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Top & Best Baby fence Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby fence: How to choose the best model of 2022?

Hello, welcome! Today we are going to talk about the baby enclosure, a piece of furniture that is easy to transport because it is foldable and dismountable and very versatile in terms of ways to use it.

With the baby enclosure you can put your child to play, sleep, change or even leave him safe while he is crawling or rehearsing the first steps.

The coolest thing is that the baby enclosure is useful inside and outside the house and you can transport it from one room to another, use it on outings, when visiting a friend or relative’s house and while traveling.

If you are looking for the best models, we want to help you with this mission of finding the best enclosure for your baby.

First, the most important

  • The baby pen, also called a pigpen or collapsible cradle, serves to keep your baby safe in a limited space.
  • A good playpen model has items like fabric screen, structure with plastic or aluminum tubes and padded bottom with foam covering.
  • Baby pens usually have two height adjustments. The top part serves as a crib and the bottom part as a playpen for the child to play.

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Buying Guide

A few months after the baby is born, it is normal for the mother to need to resume some routine activities, such as work, cooking, cleaning the house, among others.

At this time, it is ideal for the child to be in a corner of their own, so that they can play or take a nap safely. For that you should use the baby enclosure, a very versatile, mobile accessory that will help you a lot in your day to day.


What is a baby pen and where to use it?

The baby playpen is a type of portable crib ideal for use by very young babies, as well as the most grown-up, up to about a year old.

This model is foldable and demountable, which makes it ideal for taking on walks and trips and ensuring that the baby stays in a safe corner to play or take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

You can spread some toys in the pen and keep it close to you, so you can prevent the baby from feeling alone and still be able to pay attention to it.

It can also be used on a daily basis, while the baby crawls, but it does not balance itself, as a playpen or even for the child to be safe while the mother does something.



If the child is very young and still cannot sit alone, you can place a comfort baby in the playpen for him to lie down. You can also choose an educational mat made of EVA or a thin mattress.

But none of these options are essential, as the bottom of the enclosure is covered with an easy-to-clean padded material. Some models come with safety locks, so that the accessory does not accidentally close and end up hurting the child.

Some models also have clasps to fit mosquito net or mobile (that toy that hangs in the crib to amuse the baby). It is also common for them to come with pockets to store objects, awning and even a tray.

If you choose a model with height adjustment, you can also use the top as a crib (but it does not replace the crib that should be used at night) and the bottom as a fence.

When should the playpen be used?

Something that should be highlighted is that babies need space to develop their motor skills, strengthen their muscles and create a sense of perception. If they stay too long in a space with limited movement, their development is compromised.

The ideal time to use the pen is when the baby is starting to crawl and wants to explore the environment around him. If he is in transition between crawling and walking, it is also legal to use the playpen as an auxiliary accessory.

But if the child has already learned to walk, it is time to get him out of the playpen and reevaluate how you can take care of the child, as soon as he acquires skills, he will do everything to escape the pigpen.



But, in general, the playpen serves to teach various things to the baby, such as the imposition of limits by the parents (it should never be used as punishment), it helps to develop the capacities of concentration, creativity, organization and autonomy.

Ideally, children up to five months stay in the playpen for 20 to 30 minutes at most twice a day. Babies who can already sit alone can stay up to 40 minutes twice a day.

Children who are crawling can stay for 20 to 50 minutes, just once a day. For babies over one year old, this accessory is only suitable for use up to 1h15 a day and, at most, once.

Check out the main advantages and some disadvantages of the baby enclosure in the table below:


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Because it is made of padded material, the child can sleep in the playpen
  • It serves for the child to play and crawl safely
  • Foldable and collapsible models are easily transported


  • Does not replace the cradle
  • Models without a safety lock can close on their own, even with the child inside

Cradle or baby purse?

An equipment very similar to the enclosure is the cradle bag. This model is a type of cradle with a smaller proportion, which can be used when you are leaving the house and need to leave the baby sleeping in a comfortable corner.

This model can be disassembled (it is very easy to fold and unfold) and placed in a bag when not in use. An advantage is that it also serves as a changer. But you should never replace the car seat.

The cradle bag comes with side spaces to store baby objects or hygiene products like diapers and baby wipes. When it is open you can also put a mosquito net to protect your baby from insects.

This accessory supports children up to 20 kg and is a very suitable model for women who spend many hours outside the home and need to improvise a crib for the baby to sleep.

Both the pen and the crib bag are ideal accessories for the baby to rest outside the home, but each one must be used at a different time. Check out some other similarities and differences between these two models:


How much?

The price of a playpen varies according to the type, material of the piece and the amount of features it has. The cheapest model costs around R $ 270, and the most expensive can reach R $ 500.

Where to buy a baby enclosure?

You can buy a playpen at baby supply stores like Bmart Baby & Kids and Alô Bebê. If you prefer you can buy in department stores like Magazine Luiza, Americanas and Casas Bahia.

But with all the tips we gave in this Buying Guide, you won’t even need to leave the house to buy a pen for your baby. You choose to buy in virtual stores like Amazon, Mercado Livre and Submarino.

On Amazon you can find different models, from different brands and price ranges. The best thing is that you can see the rating and the evaluation that consumers made of that product, to be sure if it is good or not.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare baby enclosure models

When buying a playpen model for your baby you need to pay attention to some features of this product, to make sure that the model you are thinking of buying is the most suitable for your child, if it is safe and comfortable. At the time of purchase, observe the following criteria:

  • Removable fence
  • Inflatable fence
  • Fenced with casters
  • Material
  • Indicated weight
  • Where it will be used
  • Safety

We will explain each of these items to you, so you don’t have any doubts. With these tips, you’re sure to get it right when choosing this accessory for your baby.

Removable fence

There are three types of baby enclosure, the models: inflatable, with wheels and detachable. And it can be made of wood, metallic material, inflatable plastic and have wheels or feet.

Let’s start with the most used model: the collapsible enclosure is a versatile and easy to assemble model, which can be easily transported to other places inside and outside the house. Can be used by children up to one year old.


It takes some time for you to assemble and disassemble the parts, but once ready (and verified), you can put the child inside. Some models are foldable, which makes them easier to assemble, but models like this must come with a safety lock so they don’t close themselves.

The collapsible enclosure usually comes with a carrying bag with or without wheels.

Inflatable fence

The inflatable enclosure is a great option to entertain children for a while, since the strength of this model is the accessories for the child to play while there.

The inflatable enclosure is ideal for babies who already have a little more firmness and strength in their legs.

This model is compact, very easy to assemble (since it is inflatable) and can be taken to various places, up to the beach. There are square, round models, with pendants, pogo sticks and even a ball pool.

You only need to be aware of the surface on which the playpen will be positioned, so that the floor does not damage the plastic or even pierce the accessory, but know that this accessory is made with a well-reinforced material.

Fenced with casters

The enclosure with wheels is the easiest model to handle and transport from one environment to another inside the house, as the wheels facilitate the displacement of the accessory.

It is only necessary to be aware of the locking of the wheels before placing the child in the playpen, to prevent it from moving alone and causing an accident while the child is inside.



The baby enclosure usually has a steel or iron structure, the sides are covered with a thin (but resistant) fabric and the edges and bottom are padded, so that the baby does not get hurt.

See how comfortable the playpen is because of the padded material:


When made of quality materials, the enclosure becomes resistant and durable. Support must also be observed, as he cannot turn if the child gets up.

Indicated weight

When choosing a pen for your baby, note the maximum weight the object can support. This information is important because you can estimate how long you will be able to use the product, considering the baby’s current weight.

If you want to buy an accessory with a longer service life, choose a model with a higher maximum weight indication.

Where it will be used

When choosing a model of enclosure for your baby, take into consideration whether it will only be used indoors, or if you will use the product outside the home as well.

Fixed-use models are only for staying at home. But if you go out a lot to visit relatives, take a walk or travel, the suggestion is that you buy a portable product.



When choosing a baby enclosure, pay attention to some safety recommendations, to avoid placing your child in a situation of risk of falling, suffocation or any other accident.

If you are in doubt as to whether the playpen model is safe or not, check if the object received a security seal from Inmetro.

The height of the enclosure must be at least 60 centimeters high, to prevent the child from falling if standing. The ends should be rounded.

As the enclosure is foldable, it is essential that this object has a locking system, otherwise it may end up closing with the child inside, and this is very dangerous.

If the object has training wheels, it is even more important that it has safety locks, to prevent it from moving on its own. Some enclosure models have a handle for placing mobiles and mosquito nets, but they should be kept out of reach of the baby’s hands, so that they do not pull the accessory.


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