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Top & Best Baby room decoration Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby room decoration: What are the best options for 2022?

Setting up the baby’s room is part of the preparations for the arrival of the new family member. The choice of theme and furniture is one of the first steps and they are complemented with the rest of the decoration for baby’s room, an item that will be the subject of this review, welcome!

They are teddy bears, cushions, pictures, and many other items that can be chosen to decorate this very special room in the house. The decoration is the key part of the space and must be chosen in order to make the room beautiful, cozy and functional.

If you are in this stage so full of expectations you have come to the right place. In this article we bring all the information about baby room decoration, from product options, to the trends of 2022 and tips on how to do it in the best way. To learn more just keep reading.

First, the most important

  • There are a multitude of themes that can be used as a decoration for a baby’s room and you will surely find one that suits you the most.
  • It is essential that the decoration is beautiful, but mainly functional. Therefore, analyzing the need for items should go beyond aesthetics.
  • It is possible to decorate a baby room more cheaply using handicrafts and reused furniture.

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Buying Guide

Setting up the baby’s room is a unique moment in the parents’ life. That will be the room that will receive the new member of the family and needs to be functional, practical and clear, beautiful and cozy.

At this stage many doubts arise and if you are going through them and need a helping hand know that you have just found help in this Buying Guide. Keep up with us and have all the answers!

What are the decoration trends for baby’s room in 2022?

Every year new decoration trends are launched for all spaces and the baby’s room is also included in the news hall.

Currently, this is a room in which versatility and originality have gained space and with this new colors, themes and prints started to be used.

The hippie chic concept arrived in the baby’s room and promises to be the biggest hit of 2022. With it came llamas and cacti, icons of this type of decoration. Using pastel tones in a mix of white, yellow, pink and green, this is a decoration that delights the most modern parents.

The geometric, which started to be used in 2018, continues this year and is a great option for those who choose not to know the sex of the baby. Triangles, lozenges and circles can be used in combination and add a touch of modernity to the space.

Speaking specifically of furniture, the huts and tents became a fever. They are fun and functional. Not to mention that they give a unique touch to the room.

Another big trend in 2022 is unicorns. The little girls’ magical beings came as a decoration for a baby’s room bringing clouds, rainbows and candy colors, making them ideal for a playful and delicate decoration.

And for those who want to innovate and get out of the ordinary, black and white, which has already been used abroad for children’s rooms, has arrived in Brazil. This is a decoration full of style and originality.

It can be combined with other colors like yellow and red and the tip is to abuse white more than black, so the decoration is not heavy.

Other trends for this year are safari, cloud decoration, in addition to the Montessori style, where everything is placed on low furniture so that the child has free access.

What are the main decoration items for baby’s room?

There are infinite themes that can be applied in the baby’s room, but there are some items that remain independent of them, either for beauty or functionality.

One of them that we can mention are mobiles. This piece has been used for many years in the baby’s crib and adds a touch of decoration.

In addition to them, there are the lamps and lamps, which have different shapes and colors, and allow you to leave the room with a little lighting for breastfeeding moments, for example.



On the walls there are endless possibilities. There are wallpapers, stickers, pictures and niches. All these pieces are ideal as decoration for baby’s room because they do not take up space and, in the case of niches, can be used to store products such as books and toys.

Crib kits decorate the place where the baby will sleep and can receive prints, monograms, lace and more. Of course, especially with this item, one should think about safety, so that accidents do not happen.

How to make a beautiful and functional baby room decoration?

The baby’s room is one of the most beautiful and cozy rooms in the house, but it is not enough to be beautiful, it is also necessary that it be functional and help parents in the routine with the child.

In order for you to combine all these factors, we have separated some tips:

Cradle : The cradle is also part of the decoration and if you have little space you can choose a model that has a changing table and drawers attached to avoid the need for dressers. Another point is to leave the cradle away from windows and the air stream and make sure that the chosen one has Inmetro certification.

    • Breastfeeding armchair : Another piece of furniture that is part of the decor is the breastfeeding armchair. This must be purchased thinking exclusively of the mother’s comfort and if it doesn’t have the color that matches the room it is always possible to change the fabric.
    • Furniture : One of the biggest mistakes of those who set up a baby room is to overdo the furniture. Try to prioritize only what is really necessary, keeping a good circulation area in place.
    • Niches and shelves : You can use these two items to store objects such as books and toys. Use and abuse the playful versions, with different formats and lights.
    • Curtains : Curtains can be beautiful, but when choosing them, choose a model that can reduce the brightness of the room or even block a little external noise such as blackout.


How much?

Whoever enters the world of babies may be frightened by the price of items for them and the decoration is no different. There is no pre-established average value for this and it is possible to spend more or less.

The good news is that there are several ways to save money like reusing old furniture or choosing two-in-one options. Another option for those who are more interested in crafts is to sew their own pillows, create their own mobile and so on.

Baby room decoration can be done according to your budget, without losing its charm.

Where to buy?

If you like to do your shopping in physical stores you can choose the decoration items for the baby’s room in stores geared specifically for this audience such as children. The establishments that sell decoration products and furniture also have good options.

Online is even easier to purchase items for the baby’s room and there are several sites such as Amazon.Even the pieces that we list in our Ranking are also for sale and to purchase them just click on the product.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing the decoration for the baby’s room

It is not easy to define which decoration will be chosen for the baby’s room, but there are ways to facilitate this decision. To help you with this we have selected below the main factors that you must take into consideration to make the correct choice.

  • Style
  • Baby gender
  • Room size
  • Decoration change time

Now, read each of the criteria to understand the importance of analyzing these points before making your choice.


Defining the style of the room’s decoration will be the first step. Do you want something more classic or more modern? Do you like more original decorations with different colors?

Those who prefer the classic can opt for the teddy bears theme, for example, that never go out of style.

The most original ones, on the other hand, can think of one of the options that we show in the 2022 trends. Start by defining your style, this first filter is already starting to make the choice simpler.

Baby gender

We are not here to say that the decoration of the girls has to be pink and that of the boys blue, nothing like that.

But for those who chose to know the sex of the baby, there may be a direction in this regard. There are options that are more typical for boys, like strollers and sports, and others more for girls, like flowers and dolls.

If you do not know the gender of the baby is okay too, there are options that fit perfectly for both as the geometric print. Safari and animals also usually make up the decoration for the baby room in a more neutral way.


Room size

It is important that the decoration adapts to the size of the room. It is even possible to use it as a way to visually expand the space.

Especially if the room is small, opt for more functional furniture and in less quantity and use light colors on the walls. Always remembering that a good circulation area is essential. Now if you have ample space, you can abuse the decor.

Decoration change time

If you are a person who makes periodic changes in the decoration, you don’t have to worry about this topic, but for those who want the decoration to last for a few years it is important to think about it.

The first question to ask is: Will I still like these colors and this theme in a year? It is possible that you will change your mind during that time, but the likelihood of making a mistake is less.

In addition, at the beginning the decoration of the room is the taste of the parents, but as the child grows it must be functional and fun for him too. Always think about choosing an option that can adapt to when your baby is older.



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