Crib that turns into bed

Top & Best Crib that turns into bed Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crib that turns into bed: The best options of 2022

In today’s article, we will talk about one of the different versions of a piece of furniture that is essential for those who live the sweet wait and need to start thinking about the decoration of the baby’s room : the crib that becomes a bed.

We want to help you find the most beautiful, functional and affordable option. For this, we will present the best models, share a shopping guide and reveal the basic criteria for evaluating a crib that becomes a bed. Just keep reading!

First, the most important

  • The crib that becomes a bed is also known as American, convertible or evolutionary. Look through all of these expressions to find more options.
  • This piece of furniture can accompany the child in his first five years of life, which represents a good savings for moms and dads.
  • Make sure that the model you have in mind has compulsory Inmetro certification. It guarantees the quality of the product and the safety of the child.

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Buying Guide

Did you like to know the models of cribs that turn into beds that are successful on the internet? So, check out some information that can help in the purchase decision process!

A crib that becomes a bed can accompany your child for many years. (Source: Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash)

What is the cradle that turns into bed?

Also known as an American cradle, convertible or evolutionary, this piece of furniture stands out from the rest in the same category because it becomes a bed and, thus, follows the child’s development in the first five years.

Some models of cribs that turn into beds also add other furniture typical of a baby’s room, such as the dresser, changing table and shelves, which saves space in the parents’ room and money.

Therefore, the crib that becomes a bed is an alternative that you should consider carefully before buying any furniture for the room of the new member of your family.

Is it worth investing in a crib that becomes a bed?

If you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the crib that becomes a bed, you will probably come to the conclusion that it is worth investing in this furniture. But it is clear that this depends on an analysis of your needs.

The cradle that becomes a bed will accompany your child for a longer time, which will allow saving resources – financial and natural. Depending on the model, it will still be possible to save space due to the accumulation of functions.

However, as the crib that becomes a bed is a piece of furniture that will stay at home longer, you will need to think long term in decorative terms to not get tired of it.



  • It is very practical
  • It is more sustainable
  • Saves money
  • Can save space if you accumulate multiple functions
  • Usually has training wheels
  • Lasts longer


  • Can visually tire
  • It occupies more space than the  cradle
  • Needs to be assembled and disassembled frequently, which can compromise the material

How to assemble and regulate a crib that becomes a bed?

Generally, to transform the crib into a bed, simply replace the crates with the side protectors. That way, you prevent your child from falling at risk, both when he is awake and when he is sleeping.

Most models available on the market come with manuals and accessories, so that the assembly and adjustment processes are much easier for mothers and fathers.

However, we recommend that you count on the help of a specialist in the subject to assemble or adjust the crib that turns into a bed, in order to ensure the child’s safety.

How much does it cost and where to buy a crib that becomes a bed?

A quick Google search will reveal to you that a crib that turns into a bed tends to be worth between R $ 161.99 and R $ 4,889.00. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to find furniture that offers good value for money.

In your city, the crib that becomes a bed should be available at furniture stores, department stores or hypermarkets..

On the internet, some stores that offer good options for cribs that turn into beds are Amazon.



Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the options of crib that turns into bed

Now that you know everything about the crib that turns into a bed and are convinced that this is the best option for your baby’s room, here are some things you need to keep an eye on to find the most appropriate model:

  • Style
  • Materials
  • Structure
  • Measurements and weight
  • Safety

We’ll talk more about each one below!


Basically, the cribs available in the market follow two styles: traditional or modern. The choice for one of them depends on the taste of the family in question and the decorative proposal of the house.

Traditional cribs are more elaborate and therefore can tire easily. Modern cribs, on the other hand, are simpler and therefore have little impact. That is, both have advantages and disadvantages in aesthetic terms.

Whichever style you prefer, give preference to a model that takes advantage of the same mattress at all stages of baby’s development, so that it is not necessary to purchase another one in a short time.


Almost all the cribs you will find are 100% made of MDF.

Almost all the cribs you will find are 100% made of MDF. It is a material that is derived from wood and gives rise to medium density fiber boards.

Although MDF is more fragile than most woods, this is not a problem when we think of cribs, since babies are light and have little movement.

An important detail is that the crib that becomes a bed needs to be painted with non-toxic paint, to avoid lead contamination. This can happen when the child’s teeth start to grow and he starts to bite the bars of the furniture.

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There are some rules that crib manufacturers need to follow to earn the certificate from the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) and ensure the safety of babies, such as:

  • Sides: They must have a minimum height of 60 cm from the platform;
  • Grids: They must be at least 6.5 cm apart;
  • Edges: Should be rounded;
  • Painting: Must be done with non-toxic paint;
  • Casters: Two must be fixed or have safety locks.

Did you know that cribs with mobile crates – those that go up and down – are prohibited by Inmetro 2016? So, even if you find this model, it is better to avoid it!


Measurements and weight

That is, although they occupy a little more space in the baby’s room, it is not a significant difference in most cases. Especially if the model you have in view accumulates several features!

More important than that is to check how much weight the crib that becomes a bed is capable of supporting. Since he can accompany the child until the age of five, the ideal is that the furniture is capable of receiving a load greater than 20 kg.


Since 2012, there has been a mandatory standard for the marketing of cribs. This means that manufacturers need to submit their products to Inmetro and earn a certification.

This document that certifies that the furniture in question offers the necessary security for your baby. So, before buying a crib that becomes a bed, ask or look for the Inmetro certificate.

It is also necessary to be careful when choosing the mattress, which should fit perfectly in the cradle to prevent the baby from getting stuck and be firm enough (D18) to prevent him from drowning due to reflux.


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