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Top & Best Crepe Tape Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crepe Tape: Which is the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk all about masking tape, a real adhesive tool, one of the most useful and versatile products on the market for office supplies, stationery and construction.

Excellent guide for paintings and very versatile for schoolwork, assemblies and collages, masking tape also has a wide variety, ranging from the width of the roll to the length of the tape, from the color of the adhesive to the type of adhesion. In the guide below, we will help you choose the model that is most useful for you and your activity.

First, the most important

  • The greatest variety between rolls of masking tape is in its width. There are models of 3, 6, 10, 18 and 48 mm, to be among the most popular.
  • Although most crepes are white, there are colored models, some for aesthetic reasons, others to indicate their specialty in some specific activity, such as wall painting, for example.
  • Best of all: the masking tape is very cheap, found between R $ 5 and R $ 30, depending on your brand, size and technology.

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The best crepe tapes: The newsroom favorites

Because it is a simple product, you may think that masking tape “is all the same”. But don’t be fooled. Each model has a specific function, and this is what we will show in the list below, with the best tapes on the market.

  • The best masking tape for painting
  • The best general purpose masking tape
  • The best masking tape for the toolbox

Buying Guide

Who has never tried to fix something with masking tape? Who has never folded a crepe in the middle to improvise a double-sided tape? Versatile and very resistant, and at the same time, easily removable, the masking tape is a reference among adhesive glues.

In the Buying Guide below, you will learn more about its composition, its types, the best activities to use it, among other important information for you to find the best model for you.

What is masking tape made of?

The masking tape, like most tapes, is composed of two layers, the adhesive, which glues, and the so-called film, which is the smooth non-sticky part. The adhesive is made by mixing rubber, which gives flexibility, and with resins, which make the adhesive “sticky”.

The film, on the other hand, is made of crepe or crepe paper – hence the name “crepe” -, usually chemically shot.



Did you know? The masking tape was invented by the chemist Richard Drew, of the 3M Company, in 1925, with the idea of ​​facilitating the painting of cars.


When to use masking tape?

One of the market values ​​of masking tape is its versatility, that is, there are a lot of activities in which this product can be useful. The most renowned are surface masking for paintings, fixings and demarcations.

It turns out that, flexible, resistant and with an adhesive of good adhesion and easy removal, the masking tape is excellent for general uses, such as small collages, crafts and the like, as long as its use is temporary.

What is the best masking tape for painting?

The masking tape was invented to solve a painting problem. Its composition makes the paper film protect the surface where the adhesive is glued and does not drip ink  anywhere.


Ideally, your sticker will leave no marks when removed.

Thus, the best masking tape for painting must have a long-lasting adhesion and resistant to substances common to paintings, such as paint water, solvents and with a virtually impenetrable film.

The jump of the cat is also in the removal of the masking tape. The ideal is that your sticker does not leave marks or at least does not need immediate cleaning. Films with colors that contrast with the ink used are also useful.

White or colored masking tape?

As already mentioned, the color of the crepe paper film is chemically inserted, most of the time for aesthetic reasons. So, technically speaking, a white or colored masking tape has the same composition.

What differentiates them is that white ribbon is more versatile, while colored ribbon can be more useful in specific situations, such as contrasting a specific ink for masking in paintings or adorning and composing crafts.

Something that manufacturers have done is to use colored ribbons to indicate some special technology, which is not a rule, but it is worth a close look at the packaging.

Masking tape or double-sided tape?

Because it is very versatile, the masking tape is compared with some specific tapes, such as double-sided, since many people fold the crepe and make it a double-sided. It turns out that even though they have similar functions, in these cases, their uses are very different.

The keywords here are time and resistance. If you fold a crepe to stick a piece of paper on the wall for a little while, you use a double-sided to stick a picture  on the wall for a different time.

Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Masking Tape Types

Now let’s go to another list, this time of purchase criteria, which are characteristic elements of the masking tape and its use, and which are worth your attention before the choice, so that it is the best possible.

  • Use
  • Brand
  • Width
  • Footage

Below, we will talk about each of the items, so that you can go quietly and well informed to the store, be it virtual or physical.


The use you intend to give to masking tape is important, even if it is general use. Each activity can be most effective with the right measure and the right material for tape and glue.

There are models, for example, specialized in wall painting, with reinforced coating, and others more suitable for use with paper, with less adherence.


Searching for the best brands is a quick way to find quality tape. In that case, look for manufacturers with more tradition, like 3M, the inventor of most of the tapes we have today.

Adelbras is a company with decades of tradition and is also an interesting option. Tigre, which lends its prestige from its building materials, is a more affordable alternative.


Width is a very important criterion when choosing your masking tape. The right width for the right activity means better value for money, since you won’t have to tape the tape more often than necessary or cut / fold the tape to stick smaller objects.

The most common widths of masking tape on the market are 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 18mm and 48mm.


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