Top & Best Cradle reducer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cradle reducer: How to choose the best nest for your baby in 2022

Functionality, safety, comfort and warmth … these are the adjectives that define the cradle reducer. Specially developed for newborn babies, the cradle-reducing nest promotes a welcoming feeling, as if the baby is in the mother’s womb or cervix.

Multifunctional, the cradle reducing nest can be used as a portable cradle, for the child to rest during the day and night inside or outside the home. Just with this brief summary, you realize that the cradle reducer is an indispensable item in the baby’s layette. Continue reading and learn more about the product.

First, the most important

  • The limited space promoted by the cradle-reducing nest helps the child to remain in the position in which he was placed in the cradle – the baby must be placed on his back, never on his side or face down.
  • By ensuring the baby’s comfort during daytime or nighttime naps at home, on trips or trips, the cradle-reducing nest appears as an indispensable item in the child’s layette.
  • You find the cradle-reducing nest in rectangular and oval formats. The size of this accessory is standard, but you can adjust it with the aid of an adjustable loop or clasp.

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Buying Guide

Baby sleep generates countless doubts among first-time moms. To ensure baby’s comfort and tranquility during daytime and nighttime naps, the cradle-reducing nest is an essential item in the baby’s layette.

Trend among modern moms, the cradle reducer will help you put the newborn to sleep alone in the crib, without the baby feeling afraid or insecure of being away from you. Want to know how? Continue reading this Buying Guide.


What is a cradle reducer?

Also known as a portable cradle or nest, the cradle reducer, as the name implies, reduces the useful area of ​​the cradle to make the newborn baby more comfortable and safe, as if it were in the mother’s womb or lap.

The cradle reducer is made of anti-allergenic cotton fabric, has a soft surface and padded side protectors that limit the space and prevent the baby from rolling in the crib or on the bed.

With a rectangular or oval shape, the nest has an adjustable size and can accompany the baby’s growth. It is very light, has handles and carrying bag, which facilitate the handling of the piece.

What are the benefits of cradle reducer?

Discover all the benefits and why your baby needs a cradle-reducing nest in the first months of life throughout this section:


    • The nest has an adjustable size , that is, you can use the straps or adjustable zipper to make it more open or closed according to the size and needs of the child. The cradle reducer follows the baby’s growth in its first year of life.
    • The baby gets used quickly , as the cradle reducer reproduces the feeling of being in the mother’s womb. This feeling of warmth and protection helps to reduce fright, hiccups and cramps. The baby cries less, sleeps better and for longer – just like the parents.
    • Keeps the baby safe because it prevents the child from rolling over and lying face down – in this position the risk of suffocation and sudden death is very great.
    • It helps to bring mommy and daddy together if you put the baby to sleep in the parents’ bed, as the little one will be close to both of them. The accessory also brings safety to parents, who will not lie on top of the baby by accident.
    • It is versatile , as it can be used in different places such as crib, Moses basket, stroller, bed, sofa or even on the floor – as long as it is clean and covered with a blanket, okay?
    • It’s portable and you can take it anywhere, just fold it up and carry it in the carrying case. You can take it during walks and trips, providing a pleasant sleep for the baby wherever he is.


The cradle reducer is also a great alternative for parents who bet on the Montessori method for the baby’s room, but do not want to put the newborn baby to sleep in the low bed.

Check out more advantages – and some disadvantages – of adding the cradle reducer to your baby’s layette in the table below:


  • Promotes a feeling of warmth, comfort and security
  • Can be placed in cot, bed or stroller
  • Can be used for naps during the day or night
  • It is an excellent option for tours or trips
  • Features adjustable size


  • Must be sanitized frequently
  • A quality model is relatively expensive

When should I use the cradle reducer?

You can use the cradle reducer right after the baby is born, when leaving the maternity ward. A secret to make the child accept the cradle-reducing nest is to shrink his legs as if the baby is inside the mother’s belly.

Preferably, the cradle-reducing nest should be used in the first three or six months of the child’s life, depending on the child’s growth rate. After the sixth month of life, the child acquires the ability to roll from side to side, making the use of the cradle reducer dangerous.


How should I use the cradle reducer?

You can use the cradle reducing nest wherever you want, as long as it is placed on a solid surface. Examples: Crib, mini crib, Moses, playpen, stroller, parent’s bed, sofa or on the floor.


Just fold it up and use the carrying case.

The cradle-reducing nest can be used as a portable cradle and taken anywhere, just fold it up and use the carrying bag, so the baby has a comfortable bed to enjoy his naps in different environments.

Is the cradle reducer at risk of suffocation?

There is no possibility that the cradle reducing nest will suffocate the baby, as the accessory is whole and has no loose fabric, which rules out the chance of a piece of the cloth suffocating the little one.

We recommend that the size regulating cord is positioned towards the child’s feet and not the other way around. Another important tip is not to leave anything inside the nest like cushions or toys.

What is the ideal size of the cradle reducer?

The cradle reducing nest is one size but adjustable – you can decrease or increase the dimensions of the accessory, according to the size of the child.

It is very simple, you define the size by loosening or pulling the cord until reaching the setting of your preference, at that moment just tie a loop and shape the sides of the accessory, pulling them in the length direction.

We recommend that you leave the cradle reducer tight for the first three months of your child’s life and loosen it until it becomes a mat when your child is about six months old.


How to clean the cradle reducer?

You can sanitize the cradle-reducing nest by hand or wash it in the washing machine, just place it alone, wide open and select the delicate washing option.

You should let it dry naturally – if you choose to use the dryer, leave the equipment at the minimum temperature.



Purchasing criteria: Find the best cradle reducer nest at the moment

When setting up the baby’s room, you should prioritize safety, comfort and functionality, because when the child does not have quality sleep, it can hinder their development.

Currently, moms and dads find several models of cradle reducers. But how to choose the ideal model for your child? In this section we will explain the main differences between these products, so that you can make the best decision:

  • Design
  • With or without handles
  • Adjustable loop or clasp
  • Accessories

We will detail each of these criteria throughout the section. Share your experience in the comments.


You can find the cradle reducing nest in different color and pattern options. Our recommendation is to combine this item with the decoration of the baby’s room, check out the main options below:

  • Cloud or rain of blessings refers to the sensations of purity, calm and beauty of the sky. This type of print – in pink or blue colors – matches any style of decoration.
  • Chevron print associated with neutral colors like white, gray and black results in a classic and modern piece. It can be used in the girl’s or boy’s room.
  • Animal print in soft colors helps to arouse the baby’s curiosity in the first days of his life. Combines with boy or girl room.
  • Geometric print  gives a modern air to the environment. You can choose a model that mixes the shades present in the room’s color palette such as pink, white and gray, for example.

Another possibility is to buy a double-sided cradle reducer nest, so you can change the color or pattern completely, just turn the piece inside out.

With or without handles

You can find the cradle reducing nest in versions with or without handles. The handles can only be used with the nest open, to transport it from one place to another, such as from the baby’s room to the parents’ room, for example.

But do not use the handles to transport the nest with the baby inside, as the piece is not firm enough to support the baby’s weight.

Adjustable loop or clasp

As mentioned earlier, the cradle reducing nest has an adjustable size. You can find models with a lock or regulating loop, both have exactly the same function, but with the loop you must adjust the piece manually and tie a knot.

The adjustable closure is simpler and more practical, as you just need to pull the band as far as you want and press the piece to be the desired size and shape.


Some cradle reducer models have accessories that increase the functionality of the piece.

One of the most popular options is the mosquito net to protect the baby from insects, an excellent option for summer days. You will also find the nest with a pillow, ideal for preventing gastric reflux.

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