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Top & Best Skil jigsaw Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Skil jigsaw: Know how to choose the best one in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Jigsaw Skil. These tools are ideal for you who have a craft workshop or who do varied work in wood! Because they are reliable, durable and guarantee more than satisfactory performance, they deserve your consideration.

Skil is currently responsible for the “entry” tools from Bosch  but this is not a problem: With the brand, you also have access to everything that the German giant offers you. And paying less! Ready to learn more about the company’s chainsaws?

First, the most important

  • Skil offers five jigsaw models that meet the needs of those who work with wood as a hobby, make crafts or have a joinery.
  • You can choose either a very basic model, such as the great 4380, or a more advanced one, capable of meeting slightly higher demands.
  • As a sub-division of Bosch, Skil offers exceptional technical assistance services, in addition to a two-year warranty on all tools.

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The best tico tico saws Skil: Our opinion

Skil’s official website lists five chainsaws. Among them, we selected the best ones to present you. All offer great conditions for your work!

  • The Skil jigsaw for beginners
  • For those looking for great value for money
  • A more powerful Skil jigsaw

Buying Guide

Do you want to know if Skil is really the best choice for your jigsaw? What advantages and special features does it offer you? What types of models are available?

Our buying guide is designed to answer all your questions!

What are the advantages of the Skil jigsaw?

Founded in 1924, Skil is one of the most respected and trusted companies in the tool business. In 1996, he left his name even more full of good references when he joined with Bosch, a German giant that is present in practically all residences.Skil today makes the tools considered “entry” by the Bosch group. Thus, prices are much more affordable. The models have greater simplicity, however, maintain characteristics of durability, reliability and technology that are rarely seen in this initial range of consumption.

Even though they are inexpensive, the Skil jigsaws have some very interesting extra features, especially regarding ergonomics. The ease of use is also quite outstanding: We can mention the auto click system, which allows quick blade changes, as one of the examples.

Even if you do not manufacture models with enormous power or indicated for work on very large scales, Skil is a great option for those who want a jigsaw for a craft workshop, a small joinery or a hobby!

Below, a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of Skil jigsaws:

What are the special features of Skil jigsaws?

Despite being just the most basic models, Skil jigsaws have some excellent resources that can make life easier for those who handle them, especially when talking about beginners working with wood.

Let’s list some of the main ones below:

    • Auto click system: Present in some of the brand’s saws, this system guarantees a fast and safe blade change. Thus, the agility of work will be greater whenever there is a need to change the material or type of cut.
    • Lock button: The Skil jigsaws have a lock button on their upper part that is also accessible for right-handed and left-handed users. Thus, there is no greater difficulty in handling by either of these two groups!
    • Vibration control: Many of the jobs done with the jigsaw require great precision. The vibration of tools is a constant enemy and frustrates many users. Skil invests a lot in an excellent control for this problem and makes the beauty and finish of the works bigger!


There are also other important features of the Skil jigsaws, but without a doubt these three are the main ones!

Did you know that Skil took its first steps building saws? In fact, she was responsible for the first electric saw in the world, in 1924, the year of its foundation. For a long time, the tool was known as “Skilsaw”.

What differentiates the Skil jigsaw models?

Skil currently offers five jigsaw models. Four of them follow the logic of having the power in the model number: 4380, 4400, 4550 and 4750. They have, respectively, 380, 400, 550 and 750 W of power.The fifth model has a different nomenclature: 4751. It gets its name to differentiate it from the 4750, since it also has 750 W of power. It is Skil’s most modern jigsaw, with features of robustness and versatility that make it almost professional.

From the 4550, Skil jigsaws have better speed adjustments and pendulum advance stages. The 4750 now offers a laser system that facilitates cuts and increases accuracy.

See the table below for comparisons between Skil jigsaws. We remember that, from the moment that an innovation happens in a model, all the superiors also count on it:

How does Skil’s warranty and technical assistance work?

Being a respected and well-known brand of tools means winning the trust of users. For this, a long warranty period is essential.


Skil jigsaws have a two-year warranty.

No wonder, all Skil jigsaws have a two-year warranty against defects not caused by misuse or manufacturing problems. To be entitled to it, you must always take the models to an authorized service center and be sure to use original parts and accessories.

Skil’s authorized technical assistance is quite extensive and is present throughout. In all, there are 450 specialized centers spread across the country. You will surely have a place to take your jigsaw in the event of an unexpected problem!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Skil jigsaw?

The cheapest Skil jigsaw is the 4380, which can be found for between R $ 160 and R $ 220. At the other end, is the 4751, whose price is usually around R $ 500. All are great tools.

Shops specializing in tools or joinery equipment are the most recommended to buy a Skil jigsaw. You can also make your purchase over the internet: We recommend Amazon, followed by Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a Skil jigsaw

What are the most important technical criteria for choosing a Skil jigsaw? We have selected four items that will help you buy the ideal model:

  • Wattage
  • Cutting capacity
  • Ergonomics
  • Extra items

Below, more details about each of them:


The powers of the Skil jigsaws vary between 350 and 750 W. These are satisfactory numbers for simple jobs, mainly in crafts, but which can be left wanting when larger scale productions are desired.

If you are starting to work with the tool, 350 W may be more than enough. Look for 750 W models if you already have considerable experience and do services that demand greater robustness and efficiency.

The speed for making deeper cuts will also increase with greater power, which helps with complex jobs.

Cutting capacity

Another technical specification that will always be present in jigsaws and should be noted is the cutting capacity. It shows how far the tool can penetrate materials, especially wood, to make the cuts.

Knowing the cutting capacity of your jigsaw is essential.

Knowing the cutting capacity of your machine, you can find out which parts you can work with. After all, there is no point in having a board much thicker than the jigsaw allows. For sure, the job would not be done well.

In the case of Skil, the values ​​range from 55 mm in wood and 4 mm in steel, in the case of 4380, up to 80 mm in wood and 8 mm in steel, with the 4751.


One of Skil’s biggest concerns is with the ergonomics of its tools. And, in the case of jigsaws, this gains even greater prominence. We have already mentioned several features that make the specimens of the machine very comfortable to use.

If you are left-handed, for example, it is important that the tool has a lock button at the top. The different handles also help a lot. See which models have these features and know that they can help you a lot!

Extra items

You may have decided on the Skil jigsaw model you want, however, you still need to know where to make the purchase. And one of the factors that can influence your decision is the amount of extra items present in the product.

It is ideal for a jigsaw to have shoes, which serve as a base for cutting, blades for different materials and, mainly, some form that helps with storage. A briefcase is always a very valuable item!


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