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Top & Best Crossfit glove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crossfit glove: The best of 2022

Hi! In today’s article, we have a list of the best models of glove for Crossfit in the market. If you are new to this sport or if you already practice, but looking to find the best gloves to upgrade your equipment, this text is for you.

In recent years, crossfit has gained more and more fans. This high intensity activity takes its practitioners to true self-overcoming tests. The training sequences combine weight lifting, gymnastics and athletics, always involved in high intensity movements.

In order to guarantee a safe sport practice and so that you can get the best out of your training, it is essential to have necessary and good quality equipment. Crossfit gloves, for example, help protect the hand from blistering and the structure of the wrist, providing the right support when lifting weights.

First, the most important

  • The gloves come in various sizes. It is important to measure yours so that it fits tightly in your hand and does not cause folds that can create blisters or small cuts on the skin.
  • Crossfit gloves are available in traditional options or with the so-called grip (a piece of fabric that protects the palm) without fingers, and even with or without wrist band. Each of these features offers different functions.
  • The materials can be natural, like leather, or synthetic, like polyester. Each material offers more or less grip on the barbell when it comes to weight lifting, skin breathability or lightness for a more hands-free feeling.
  • The gloves are sold in pairs and the price varies between R $ 25 and R $ 150.

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What is the crossfit glove for and which one to choose?

There are three phases during crossfit classes: warm-up and dynamic stretching; technical exercises; and finally the WOD (Work Out of the Day), where the functional exercises are carried out in a high intensity workout.

It is in this third and last part of the class where weights are lifted. This is where your hands suffer the most friction and friction in the equipment and where blisters, blows and calluses occur.

While the wounds are open, it can be painful to return to training and perform the same movements. For this reason, the crossfit glove is one of the essential accessories in training, so that the athlete can enhance the grip during Pull Ups, Toes To Bar, Muscle-Up exercises, for example.



The choices can vary between a complete glove (with fingers) or the so-called hand grip , a protection only for the palm of the hand. The choice varies with the preference of each athlete and how he feels during training.

The material can also be in the choice. Leather, for example, offers greater resistance. Synthetic materials, however, are a good option for vegan philosophies or more environmentally conscious.

They will not leave you without calluses on your hands, they will just give you much more stability in your movements and prevent your hand from getting hurt, but calluses will even appear at one time or another.

Glove or hand grip ?

The decision rests solely with the athlete. It is he who decides which of the two he feels most comfortable with and whether it is the crossfit glove or the hand grip that allows him to perform better and be more efficient in training.

While the traditional glove covers the entire hand, protecting the palm and fingers, the hand grip protects only the palm, leaving the fingers and joints more free during movements.

To understand which of these two choices best suits your case, we have prepared a list of pros and cons. This way you will be able to make a more informed decision. Check the tables below.

Crossfit glove



  • Total hand protection
  • Stable, does not escape during movements
  • Increases traction during grip


  • Less mobility of fingers and joints
  • Skin breathes less
  • Difficult to place and remove between exercises

Hand grip for crossfit


  • Hands freer for movements
  • Skin with greater breathability
  • Offers traction and grip grip
  • Easy to remove and place between exercises


  • Fingers exposed to friction and friction
  • Skin breathes less
  • Can move during the footprint creating instability

How was crossfit born?

Crossfit was born in the United States, more precisely in California. Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai started CrossFit, Inc. in 2000. Their founders founded the original CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz, California.

In 2005 there were 13 gyms, also called boxes, today they have more than 13 thousand. Crossfit is a sport that combines aerobic exercise, calisthenics and Olympic weight lifting. It promotes physical and mental development in the areas of respiratory and cardiovascular resistance, strength, perseverance, flexibility, coordination speed, agility, balance and rigor.

Crossfit started to become popular worldwide due to the organization of several competitions, including CrossFit Games. These games promote the practice of sporting activity, but also offer entertainment to those who watch in the form of competition.

In this way, CrossFit has been gaining enthusiasts around the globe, including in Brazil. In 2018, Brazil already had more than a thousand boxes (crossfit gyms) affiliated with the brand, being the second country, after the USA, with more official training places.

Where to buy a crossfit glove?

Sporting goods stores are the right place to buy your crossfit glove. There you can try different sizes, test the mobility of your hand and check the comfort of the equipment.


Centaur and Decathlon are options for finding crossfit gloves.

Stores are some options for finding CrossFit or hand grip gloves. Also search the websites of brands or suppliers.

Online stores are also a viable option and there you can find several alternatives and check prices. In addition, you also have the possibility to consult the opinions of those who have already bought a certain product and read consumer reviews. Stores like Amazon offer a varied selection of gloves and hand grips for crossfit.

How much does a crossfit glove cost?

Prices will depend on the brand and material of the crossfit glove. The most expensive materials, such as leather, may have a higher price variation, around R $ 150 or even a little more.

Synthetic materials such as polyester or neoprene represent more affordable choices, starting with R $ 25.

Search online for the product and see the various stores that sell it and the prices that they practice. This is an idea that can help you find the same option for a cheaper crossfit glove or even a promotion. Consider shipping in this calculation.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare glove models for crossfit

Crossfit is a sport that promotes not only the development of body strength and endurance, but also helps in the development of these two mental characteristics.

The novice athlete may doubt his abilities, or in the first training he may even think that crossfit is not for him. Persistence and perseverance will demonstrate that the athlete is able to evolve.

We advise you to look for certified crossfit professionals who can help you get started with this sport, make an assessment of your initial physical condition and advise you during training. Commitment and effort bears fruit, and perhaps in a third or fourth training session you will already see results in your evolution and ability to perform movements that in the first training was incapable.

In any case, it is important that, even at an early stage, the athlete is provided with accessories that help him during training, but also protect him from possible injuries that may stop and discourage him. The hands, being the body part of most contact during the practice of crossfit, must always be protected.

Below we will define some criteria for choosing the crossfit gloves that best suit your case:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Accessories
  • Size

Manufacturing material

The material also influences not only the comfort during use, but also the performance that the crossfit glove offers. Crossfit gloves are made of various materials, with the highest price being entirely in leather, and the cheapest in synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester mesh.

If you have the opportunity to make a larger investment, consider leather or palm leather, as they ensure better grip when grabbing the bar. It is also important to consider the lining material. The leather lining ensures greater stability, even with a sweaty hand.


Crossfit gloves lined with nylon or felt may not be as stable causing the hand to slide. If you don’t want to make such a high investment in a crossfit glove, choose the neoprene. This material is purely synthetic, but resistant, with the advantage of being breathable.

Whatever the material, make sure the gloves fit completely in your hand. Consult the measurement tables of each brand to find your ideal size.


The fists suffer from the practice of crossfit. Push up, hand stand, clean, snatch, push press are some examples of high intensity exercises where the wrists are highly involved.

These exercises can, at some point, cause some type of muscle or joint injury. The wristband helps support the wrist, preventing hyperextension.

The advantage of the wristband included in the glove is the stability it gives the wrist.

The wristband can be purchased separately, but there are some gloves and hand grips that are already integrated. The advantage of the wristband included in the glove is the stability it gives the cuff and it also helps to hold the glove in place.

The wristband is especially suitable for athletes beginning to practice CrossFit, since the muscles and joints may not yet be fully trained for high loads.

Wristbands serve as protection and help the athlete during the development of their mobility and in strengthening muscles and joints.


The glove for crossfit, or hand grip, is available in several sizes. Choosing a size that is too big or too small can be a mistake. This can cause the gloves to end up impairing the athlete’s performance instead of assisting.

It is important to choose a size that fits your hand, without getting loose or tight. Depending on the brand, sizes vary in a spectrum that can range from PP to EG. Consult the sales website for more information on the size or on the website of the brand itself. Most of the time a measurement chart is available to help you choose.


To better measure your hand, place it open on a sheet of paper and draw a contour with a pen. Then just measure with a ruler or tape measure. Measure the height of the hand from the base to the longest finger; and the width from the base of the thumb to the widest area under the pinky.


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