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Top & Best Toy Robot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toy Robot: How to choose the best in 2022?

Robots mess with the imagination of adults and children and it is not for nothing that they are part of so many films, drawings and series. For the little ones interacting with one of these is something very fun and the best way to do that is with a toy robot, a product that we will talk about today.

The toy robot can exist in several formats and there are the simplest models and also the electronic ones, each of which provides fun and different games for children of all ages.

And it is to show you all the details about this type of toy that we created this text. At the end of the reading you will be in the know and will be able to choose the best option. To do that, just stay with us!

First, the most important

  • There are manual, electronic and assembling toy robots.
  • There are options for robots for different ages and some are educational and help to develop skills in children.
  • The price of these toys varies a lot, but there are simple options for around R $ 12.

Best Toy Robots: Our Favorites

With so many toy robot options in stores, it can be difficult to find out which one is the best and it is to help you in this task that we created this ranking with the four best rated products, check out:

Buying Guide

Eva de Wall-E, Jarvis from Iron Man and Bb8 from Star Wars are just some of the robots that have been successful on the small screens and have won over all viewers thanks to their functions and charisma.

Robots have the gift of attracting attention whenever they appear and especially children tend to be very curious and want one to call their own. The best way to achieve this is with a toy model and it is to explain everything about this type of product that we created this purchase guide.

What are toy robots?

Robots are a kind of beings created by humans that each year evolve and gain more functionality and realism. They emerged along with the industrial revolution in the format of machines that performed work in companies at the time.

But the great precursors of robots in the world are science fiction films and it was from that that much technology started to be used in the creation of these machines.

Toy robots are precisely inspired by these beings and in the most diverse models and styles they are able to move themselves, emit sounds and lights and much more.

Did you know that the first known robot in history was created in 1924 by mechanical engineer Roy J. Wensley.

At the time he developed a supervised control unit, in which the robot, through the telephone system, was able to turn on, off or control any device that was connected to it.

Three years later Roy was responsible for the creation of Televox, a small human-looking robot.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of toy robots?

Toy robots are responsible for bringing closer the beings that appear on screens and move so much with the children’s curiosity. They are products that stimulate the imagination and that usually attract their attention.

In addition, there are very interactive models and others with educational functions, which stimulate reasoning, coordination and the development of many other skills in children. Another positive point is that there are options for all ages of children.

On the other hand, the value of more technological and interactive models is usually a little higher, which ends up being a negative point of this product.

What are the types of toy robots?

There are several types of toy robot models, the main ones being manuals, electronics and assemblies.

Manual robots have various shapes and are usually like dolls, and some models have joints so that the child can move them. There are even options for famous characters from cinema and television.

The electronics are the most interactive for the little ones and have options that talk, emit lights, walk alone, dance, among other functions. They are also available in several formats.

The assembling models, on the other hand, tend to be like Legos and from the joining of parts the robot gains shape. These are the most educational and the ones that most help in the child’s development.

How are toy robots controlled?

The simplest robots are controlled by the child’s own hand and in the case of electronics there are a few ways.

There are those with remote controls and these are more common in those who walk. Other options are activated by buttons on the robot itself, many of which have batteries or batteries to be connected.

Thanks to technology, there are already toy robot models that are sustainable and are powered by water, sunlight and the like. That way, they don’t use any type of battery.

How much does it cost and where to buy a toy robot?

Precisely because toy robots exist in different types, they have a very variable value and change according to the product category. With this it is possible to find simpler options with a value that starts at around R $ 12.

Already more expensive are electronics and also some models to assemble. These are found for values ​​that start at R $ 50, on average, and can exceed R $ 1,400.

The internet is one of the best places to purchase a toy robot because it has an extensive range of models and options. With that, some sites that sell this product are:

    • Amazon
    • American
    • Free market
    • Toy Mania


In physical stores it is also possible to find them and good options for places are those specific to toys or those that sell toys such as RiHappy, Lojas Americanas, Extra and PB Kids.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare toy robot options

If you are determined to buy a toy robot for your child know that there are some important points that can help you make a good choice and we explain what they are right below.

  • Child’s age
  • Electronic or manual
  • Size
  • Functions

Child’s age

The child’s age is the first step for you to define which robot will be chosen. All of them have an indicative classification and it serves to protect the child and also to make the product suitable for him.

With that, there are models that end up being bigger and simpler and that are suitable for children under 3 years old. Mounting units that have small parts cannot be used by them.

Therefore, always check this information in the box or description of the toy.

Electronic or manual

Electronics tend to attract a lot of children’s attention thanks to their lights and sounds, but they end up costing more.

The manuals, and here we also include the assembling ones, end up being more educational and stimulate the child in another way, with the positive point that there are more affordable options.


The size of the chosen robot is also another point to be considered. There are models that are small, medium and large, that attract the child’s attention and tend to please more.


Another factor to be taken into account are the functions that the robot has. In this regard, you must analyze if it has lights, if it is articulated or if it moves alone, if it emits sounds, if it is educational and so on.

By collecting this information you will be able to define what is most interesting.



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