Top & Best Doll Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Doll: How to choose the best one in 2022?

If you have a child at home, you know that at some point you will have to end up buying a doll, especially if it is a girl!

This children’s toy is among the most popular in the world and you can easily find it in several stores. Today, we will talk about the different types of dolls, and inform you about prices and everything that is best in the market.

If you are thinking about purchasing this item and you still don’t know very well what your options are, follow with us and we’ll explain everything you need to know about dolls!

First, the most important

  • Playing doll is part of childhood! This toy is the best selling in the world, and is excellent not only for fun, but for the development of the child.
  • There are dolls of different types and materials. The best known are plastic, porcelain and cloth.
  • The price of a doll varies widely. Currently, the best quality ones are quite expensive, however, there are affordable prices for different rents.

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Best dolls: Our favorites

Playing doll is part of one of the most enjoyable phases of childhood, because in addition to having fun, it brings a lot of teachings about real life. If you are still in doubt about which model to buy for your son or daughter, here is our solution. We have separated the best dolls on the market to help you choose. Look!

  • The most famous doll in the world
  • For girls who like to touch their hair
  • A barbie accompanying a puppy
  • An option for those who like the traditional

Buying Guide

In addition to providing fun, playing with dolls is also good for children’s development. With this activity, boys and boys simulate real life by mirroring their parents.

Now that you know about amazing doll options, let’s present you all the information from this world full of innocence, fantasy and fun!

Doll: What is it and what are its advantages?

As children grow, toys change, but in much of childhood, dolls are present. These toys are nothing more than representations of the human figure, whether they are adults or not.

The dolls are designed for children, and help prepare children for real life situations, such as motherhood, family life and work.

According to experts, playing with dolls, princesses and superheroes, helps children to express their own emotions and everything they are unable to verbalize.

They also have a habit of mirroring their routines in these games, so it is important that parents pay attention to their children while playing.

Nowadays many dolls have advances that we could never have imagined years ago, such as, for example, interaction. There are dolls that talk, walk, feed and even do their physiological needs.

The interesting thing about these models is that they help children take their first steps when it comes to creating responsibilities and caring for the well-being of others.

When the doll cries, for example, the child knows that he needs to feed her. Living this cycle is important for your development.

Another advantage is that many models are a complete toy and come with different accessories, such as strollers, houses, furniture and even food. Fun will not be lacking!

However, we must not forget that children can be very unpredictable and that is why it is good to be attentive while they play.

Little children under three are not yet ready for some models of this type of toy, which may come with small pieces that are easily swallowed. The dolls are meant to amuse the kids and we don’t want to be scared, right?

Who can play doll?

The answer is simple: everyone. It is important to remember that toys are genderless and boys and girls are invited to play with dolls.

Despite being traditionally known as a female toy, there is no problem if the boys want to play, after all the goal is to have fun.

If it is in the interest of your children, there are also dolls in the male human figure, and these are also an excellent way to entertain the kids.

There are ordinary dolls, as well as superheroes and movie characters. They also play and can be used by girls and boys, without distinction.



Did you know that Barbie is the most famous doll in the world? She was created in 1959 by the couple Ruth and Elliot Handler, in the United States, who had their daughter Barbara as inspiration.

The doll became famous for having a different proposal from the others: a less childish pattern. She was an adult doll, beautiful and with symmetry considered perfect.

The first black doll of the line was created in 1968, as a friend of Barbie, however, only in 2016, the brand launched a line with Barbies with different types of skin and body tones.

What are the different types of dolls?

When it comes to dolls, variety is not an issue. There are dolls of all kinds, but the most famous ones are certainly plastic, porcelain and cloth.

It is interesting that your son or daughter has the experience of playing with each of them, because their proposals are very different, although the fun is always the same.

Plastic doll

Plastic dolls are the most common to find on the market. Usually, they are the most loved by children, due to the possibility of modernization.

Interactive ones, for example, tend to be made of this material, which is why these tend to be the most creative. Some of them have different functions, or accompany other toys.

Most are made of very hard plastic, but there are some that are made of much less material, and these are very easy to tear or dent.

Porcelain doll

The porcelain doll is the passion of collectors. It is sophisticated, delicate and beautiful, however, it can break very easily.

Currently, this doll is more used as a decoration item, than as a toy itself, as they are very expensive and sensitive, and may not last long in the hands of a child.

However, before the existence of the plastic doll, this was the darling of the girls, who always had a copy in hand!

Rag Doll

Cloth models are also gifted for free! They have all the value of having been made by hand, and are usually cheaper, after all they are not made of expensive materials.

The disadvantage of this model is that it can tear, and that some children do not like to play with pieces that are too soft, that cannot stand or sit.

However, it is interesting that you, along with your son or daughter, have the experience of making a rag doll together. It will be a unique article and all made by you.

How much?

The price of a doll varies a lot according to the quality and the proposal it offers, and therefore it is very difficult to restrict the value. However, there are options accessible to everyone.

The most modern dolls, with many accessories and / or interaction, and good quality, cost about R $ 150 to R $ 400. But, if you are looking for a simpler model, with few or no accessories, you should find options for approximately R $ 120.

And of course there are the cheapest ones, which can cost up to R $ 40, but these are the ones of much lower quality, with very fragile plastic.

Where to buy?

As it is the best-selling children’s item in the world, options for places to buy will not be missing, see? You will find more variety in the toy stores themselves, which we can recommend.

In department stores are good options available, and the variety does not disappoint either.

But, if your business is buying from the comfort of your home, no problem. You can choose Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different doll models

Sometimes children can be a little difficult to please. So, before choosing your daughter or son’s dream doll, pay attention to some important details, which can make all the difference!

  • Type
  • Material quality
  • Size
  • Theme

Check each of these factors in detail to get the doll right for your children.


First of all, we need to define the type of doll you will buy. We have already talked about this in previous topics, but it is nice to remind you, as there is a great variety.

Talk to your little one about what he is looking for in this toy and let him give his opinion, however, remember that you are the adult of the relationship and you must have greater power of choice, ok?

It is important that you let them participate in the choice, however consciously, explaining what a purchase means. Small children may prefer the rag doll. Larger ones may want something more detailed. Reflect your children’s age before making that choice.

Material quality

As this is a very popular toy, we see dolls of everything when it’s out there. Observe, for example, if the plastic is firm, if the face paint is not easy and if the hair is well tied on the head.

Some dolls are made with very thin plastic, and any drop they can dent. Others are made with paints that come out if there is contact with water, which is also not legal. If you are going to buy a rag doll, give preference to thicker fabrics, which are unlikely to tear.

We must always keep in mind that there must be a balance between quality and price. Pay attention to every detail, and, if possible, opt for a doll with a fair price, so as not to fall into the famous “cheap that comes out expensive”.


Like so many other toys, the size of a doll varies widely. It can be very small, the size of your hand, as it can be huge, the size of your daughter.

Before choosing a model, ask yourself how big you need it to be, and if you choose a larger size, make sure you have a space to store it.

It is important to remember that very small dolls are more easily lost amid a child’s things, which are hardly in order all day.

Ideally, you should choose medium-sized options, which are easy to store, as well as easy to find. Facilitating day-to-day processes never hurts!


The theme of the doll is the factor that matters most to the little ones. Nowadays, there are dolls with almost every possible theme: professions, lifestyle, fantasies and famous characters!

Some brands even create entire lines, with different themes, which end up becoming popular and becoming a fever among children, as is the case with LOL and Polly dolls.

Although the choice of topic is very tasty and fun, it is important that you talk to your child about unnecessary expenses, as children are very influential and can get excited about this issue.


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