Top & Best Crib Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crib: Choose the best for your baby in 2022

Today we are going to talk about one of the main items in the baby’s room and also where he will sleep for at least a year and a half of life: the crib. When a newborn, a baby stays up to 21 hours a day between naps and deep sleep.

So, this piece of furniture needs to be chosen carefully. There are several options for cribs, from the conventional to the models that turn into a bed and can accompany your child throughout their childhood.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know when choosing a crib, what are the best types, models and brands, where to buy and how much they cost.

First, the most important

  • Choosing a crib for your baby is an important decision, as this space needs to be a cozy environment where he will have a good night’s sleep. A child must sleep in the crib until one and a half years, but many remain until the age of three.
  • There are several types of cribs: the reversible ones that turn into mini beds, with anti-reflux system, mobile grid, with various levels of height, American style, demountable, and so on.
  • Some safety standards must be observed when choosing the crib, for example: the bars should not have a space greater than 6.5 cm between them, the mattress must have the exact size of the crib and the paint used to paint the mobile must be non-toxic.

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Buying Guide

Decorating the room is one of the most delightful moments in preparation for motherhood and fatherhood. Moms and dads plan every detail to receive the baby.

The crib is the main element of the environment. In addition to being where the baby will spend the most time, it will bring the style of the room. In this guide, we want to provide you with all the details so that you can make your purchase as an expert.

What is a crib and where to use it?

The crib is a very important piece of furniture in a baby’s room, this will be the place where he will sleep day and night for at least a year and a half. Therefore, some characteristics must be observed when choosing a model.

The first characteristic is if the crib is painted with non-toxic paint, because the furniture will have direct contact with the child. When the teeth are growing, it is normal for her to want to bite the protection bars. If the paint is non-toxic, there is a risk of lead contamination.

Speaking of the bars, another important detail is to observe the space between them, which can never exceed 6.5 cm to avoid accidents such as trapping a body part or even the head between spaces.

The mattress must have the exact proportions of the crib, as they cannot be cracked, as the baby may be trapped. They must also be tougher to avoid the risk of drowning because of reflux.

Some cradle models can be adjusted to become mini beds, check if the model you intend to buy has this functionality and if it has an adaptable mattress for this transition.

Some other characteristics are also relevant when choosing a crib such as height adjustment, being higher for younger and lighter babies and lower for older and slightly heavier babies.

With this feature, you will not need to bend over all the time to pick up your newborn baby, you will also be sure about his safety when he is older and move around in the crib a lot.

Some crib models are larger as they can be converted into mini beds, this feature makes the transition from crib to bed easier and saves you money too.

It has an option that changes from a cradle to a mini bed and then can be adjusted to become a single bed. Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of the crib:


  • There are several model options available, of all types, colors and prices
  • Sizes also vary, there are larger models that can be turned into mini beds
  • Some cribs have a built-in dresser option, so you can store baby things
  • Some models can also be used as changing tables or playpen for baby to play or sleep


  • Even with reducers, the space of the crib is large and leaves the child a little disoriented at first
  • Some models do not follow safety specifications
  • Some crib models are large and do not fit inside the parents’ room

What differentiates one model of cradle from another?

There are several types of cribs, some come with very useful accessories such as changing table, drawer or dresser, others become playpen, mini bed and / or large bed and others are collapsible, ideal for transporting the cradle to other environments and when traveling.

With so many options, choosing a single model can be a difficult task, so we have listed the main types of cribs (there are really many options) so that you can choose the one that best suits your conditions.


Traditional cradle

The traditional cradle is the standard model for babies, has a smaller size when compared to models with different accessories, the construction is simple and resistant, has four fixed sides and railings and is the fastest option to assemble.

It is also the cheapest model. It has the advantage of having adjustable crates and platform, which makes it easier to take the baby out of the crib at night. In the first months of the child’s life, the ideal is to leave the platform higher.

When the baby gets bigger, start to move and want to stand, the tip is to leave the platform lower.

As a disadvantage, we highlight that this model cannot be moved easily, has the simplest design, has no accessories such as drawers and changing table and there is no possibility to transform it into a mini bed or single bed, that is, it is limited functions and has a shorter service life.

This cradle can have a national or American design. Below you can see the main and similar differences in a comparative table.

Convertible or rolling cradle

The convertible or evolutionary crib was developed to grow with the child, since it can be transformed into a mini bed and later on a single bed.

This model is more cost-effective, because although it is more expensive, it excludes the need to buy other furniture as the child gets bigger. A disadvantage of this model is that it needs to be assembled and disassembled whenever you are going to change the furniture.

Look for models that use the same mattress for the crib and the mini bed, so you don’t have to purchase two different mattress sizes. Some models also come with a single bed mattress.

Multifunctional cradle

The multifunctional crib is a great option for those who have a small space or other children in the room, as this product has the advantage of having a changing table, attached dresser and a drawer bed.

It can also be used as a guest bed and is useful if a parent needs to spend a night side by side with the baby, or for families that have babysitting who sleeps on site.

The dresser comes with a choice of two to four drawers with plastic or metal slides. The changer can be found with a seat belt, to prevent the baby from falling. These pieces of furniture are slightly smaller compared to the same pieces of furniture when sold separately.

When the baby grows, the drawer bed can be adjusted for the child to sleep and the dresser can be transformed into a nightstand, bookcase or desk, or even be detached from the main piece.

The cradle is disassembled and used as part of the bed frame. The best feature of the multipurpose crib is that you can reuse the furniture in different ways and for longer.

Check out how it works:


Portable crib

The portable cradle is ideal for small homes, as it can be transported from one room to another, making your routine and baby care easier.

Make sure to buy a model that easily passes through the doors and hallways of your home. Also look for models that have safety locks on all four wheels, to avoid moving the cart and possible accidents.

This model also has the possibility to lower one side of the bars, making it easier if you want to sleep next to the baby.

It is indicated for taking on trips, as it can be assembled and disassembled and has a carrying case. It can also be stored in small spaces.

The most suitable models are the coated foam mattress, as they are very resistant, even if the baby urinates and the pee leaks from the diaper. Observe the maximum capacity that the mattress and crib can support, most have a limit of up to 15kg.

Finally, look for models that have a hood, to allow a peaceful sleep, even in environments with a lot of light and noise.

Despite the advantages, it is not recommended to use the portable crib as a permanent model, as it is less comfortable and less resistant, so we suggest that this is one more option, and not the only one.

Moses Crib

The Moses crib is indicated for the first months of the baby’s life, it is a great option for parents to keep the baby close to them, as it is smaller, thinner and easier to carry, it can be close to the mother in any environment of the house.

When you notice that the baby has started to roll from side to side you can be sure that it needs more space, at this point it is necessary to exchange the Moses crib for a conventional model. See what the Moses crib model looks like.

Cot with anti-reflux system

After babies suckle it is normal for them to regurgitate, that is, they have small gastric refluxes. The risk of choking is great, especially in the first three months of the baby’s life.

In this model, the mattress in the headboard is higher, this is great to prevent reflux. However, this model is not essential, as there are pillow models with this function.

In addition to the models mentioned above, the cribs can also be of the stork, rocking, round / oval, Montessori or mini cradle types. We prepared a table comparing the main characteristics of the traditional model cradle in the national design and the American mold, check out

How much does a crib cost?

Several factors influence the price of a crib, they are: material of manufacture of the piece, design, type of cradle, features and extra resources. As the cribs can be of various types, the prices also vary a lot.

There are cheaper models that start at R $ 260 and larger and more expensive models that can cost up to R $ 2,500.

Did you know that the first cribs appeared in ancient Egypt, they were made of reed (type of plant) and fabrics?

For babies-pharaohs, the cribs were more refined, made of wood such as cedar and ebony, with ivory inlay and panels made of gold.

Where to buy a crib?

You can find cribs in various types of stores, from shops exclusively for baby objects, to furniture and appliance stores like Magazine Luiza, Marabraz and Casas Bahia and supermarkets like Carrefour.

But, with all the tips and suggestions from ReviewBox, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to buy a crib for your baby: we recommend that you buy on Amazon, an e-commerce world renowned for the variety and quality of the pieces that are sold at low prices.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different cradle models

Below we will talk a little about the main criteria that you must take into account when buying a crib. Taking into account the factors that we have already mentioned in this article, you must take into account the following characteristics:

  • Cradle type
  • Structure
  • Mattress
  • Cradle adjustment

Now let’s explain item by item so that you don’t have any doubts and can choose the right model for your baby.

Cradle type

You saw throughout this article that there are many types of cribs. So, the first question that you should be asking is: “Which model most fits my reality and meets my need?”

Obviously, each model has its advantages and disadvantages and you need to put it on the scale to recognize the cradle that will best meet your expectations.

Choose a crib in the style of the bedroom you have planned for your baby.

Design can be an important point, many dads and moms look for a beautiful crib to make the child’s room even more cozy. See which one best suits the room style you have planned for your baby.

Security is also an essential factor. Some dads may prefer cribs that have wheels and can be taken to different rooms, others may want to leave you permanently in the room.

So, reflecting on the use of the crib on a daily basis is the first step to be taken. That way you eliminate some options and can move on to the next purchase criteria.


When it comes to structure, some criteria must be taken into account when choosing a crib. Look:

  • Furniture size : The American standard (1.30m by 70cm) is the most common, as it is larger and has a longer service life. These measures are a reference for the mattress.
  • Side grid : should have a maximum spacing of 6.5 cm to prevent the child’s head or body parts from getting caught between the gaps. The distance between the platform and the sides of the crib must also not exceed 2.5 cm.
  • Cradle height : the distance between the platform and the top end of the crate must be at least 60 centimeters, this prevents the baby from being able to jump out of the crib when he is able to stand and is greater than that height.
  • Security locks : item to be observed in portable models. At least two of the four wheels must have the lock to prevent the stroller from moving while the parents are not looking and also to provide stability to the crib.
  • Clamps and supports : must be protected to avoid accidents. Curved foot cots (for rocking) should be used with caution, as after the child has acquired strength and the ability to lift, he can turn the cradle over.

The structure of the cradle, in general, must be very firm and resistant, regardless of whether the material used to manufacture the piece is plastic, metal or wood. The finish must also be of good quality, as the surface must be smooth, with rounded edges and without splinters.

You also need to be careful if your child is hyperactive, agitated or restless. Since you cannot predict whether your child will be like this or not, you need to pay even more attention to safety recommendations.

Also make sure that the chosen model comes with an instruction manual in Portuguese and with illustrative images guiding how to assemble the furniture correctly.

Some manufacturers recommend that certain models be installed by professionals, but some are quite intuitive.

In general, the models that follow the standards of the technical Standards Association (ANT) and the safety standards of the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Inmetro) are reliable products that you can buy without fear.


According to the National Institute for Resting Studies, the crib mattress should neither be too hard nor too soft, ideally the foam should have a density of 18. It is recommended that the mattress follow the child’s physiological curvatures.

It should also not be too far to the bottom of the cradle, otherwise it can harm the parents’ spine, but it is also important that the distance to the top end of the cradle accommodates the child while standing, without the risk of him hanging from the bars and falling.

Cradle adjustment

It is interesting to buy a crib model that has an adjustable platform for two or three height options, as it is important to control the height of the mattress as the child grows and develops.

The platform must be left higher for lighter children, and lower to accommodate larger and heavier children.

Regulation can also be present in the grids. They should have simpler adjustment to facilitate the handling of the adult, but it cannot be too easy to lower or raise, to prevent the baby from being able to move them and end up causing an accident.


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