Top & Best Bed with slide Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bed with slide: How to choose the best model for children’s room in 2022

The children’s room should stimulate the child’s development, whether through play or moments of rest. To make the children’s room even more special, you can buy a bed with a slide.

The slide bed turns the child’s room into a real playground and you can find models for those who are only children or for siblings. To learn more about the mobile, check out more of this exclusive content on.

First, the most important

  • The purchase of the first children’s bed marks a phase of change in the child’s life, as the little one leaves the crib for a space of their own. To make this phase even more special, the market offers a variety of models of beds suitable for children.
  • The slide bed adds a playful touch to the room and transforms the environment into a playground. The furniture has a ladder to climb, a slide to descend and a protection flap to prevent falls.
  • You find two models of bed with slide. The traditional model accommodates a child and the bunk with slide accommodates siblings.

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The best models of bed with slide: Our buying suggestions

Have you ever imagined how your child would love to start the day by getting out of bed on a slide? Here in this section you will find the best bedding options with slide for boys and girls, check it out!

  • The most versatile model
  • The best bunk with slide
  • The ideal slide bed for playing
  • The best bed with a slide for girls


Buying Guide

A child’s room should be a playful environment that allows the boy or girl to develop their imagination and creativity through play. To make the space even more interesting, look for children’s furniture, such as a bed with a slide.

As a toy option, the slide bed will encourage your child to sleep at night and wake up for another day of fun. Follow this Buying Guide and learn more about this furniture.


Is it worth buying a bed with a slide?

A child’s room should not be a tedious place that only serves for the little one to sleep. The environment should be pleasant and playful to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

Parents should allocate a space for toys, another for coloring or reading books and a rest space. To escape the conventional, you can buy a bed with a slide.


The slide bed is a functional piece of furniture.

In addition to the playful design, the bed with a slide is a functional piece of furniture, as the child will be able to use it for many years – especially a model with a single bed pattern.

Some models are quite versatile, as they allow you to change the position of the ladder and slide – they can be mounted on the right or left side – and even remove them. Others have side protection to prevent falls.

There are two models of bed with slide. For an only child, we recommend the raised bed, which has a free space under the bed – behind the stairs and the slide – which serves to play.

For brothers we recommend buying a bunk bed with a slide. In addition to being fun, the furniture optimizes the space of the bedroom.

We cannot fail to mention that the bed with a slide encourages children who have difficulty sleeping alone, as it increases the appreciation for the environment and the desire to stay in their own room.

Do you want to know more advantages and disadvantages of this furniture? Check the table below:


  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Two models
  • Accommodates one or two children
  • It is used as a toy
  • The ladder and slide can be removed
  • Bed can be used throughout childhood


  • It’s expensive furniture
  • Takes up a lot of space in the room

How to decorate a bed room with a slide?

The bed with a slide assumes a prominent position in the decoration of the child’s room, but you can combine this furniture with other furniture and pieces and establish a themed decoration.

If you choose a bed with vacant space underneath, you can place an activity table, with different books. You can also set up a play corner, just place a soft rug and spread the boy or girl’s favorite toys.

To make the decoration of the room even more interesting, bet on a themed trousseau that can be combined with the bed with a slide and decorative stickers on the wall. Unleash your imagination.



What better model of bed with slide?

As mentioned earlier, there are two models of bed with slide. The main difference between the slide bed and the bunk bed with slide is the number of beds.

The slide bed accommodates only one child. This model offers a vacant space below that serves as a playful space for playing, coloring, storing toys, among others.

Some people also use this space to place a children’s desk – ideal for school children – or even a small wardrobe, depending on the space available in the room.

The bunk with slide is ideal to accommodate two children, as it has a bed in the upper and lower area of ​​the furniture. This model saves a lot of space in the bedroom and makes room for other furniture such as a wardrobe, desk or even leaves free space to play.


How much does it cost and where to buy a bed with a slide?

The bed with a slide costs between R $ 500 and R $ 650. Although it is a relatively high investment, if you buy a model in single bed pattern, with removable ladder and slide, you can use the furniture throughout the child’s childhood.

The bed with a slide is sold in specialized stores in the children’s universe, such as Grão de Gente, furniture stores like Madeira Madeira and Mobly and department stores like Amazon and Mercado Livre.


Buying criteria: How to find the best bed with a slide

Many children dream of sleeping in a bed with a slide. With playful design, this furniture creates a real playground inside the room, stimulating play and adding interest in moments of rest.

If you intend to buy a bed with a slide or even a bunk bed with a slide, be sure to analyze and compare the main purchase criteria listed below:

  • Material
  • Measures
  • Supported weight
  • Side protection
  • Safety
  • Slide and reversible ladder
  • Design

We will detail each of these topics throughout the section. Be sure to share your opinion about the furniture in the comments section.


Evaluate the material used in the manufacture of the bed with slide. The most used material in furniture is MDF, a plate formed by particles of wood and resins that offers good resistance, malleability and an affordable price.

This material allows the making of furniture in different formats and with a good finish. Because it is lighter, MDF offers an easier way to move furniture from one place to another.

You also find the bed with slide made of MDP, a plate formed by wood particles without resins. It is more resistant than MDF, but it is not as malleable and accepts only straight lines.

The last option is to buy a bed with a slide in solid wood. The material is extremely durable, but also heavy and expensive. Tip: Just buying a bed with feet and a solid wood platform is enough.


Many people do not pay attention to the measures of the bed with a slide before buying the furniture and are surprised with a piece incompatible with the room. Therefore, analyzing the dimensions – length, width and height, in that order – is essential, as the dimensions of children’s beds vary.

Before buying one of these, determine the location where you will place it and measure the available space. Only then, you will be sure that you will acquire a piece of furniture that will meet your needs.

Supported weight

Another feature that deserves your attention at the time of purchase is the weight supported by the furniture. Some models support up to 30Kg and are suitable for children up to eight or ten years old.

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will accompany your child throughout childhood, buy a bed that supports up to 120Kg.

Side protection

Is your child transitioning from crib to bed? Then buy a bed with a slide with side guards. The protection grid is indispensable at this age, as the child moves a lot during sleep and may fall out of bed.

Some models have protection only in the head area, others have a grid in the middle of the bed and some models have protection over the entire length of the furniture. This protection is important to maintain the child’s safety and the parents’ tranquility.


Regardless of whether you buy a bed with a traditional slide or a bunk bed with a slide, the child’s mattress will be placed on top, so it is important to analyze the safety of this furniture.

We summarize here the aspects related to security that must be analyzed when buying furniture with this proposal:

  • The structure of the bed must be stable and safe so that the child can safely go up and down and play with ease.
  • The materials used in the manufacture of the furniture must be completely free of toxic substances, especially paint.
  • The headboard must have a width compatible with the bed structure and rounded edges.
  • A protective grid should be present in the center or almost the entire length of the upper bed to reduce the risk that the child will fall out of the bed.

Slide and reversible ladder

At the time of purchase, assess whether the ladder and slide are reversible pieces, that is, they can be mounted on the left or right side of the bed. This way, you can position the furniture wherever you want.

Also check if these parts are removable, as over the years, the child may want to remove the slide and just keep the traditional ladder to get on and off the bed.


Although you find traditional versions of this furniture, the bed with a slide works as a furniture and toy, so most models have a playful design and aimed at children.

You find models in wavy or straight format, which look like a princess castle, cabin, carriage, pirate ship, circus tent, among others. Others are multicolored or printed with characters from the children’s universe.
You also find models in which the slide ends in a ball pit.


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