – about 100 calories in 20 minutes of activity.

To practice this sport, we recommend that you buy a package with dozens of hula hoops – you can find some options in the shopping ranking above.


Cássia CampiPhysical education teacher

“Practice can help you lose weight and tone your body muscles. As it is less intense than sports such as running and weight training, it is recommended to use the hula hoop as a complement and stimulus for a healthier life.”

What are the benefits of hula hoop as a physical activity?

As mentioned earlier, the hula hoop can be used in isometric exercises that serve to strengthen and shape the muscles of the abdomen, glutes, legs and arms.

In aerobic activities with the hula hoop, you will enjoy the benefits related to strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory system and consequent burning of calories and localized fat.

Ah, the movements of the hula hoop help to control breathing, increase concentration and encourage relaxation. Other benefits are the increase in flexibility and mobility of the spine, strengthening of the knee and hip joints. Just use the hula hoop for stretching activities.

And the circular movement that is performed during a session with the hula hoop also helps in the functioning of the intestine, as it helps to massage and de-stress the organ.

To achieve the benefits mentioned above, you need to exercise regularly – at least half an hour, three times a week. Find out more benefits of hula hoop in the table below:

Does the size and weight of the hula hoop influence the execution of movements?

The larger the diameter of the hula hoop, the slower its rotation will be, thus, the beginner or intermediate level practitioner has more time to execute the movements.

The weight of the hula hoop also influences the movements. The heavier the hoop is, the more stable the hula hoop is and the less effort it takes to maintain the movements.

As you get used to the hula hoop’s movement dynamics, you can choose a smaller, faster hula hoop – but be aware, the hula hoop should be suitable for adults, not children.

What are the benefits of hula hoop for children and what games can be played?

The hula hoop is a pedagogical toy that has multiple benefits for children. The little one practices physical activity, develops motor coordination and the ability to socialize while having fun.

The kids can perform several individual or group games with the help of one or more hula hoops, get to know the most fun games below:

  • Amarelinha  assists in the development of balance, motor coordination, strength and others. You will need a set of colored hula hoops and chalkboard. Children should jump in different ways, with only one foot, with both feet, alternating this sequence, jumping forward, backward and sideways. In each hula hoop color, a certain movement must be performed.
  • Soap bubble  You will only need a large basin of soap and water and two helpers to lift the hula hoop and the soap bubble with the child “inside”. Many laughs are guaranteed.
  • Hula hoop tunnel is a game to bring the kids together. Ask each of them to hold a hula hoop, supporting it on the floor and a distance of 30cm. After assembling the tunnel, a child must go through it at a time.
  • Hula hoop circuit can be assembled in different ways. A circuit of suspended hula hoops can be set up for children to pass through or jump over the hoops. With collapsible hula hoops, you can set up a circuit to pass balls.
  • Hula hoop racing is another classic game. The child must slide the hula hoop with his hands without dropping it until he wins the race. This game encourages coordination between hands, eyes and movement.
  • “Dance of the chairs” with hula hoops is a very creative option and avoids possible common accidents during play. Just place one hula hoop next to the other in a circle. The number of hula hoops must be less than the number of players. Put a song to play and tell the children to walk around this circle, when the music stops they must sit inside a hula hoop, the child who is unable to sit must leave of the joke. Take out one hula hoop at a time.

Where to buy a hula hoop?

If you don’t already have a hula hoop, know that you can find options in toy stores. Models for adult use are found in sporting goods stores.


Purchase criteria: Find the best hula hoop for playing or playing sports

For those who are beginners in the practice of sport, dance or performance with hula hoops, the doubt about which model to choose is common. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips on which aspects to analyze at the time of purchase:

  • Purpose of use
  • Size and weight
  • Material
  • Design
  • Special features

We will explain these criteria throughout the section. Share your favorite sport with the hula hoop through the comments.

Purpose of use

Do you intend to use the hula hoop to practice isometry exercises, perform performances, dance, juggle or stretch? Do you intend to practice this activity daily or just a few times during the week? Do you have enough space to perform large movements or aerial movements?

The answers to these and other questions will influence the choice of the ideal hula hoop. And don’t forget that the sports hula hoop is different from the children’s hula hoop.

Size and weight

You can find hula hoop models in two patterns, one is 16mm thick and is suitable for children or advanced practice, while the 19mm model is the most popular.

You can find hula hoop options with the following circumferences: 55cm to 75cm (mini hula hoop), 55cm to 110cm (beginner hula hoop), 80cm to 110cm (intermediate and advanced hula hoop) and 85cm to 110cm (standard hula hoop).

The ideal is to try the different hula hoop models to identify which is the ideal model according to your goals. For those who want to buy the hula hoop over the internet, we recommend buying a heavy and large hula hoop if you are just starting out.

The smaller, extra light hula hoop is much faster and more dynamic. This model works for those who want to practice isolation tricks, arm movements or want to use several hula hoops simultaneously.


You will find options for hula hoops made of different materials. For beginners and intermediates, we recommend HDPE or LDPE hula hoops, heavier and more durable materials.

Whoever wants to perform more dynamic tricks with the hula hoop should opt for a model made of PP that is rigid and extra light.


Although it is a purely aesthetic feature, take a moment to evaluate the design of the hula hoop. You can find plain models in several color and multicolored options. During the spins, the hula hoop produces interesting visual effects that can enrich your artistic presentations.

Special features

You will find options for hula hoops with special features. The sports hula hoop, for example, can be folded to fit inside your gym bag.

You can also find the assembled / dismountable toy hula hoop that consists of two pieces that can be joined together using a snap pin.


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