Top & Best Amazfit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Amazfit: How to choose the best smartwatch of 2022

The smartwatch has been the subject of a few times. Several brands offer their smart watch models, including Huami, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, which brought Amazfit to market.

The smart watch offers features related to physical activity and acts as an extension of the smartphone. The brand offers several models of Amazfit smartwatches, stay with us and know which one is the best for you.

First, the most important

  • You may have read that Amazfit is Xiaomi’s smartwatch, but that’s not the correct information. The manufacturer of Amazfit is Huami, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, specializing in the production of sports wearables.
  • The big difference of the Amazfit smartwatch is the battery life. With just one charge, you can use your smart watch for about 15 days without having to charge it.
  • Another advantage is that the device is compatible with smartphones with Android or iOS operating system.

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Best Amazfit Smartwatches: Our Choices

Do you want to buy a smart watch but can’t afford to spend a lot of money? Then take a chance on the Amazfit smartwatch, the most cost-effective wearable on the market. Don’t know which model to choose? Check out the ranking below:

Buying Guide

The smart watch is gaining more and more space in the lives of people who practice physical activities in search of health and quality of life. For this reason, the market offers options with increasingly interesting features.

If you are thinking of buying a smartwatch, but have not yet decided which gadget to invest in, get to know the features, differentials and models of Amazfit smartwatch in this Buying Guide.

What are the differentials of the Amazfit smartwatch?

Although the features, functionality, design and prices are relatively similar, smart watches from different brands have their differentials. Discover the advantages of the Amazfit smartwatch below:

    • Design If you usually wear a wristwatch, you will love the design of the Amazfit smartwatch, as the gadget has a more discreet design than other smart watches, perfect for those who want to wear the wearable in sporting, casual and social moments.
    • Different sports modes the Amazfit smartwatch is a gadget aimed at practicing physical activities, so it has special modes for different sports.
    • Integration with the smartphone via the Bluetooth connection allows the Amazfit smartwatch to receive and make calls – only models with integrated speaker and microphone – messages, emails, among other features.
    • Long battery life is another differential of the Amazfit smart watch. The capacity and durability of the battery varies from one model to another, but in general, it satisfies the consumer.


What are the functions of an Amazfit smartwatch?

The Amazfit smartwatch is a gadget developed for those seeking a healthy lifestyle and fitness, so the device has numerous sensors and functionalities dedicated to monitoring physical activities.

The gadget has special modes for the following sports: Walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming, elliptical training, weight training, climbing, tri-tennis, tennis, football, among others.

With the smart watch you can capture data such as time spent on the activity, distance traveled, average speed, caloric expenditure, heart rate, GPS route and other information.

This data is displayed on the smart watch display which is very simple to navigate, just slide your fingers or use the side buttons.

The gadget also monitors the quality of your sleep and provides detailed information such as the time you fell asleep and when you woke up, the number of hours rested in light sleep and in heavy sleep, among other information.

The wearable also has other interesting functions that help organize your day as an alarm to wake you up every morning, weather for the next five days and an agenda for you to get organized.

What are the buttons on the Amazfit smartwatch for?

The Amazfit smartwatch has some buttons on the side of the watch that serve to navigate the interface and work as an alternative to touchscreen commands. There are three multifunctional buttons:

    • Top button : Press quickly to navigate between the widgets to the left and scroll up, press and hold to return to the previous interface, press for four seconds to turn the clock on and for six seconds to turn it off.
    • Middle button : Press briefly to display the list of sports or long press to return to the home menu.
    • Bottom button : When pressed quickly, toggles widgets to the right and scrolls down. If you press and hold, you will access the list of notifications.


Some models have only one button to activate and deactivate the screen and others have four multifunctional buttons.

What is the operating system of the Amazfit smartwatch?

Although the Amazfit smartwatch is compatible with two of the most popular operating systems – Android and iOS – the gadget has its own operating system, the Amazfit OS.

This operating system has no application ecosystem, nor the ability to download and install applications specific to Android or IOS systems. However, the gadget runs the Mi Fit application that allows you to monitor the physical activities practiced and personalize the display of the smart watch.

What are the sensors of the Amazfit smartwatch?

Amazfit’s smart watch has a set of sensors responsible for capturing, analyzing and monitoring the data emitted by the user. Know the main sensors below:

    • Heart rate sensor can be activated or programmed to monitor the heartbeat during a determined period, such as the practice of some physical exercise, for example.
    • Pedometer counts the number of steps taken during a workout or race. Some even analyze the pace and speed of these steps. This sensor is also responsible for estimating the amount of calories expended.
    • Gyroscope is used to identify the direction in which the user is moving.
    • Geomagnetic sensor optimizes the results of GPS by capturing the magnetic field.
    • Accelerometer  allows stabilization of the image on the screen regardless of the device’s orientation.
    • Barometer calculates air pressure. It is used when the GPS is on to indicate whether you are expending less or more calories during physical activity.
    • Ambient light sensor is used to measure the light intensity of the environment you are in to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically.


What are the different models of Amazfit smartwatches?

You will find a wide range of Amazfit smartwatches. Learn about the main technical specifications of these gadgets throughout this section.

Amazfit GTS

This device has a design very similar to the famous Apple Watch. The square display carries an AMOLED type screen, with 1.65 inches and a resolution of 341×341 pixels, in chromed metal body with 9.5mm thickness in six color options: Beige, black, blue, pink, red and gray – combined with the silicone bracelet.

The device is capable of monitoring up to 12 sports. It has integrated GPS, heart rate and acceleration sensor. It has water resistance up to 5 ATM. The 220mAh battery takes two hours to charge and can last up to two weeks of moderate use.

Amazfit Stratos

This model is ideal for those looking for a smart watch with a focus on sports – not only for its totally sporty design, but for its compatibility with 19 sports.

The device has a round box with four physical buttons, a 1.34-inch AMOLED screen and a rubber strap with holes for skin perspiration. It is water resistant at 5 ATM, has integrated GPS and cardiac monitor.

The robust battery has 300mAh that offers up to two weeks of moderate use and can reach 70 hours of operation with GPS enabled.

Amazfit Bip

This model is the brand’s darling. Basic, it has a design very similar to the Apple Watch, with square body and curved edges, color LCD transflective screen with a resolution of 176 x 170 pixels and 1.28 inches. Carry silicone bracelet.

The gadget has the following sensors: Accelerometer, cardiac monitor and barometer, in addition to GPS and Glonass. And the connection is Bluetooth 4.0.

This device is IP68 certified, so it can be submerged in up to 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. The battery has 190mAh.

Amazfit Verge

It is the perfect model for those looking for a smartwatch with a classic sports design. The polycarbonate crown carries an AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass protection and 1.3 inches, while the bracelet is rubberized and colored in blue, white, or black.

This model can monitor up to 11 sports – but it does not have water sports like swimming and triathlon, as it is water-resistant (IP68 protection) but it is not waterproof.

A differential of this model is that the possibility of receiving and making calls – although the audio quality is not exceptional, the function is very interesting. But stay tuned, the Verge Lite model is a little cheaper, so it does not have an integrated speaker or microphone.

The device has 4GB of storage, 2GB of which is free to store music and podcasts, and listen – via Bluetooth headphones – while you are exercising.

With 390mAh, the Amazfit Verge has a battery life of up to five days with moderate use – for more active users, the duration can be slightly shorter – and quick recharge.

Amazfit Pace

This smartwatch has a sporty/casual design, carries a rubber strap, ceramic case and color LED display with 1.34 inches of excellent quality and with good performance in sunlight.

This smartwatch monitors eight sports – none aquatic, as the gadget has IP67 protection only – and has the following indicators: Time spent on physical activity, rhythm, speed, cadence, altitude, heart rate and calories spent.

This device has smart notifications for calls, messages, emails, social network notifications and others. The battery has 280mAh, so it works for a few days away from the charger.

In addition to the classic models, the brand brought some news for this year. We compare the main characteristics of these launches in the table below:

Purchasing criteria: How to choose the best Amazfit smartwatch

When buying an electronic device, you need to do a lot of research on the gadget in order not to risk investing money in equipment incompatible with your needs and preferences.

To help you find the best Amazfit smartwatch, we have put together the purchase criteria that deserve your attention:

  • Compatibility and connectivity
  • Functionalities
  • Internal memory
  • Screen
  • Water resistance
  • Design
  • Drums

We will detail these criteria throughout the section. Share this content with your friends through social networks.

Compatibility and connectivity

The smartwatch works in conjunction with the smartphone, so it is essential that these devices are compatible. The Amazfit smartwatch is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems but does not work with Windows systems.

Also, analyze the connectivity of your Amazfit smartwatch. You can find models with Wireless, LTE, Bluetooth, 4G, and/or 5G connectivity. It is important to evaluate the product’s technical sheet to find this information.


All models of Amazfit smartwatches monitor physical activity. However, because of the set of sensors, these devices can offer different functionality.

The simplest models are able to monitor only basic aspects related to the practice of certain sports.

While the more robust models analyze a greater variety of aspects related to the practice of physical activity and monitor 12 to 19 sports. These models also assess aspects related to health and quality of life.

Also note the functionalities related to communication such as the presence of a built-in speaker and microphone to receive and make calls. Also assess whether the smartwatch has a Wireless, 4G, or 5G connection to access the internet.

Internal memory

The internal memory is responsible for storing software, applications, and files. The greater the storage capacity, the more efficient the smartwatch will be.

Most Amazfit smartwatches have 4GB of storage, but be aware, because only the operating system occupies half that capacity.


At the time of purchase, analyze the display used in the construction of the smartwatch and check if it is of the AMOLED or Transflective Color Display type, that is, an LCD display with reflective capacity.

The size of the screen also varies from one model to another and measures between 1.28 and 1.36 inches – remember that the smartwatch is a touchscreen device, so you need a gadget with a size compatible with your fingers.


Water resistance

All Amzfit smartwatch models have water resistance, but the level of protection varies from one model to the next:

  • IP67 allows immersion in up to 1m of depth for 30 minutes.
  • IP68 supports immersion up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes.
  • 5 ATM resists immersion up to 50m in depth. It is perfect for water sports like swimming or triathlon.


The models of Amazfit smartwatches differ in format, which can be square or round, in size, case material which can be steel, ceramic or polycarbonate, and in the weight of the accessory.

The bracelet can be leather, rubber, or silicone.

Also, note the material of the bracelet which can be leather, rubber, or silicone in different color options. Some models have interchangeable bracelets.


When it comes to Amazfit smartwatch battery, you should note some features like mAh capacity, durability in low, moderate, or intense use and recharge time. You can find models with a capacity of 190 to 420mAh.



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