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Top & Best American crib Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

American crib: What are the best models for your baby in 2022?

Setting up the baby’s room is one of the favorite tasks of dads and moms in this sweet wait for a child. And the place where he will sleep is the most important to be considered, so we set up this guide on the American cradle.

The crib is the key piece of the room, something that dads usually choose very carefully, after all, it will shelter the baby during their nights sleep. It is essential that it is safe. Follow us to learn how to choose the ideal American crib for your baby.

First, the most important

  • The American crib is the one most commonly chosen by parents. It follows the standard of 1.30 m long by 70 cm wide, but this is the internal measurement.
  • There are different models, some can turn into a mini bed and follow the child’s growth.
  • An American crib can cost between R $ 200 and more than R $ 1,000, so there are options for all budgets.


Buying Guide

The American crib ends up being the most common choice for parents, and also the easiest to find. This is because most of them follow this pattern of measures.

If you want to learn everything about the American cradle, just follow this reading with us. At the end you will have enough information to make the best choice for your baby.


What are the measures of an American cradle?

What characterizes an American crib is actually its measurements. An American standard that serves as a reference and needs to follow a series of standards for it to be approved by Inmetro.


The American crib must be 1.30 m long and 70 cm wide.

The first thing we need to clarify is that this measurement pattern refers to the interior of the cradle, which must be 1.30 m long and 70 cm wide, mandatorily.

The external dimensions may vary slightly, but the rule is that the interior follows this pattern. It is common that in total, considering its exterior, the cradle measures 1.50 m long by 80 cm wide, but it can exceed these measures.

What are the safety standards for an American crib?

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, known as Inmetro, is the body that determines and supervises the standards for cribs sold.

Even if the internal standard is American, it must follow a series of requirements.

    • Edges: The edges of the crib must be rounded or chamfered, they must not have edges or burrs. This brings more security to the baby.
    • Painting: As babies usually put their mouths in some parts of the crib, all the painting must be done with non-toxic paint.
    • Casters: If the crib has casters, two of them need to provide a safety lock for the cradle to be firmly in place.
    • Platform: The distance between the timbers of the platform must be a maximum of 6 cm.
    • Grid: The wood in the grid must have a distance between 4.5 and 6.5 cm.
    • Height: The top of the grid and the platform must have a distance greater than 60 cm.
    • Movable side: Inmetro prohibited the use of a movable side due to the risk of suffocation or strangulation.



InmetroInformation taken from the site

“Inmetro Ordinance No. 53/2016 prohibits the movable sides of children’s cribs and, as of the adjustment deadlines given by this regulation, products with this mobile component will no longer be available for sale in the national territory.”

Which mattress is suitable for the American crib?

As the measurements of the American crib are standardized and accurate, choosing the mattress that fits is easy. He needs to have the same measurements as the crib so that there is no space, which could be dangerous for the baby.

The mattress for the American crib must also be 1.30 m long and 70 cm wide.

But this is not the only criterion of choice to ensure the baby’s comfort. The mattress is the place where the baby will spend more hours, especially when newborn, phase that they sleep up to 20 hours a day.



Quais as vantagens e desvantagens do berço americano?

As the American crib is the most common among dads and moms, the offerings are many. There are many models, of the most varied styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your baby’s room and fits your budget.

A highlight for this cradle is in relation to safety. A number of requirements are made to ensure the best environment for the baby.

In addition, as it is a cradle that is widely used in the national territory, the offer of mattress and bed linen is also large. Offering many options to parents.

As a disadvantage, we mention only the fact that it is a little wider than the national one, which is 1.30 m long and 0.60 cm wide. For those with more limited space, 10 cm more can make a difference in the room.



  • Commonly the most chosen by moms and dads
  • Many models, with different configurations, finishes, styles and prices
  • Highly secure
  • Many mattress and bedding offers


  • A little bigger than the national, it may not be a better option for very small rooms

What are the different models of American cribs?

The American cradle, as well as the national one, can present different models. Among the extras that make them different, the most common are: cot that turns into bed, cot with dresser and cot with bunk bed.

The crib that becomes a bed has become a trend in recent years because it generates savings for parents and accompanies the child’s growth. After the phase of using the crib in its traditional model, it is possible that some pieces are remodeled to become a bed.

In this configuration, at least one of the bars is removed, if not both, and the child can go up and down his / her bed alone, since it is at the ideal time for that.



There are several models for you to choose the best for your baby. (Source: lightfieldstudios /

The crib with dresser usually has a piece of furniture attached with some drawers. It is not usually a very large extension, but it is enough to hold some baby objects.

This extra piece of furniture, which is attached, is used to be used as a changer. And if the crib still has the possibility of turning into a bed, it can become a separate piece of furniture.

It is common for the pull-out crib to have all these functions already mentioned, to become a bed and to have a dresser, but it still offers a bed underneath. This extra bed can have the same dimensions as the crib or be slightly larger in models with dresser. This piece of furniture is suitable for brothers with little time difference.

How old can a baby use the American crib?

There is no definite limit and consensus on the part of all pediatricians, however, a survey by Sleep Medicine indicated that babies who stayed in the crib until the age of three slept better than those who were moved to a bed before that time. .

The research was done in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand and showed that children who stayed in the cradle until the age of three have better, deeper sleep with less interruption. This also impacts parents with better sleep.

After this period, parents can begin the child’s transition to the mini bed, often using their own crib.


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How much does it cost and where to buy an American crib?

It has already been said here that this cradle is quite common. So dads and moms will have no trouble finding an ideal model for their baby.

Whether in physical or virtual stores, the offer is great. Of course, buying on the internet the model options are infinitely greater. We recommend the websites of Amazon Brasil, Lojas Americanas, Grão de Gente and Magazine Luiza.

The price can vary widely. You can find simple models with just over R $ 200 and even exceed R $ 1,000.


Purchase Criteria: Choose a quality American crib for your baby

Surely you have already realized the importance of the crib, and how to choose the best for your baby requires a thoughtful look. So that you can decide for the best at the end of this guide, we ended this article with the criteria for better selection:

  • Inmetro
  • Model
  • Drawers
  • Wheel
  • Grid
  • Platform
  • Mosquito net support
  • Design and finishing

Now read each of the topics mentioned carefully.


The first thing you should look for in your baby’s American crib is the Inmetro seal. This body checks whether the product complies with regulations.

Choosing an American cot approved by Inmetro is to invest in the safety of your baby. Start here.


The American crib can be simple or have extras that make the models more versatile. Think about the need for your home and children. If you have a small child and one more arriving, and both will share a room, the American pull-out crib is a smart option to save space in the environment.

It is also very common to find the 3 in 1 cradle, which is actually an option that turns into a mini bed or a kind of sofa to decorate the room. Model options abound, just consider the cost-benefit for your choice to be as profitable as possible.


The model with drawers is certainly an excellent option to better use spaces. In this criterion, we want to draw your attention to the choice of this attached dresser.

Make sure you have enough space to open the drawers easily, so check the depth of them. See also the measurements of the top cover to reuse it as a changer. In some cases it already comes with a pillow for the baby’s comfort. Check out all the details of this model.


It may be important for mom to have an American cradle with a wheel, this model actually makes life easier in two aspects.

First you can relocate the crib to keep an eye on the baby. And if he goes through the door, he can even take you to another room. It also facilitates the cleaning of the baby’s room, always leaving the corner where the cradle is usually free of dust and clean.

The crib can have four wheels, or just two. Remember to check for security locks.


Inmetro’s indication is that the side grid is fixed and has a distance of up to 6.5 cm between one wood and another. Read the description to make sure that the American crib manufacturer you want complies with this standard.

It is still very common to find cribs with mobile crates on the market. They make it easier for moms to place and take babies from the crib, especially when the mattress is already too low.

However, remember that the regulation of Inmetro is that this grid is fixed, and not even the grids with a good lock are more suitable. This brings more security to your baby.


It is essential to have a cradle that has bed height adjustment. As the baby grows, it becomes necessary to lower the platform so that – when sitting or standing – it does not fall out of the crib.

See how this adjustment is and if it reaches the bottom of the crib, bringing more security for babies who are already starting to stand in the crib. Also check if this adjustment is easy to do, since it is common for the sticks themselves to handle these measures.

Mosquito net support

If you want to protect your baby from unwanted insects, without having to attach the mosquito net to the ceiling, opt for an American crib that has a mosquito net support.

Mosquitoes tend to disturb babies especially at night.

It is usually a thin metal rod that fits the headboards of the cradle, so some more modern models may not have this support. Mosquitoes usually annoy babies, especially at night. Some babies may have allergies and this affects the night if they and their dads sleep.

Design and finishing

Although it seems just a detail, the design and finish must be observed from two very important aspects: safety and style.

Starting with safety, always opt for a design with rounded edges, without points and non-toxic paint. This is the right choice for your baby and also recommended by Inmetro.

Now speaking of style, the crib can be classic, retro, modern, clean, have a smooth, cushioned headboard … and it is the main piece of furniture in the baby’s room, dictating all the decoration.


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