Top & Best Alpargatas Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Alpargatas: Which are the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about espadrilles, and what are the main characteristics that you need to look for in this type of footwear. Espadrilles are a type of footwear that appeared in the 13th century, and people who lived in the countryside in Spain used it to work.

Today, it is a sales success worldwide, as it offers style and sophistication. In this article we will talk a little more about espadrilles, and provide a list of the best models available on the market today.

First, the most important

  • Espadrilles are very versatile items. These are shoes that make up both the female and male wardrobes. Some models of this shoe are still unisex.
  • Espadrilles that have a tip protection offer greater durability. They can be cotton, denim, canvas, linen, in addition to many other materials. Usually the sole is made of rope. We’ll talk more about that in the purchase criteria.
  • The good news is that there are espadrilles for every pocket, from R $ 20 to R $ 2,000 – yes, there is a model of the Chanel brand in this amount. But it is worth mentioning that you can buy a quality espadrille with R $ 70.

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Best espadrilles: Our favorites

Alpargata is a shoe that cannot be missing from anyone’s wardrobe. Whether for the female or male audience, they are versatile options that blend perfectly with any style and many situations.

So we have listed the best espadrilles so you can choose yours once and for all.

Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you want to go to the beach, the cinema or the restaurant with your friends, there is the perfect espadrille for any situation. Do you want to know everything about these shoes that have been winning more and more the heart, that is, the feet of the people?

Follow with us in this shopping guide to learn how to choose the perfect model.

What are espadrilles?

Espadrilles are shoes that, although they have existed for more than 8 centuries, have become fashionable since the 70s, returning to be on the rise in recent years.

They are typical items of clothing in the Basque Country, which includes a part of Spain and a part of France. That is why their name can be known as espadrilles in the Spanish version, and espadrilles in France.

In the past, in these countries, it was used by people who worked in the fields and by workers. Over time, it became popular, and nowadays it is widely used on several occasions. The most traditional sole of the espadrilles is made of rope, but nowadays they can be found with different soles, like rubber, to give more durability to the product.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of espadrilles?

One of the main reasons for wearing an espadrille is because they will add more style to any look you are going to wear. You can have several of them in your closet with several different colors, and your look will look stylish every day.

If you want to learn better how to use espadrilles in your look, watch the following video on the blogger Taciele Alcolea’s channel – which has more than 5 million subscribers:

Another advantage of these shoes is that they are versatile, which means that they can be used to go to the beach, to take a walk in the countryside or to dine in a finer restaurant, everything depends on the model you choose.

If what you’re looking for in a shoe is comfort, espadrilles are exactly what you’re looking for. They provide the sensation of being “walking in the clouds”, just choose the right model for your foot.

The downside of espadrilles is that many models available are not waterproof. This applies mainly to those made of fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Because many models are not waterproof, in addition to having fabrics that, in most cases, tend to tear easily, the durability of espadrilles is usually shorter than other shoes.

See the table below with the main advantages and disadvantages of using an espadrille:

Flat or platform espadrilles?

Espadrilles can be flat, or they can have a platform, and the use of these shoes varies greatly according to the occasion.

Flat espadrilles are the most traditional version of this shoe, and there are both male and female versions. They may have rope soles or rubber soles, and the leather – which is the upper part of the shoe – made of cotton, leather or linen.

However, there are variants of the classic flat espadrille style, such as the models that have ribbons that can be tied around the ankle, in the gladiator style, or those that have straps on the sides.

Alpargatas with platforms have become a trend in recent years, as they can be used in more formal situations than traditional ones. For women who like to feel taller, they are ideal, as they allow them to be elegant and comfortable.

We have made a table below with the main differences between these types of espadrilles:

How much?

Espadrilles can have varying prices depending on the brand that manufactures them, as there are Chanel models, for example, that can cost almost R $ 2,000.

While you can find models for R $ 20. You can also find options for R $ 300, depending on the brand you want to purchase. The models brought here are between R $ 70 and R $ 170.

Where to buy?

There are different places where espadrilles can be purchased, such as on the Internet at stores such as Amazon, among many others. Buying espadrilles over the Internet can seem complicated at first, as trying on shoes is important before buying them, but at the same time, the best prices are online.

One tip is to try the espadrille you want to buy in a physical store, and, if you like it on your feet, leave it to buy online, as you will end up saving good money that way.

Among the physical stores that sell these types of shoes.

There are also many artisans who manufacture espadrilles, and the cool thing is that each model is unique. If you want to buy and still help local businesses in your city, this is a really cool way to find quality products at affordable prices.

Did you know that one of the most traditional brands of espadrilles is called Castañer?

The brand was founded in Catalonia, Spain, and has a tradition of manufacturing these shoes since 1776.

The company was even nationalized during the Spanish Civil War, since the espadrilles were declared as products of military interest so that soldiers could use them during battles.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing espadrilles models

That they offer a lot of style, you already know. But there are certain characteristics that are fundamental in espadrilles, such as those listed below:

  • Material
  • Color
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Size

Below, we will detail the most important features so that you can choose the most suitable model for you.


Espadrilles can be made of cotton, denim, canvas, linen, in addition to many other fabrics that have been used today. The sole is traditionally made of rope, but nowadays there are models with rubber soles as well.

Often, the rope sole has vulcanized rubber underneath, so that they have greater durability. One of the most important things in relation to a espadrille is that the sole should cover a little of the tip of the shoe, to avoid wearing it. The tip is one of the first places that can suffer from tears.

The lining material of it is also important, and must be checked before you purchase the product. You should feel that it is comfortable on your foot, in addition to realizing if the material is the type that will make your foot sweat in the heat.

It is also important that the lining is comfortable so that your foot does not suffer too much from friction during the walks, as this can end up hurting and can cause you to avoid using them.


The espadrilles that were manufactured in the past had more traditional colors, such as red and blue, but over the years they started to have many other colors, and it is possible to find from models with vivid colors, to the most muted tones.

As they are unisex shoes, men use a lot more sober colors, such as dark blue and black. Women, on the other hand, have many possibilities when putting together a look with an espadrille, as the variety of colors is immense.

Burgundy and brown espadrilles, for example, are an excellent choice for autumn, as they refer to this season, which requires a slightly more sober tone. In the summer, the lighter colors prevail as the bestsellers. Espadrilles are the “face” of this season, because while the flat ones can be taken to the beach, the ones with platforms are perfect for going out at night.

In spring, which is a very happy season, due to the flowers, it is possible to choose fun prints for your espadrilles. In addition to models that have a bow that is tied to the ankle, which looks great with dresses and skirts.

In winter it is also possible to wear espadrilles, contrary to what many people think. Take the time to slightly bend the hem of your pants when using these shoes, because, being used without socks, it looks great when showing a little of the ankle.


The durability of an espadrille is essential to define whether you are going to buy the product or not, as you cannot buy shoes that with a few days of use are already showing signs of wear.

It is no use buying a product to be afraid to use it because it will spoil, you must purchase it to use whenever you want. Even so, take into account that they are not shoes to wear every day of the week, as they do not have the same durability as a sneaker.

Espadrilles are shoes that are a little more susceptible to wear than others available on the market, since most of them are made of fabric, which makes it easier to have tears.

However, there are leather models too, and they tend to outlast traditional models. The only problem is that they cost a little more. Remember that espadrilles are not suitable for rain, and that you can permanently damage your shoes if this happens.

In addition, they can smell bad after the rain, since they are used without socks. Check when buying an espadrille, if the model you want has a protection on the tip, as this ensures a longer life for the shoe, since this is the part that is most damaged with use.

To learn more about the durability of the product you want to buy, research the opinion of other consumers who bought the same model, after all, with the Internet it became much easier to know if a product is good or not.


Comfort is very important to guarantee long walks with your espadrilles, after all, few things are worse than when the shoes start to hurt your foot during a walk.

It can start to hurt the heel, which is the most common, on top of the foot, or even because of the friction with the sole, when the material inside does not have a good coating.

Comfort also depends a lot on your foot, whether it is thinner or wider, you can feel differences in relation to it. There are also people who have one foot bigger than the other, so it is very important to try on the shoe before purchasing.

In the store, it is not possible to have an exact idea about the espadrille, because often it is only with time that it is possible to see if it will hurt or not. But it is possible to check some things, such as:

  • Sole : If the sole is non-slip;
  • To put on : If it has a certain elasticity so that your foot enters easily;
  • Friction : If you feel some kind of rubbing of your foot with some part of the espadrille.

Some things also depend on the use of the espadrille, as new shoes tend to soften according to use, and adapt better to your foot. If you have the patience to walk around with the espadrille every day, it may stop hurting your foot.


Espadrilles can trick you the first time you try them on your foot, as they will seem tight at first, but after some time walking you will notice that they have already adapted perfectly to its shape.

You should buy espadrilles of a size you normally wear, even if they look tight at first. If you vary in size depending on the brand of shoe, it is worth trying to find out which model best suits you. Getting started with espadrilles requires a little patience at first, but over time they will adapt to your feet and turn into your favorite shoes.


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