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Top & Best Crossfit Tennis Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crossfit Tennis: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a high intensity sport practice and the tennis used to practice it. Thinking about buying a crossfit shoe? You’re in the right place!

To choose the ideal tennis for this sport, you need to buy a flexible model, which will help you to perform various types of exercises. It also needs to provide firmness and stability as the movements are of high impact.

Do not make the mistake of using shoes that are inappropriate for crossfit like running shoes, as several factors change from one model to another, such as anatomy, level of cushioning, shape of the sole, among others, which directly influence performance and safety.

First, the most important

  • Crossfit is a high-intensity physical activity, so you need to have sturdy sneakers. A good quality model has the longest durability, which makes the cost-benefit of this product high.
  • Characteristics of crossfit sneakers are: straight outsole, reinforced midsole, upper made of breathable fabric, thinner forefoot, rearfoot protection and lower cushioning level.
  • Several brands manufacture specific sneakers for the practice of crossfit. Reebok has the Nano model and Nike has the Metcom. Other brands also have their models like Adidas, Asics, Fila, Everlast, among others.

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Buying Guide

Crossfit is a physical activity that requires strength, endurance, agility, balance and a good pair of specific shoes to practice it. The most interesting thing is that the results of these exercises are visible in a short time.

Looking for a crossfit shoe? Read our Buying Guide and find out everything you need to choose yours.


What is crossfit?

Before we talk about the right shoes for crossfit, let’s tell you a little more about what this training is about. The crossfit was created by Greg Glassman and is a registered trademark of the North American company CrossFit Inc.

In addition to creating the sport, the company conducts training for physical education teachers, to enable them to teach the technique to academy students around the world.

The crossfit is aimed at fitness in three modalities: weight lifting, gymnastics and other metabolic conditioning activities, such as running, cycling and rowing.

This practice offers quick results because it is an activity that involves stretching, warming up, technical training to perfect the exercises and “Work Out of the Day” (WOD) which is the execution of these exercises in a circuit in the shortest possible time.

Because it is an activity with several types of exercises, all of high intensity, the results of the crossfit are visible inside and out. It is common for the practitioner to acquire more strength, muscle development, speed, agility, flexibility, motor coordination and cardiorespiratory resistance.


How should a crossfit shoe look?

As the crossfit is a practice that generates a great stress on the body, it is necessary to acquire a sneaker that has the necessary support, as the shoes will be conditioned to very aggressive situations such as impact, adverse surfaces, friction and supporting a lot of weight.

Footwear for Crossfit practice must have support, stability, good cushioning, mobility for the heels, flexibility for the feet, ventilation and comfort.

It is essential that crossfit shoes have a straight sole and a strong and flat midsole.

It should also have good cushioning to prevent falls and the sole should have a non-slip structure. A nice thing is that these models have no laces, and the models that do have are very short and hold well.

Most models of sneakers used for this purpose are made especially for the practice of crossfit, but some can also be used to practice other exercises such as weight training and athletics.

Buying inappropriate footwear for the crossfit can cause injuries, sprains and various spinal problems, as they do not absorb the impact of exercise properly.


How to keep crossfit shoes?

Some attitudes help to keep crossfit shoes for longer. One of them is not to use this shoe for other purposes like walking, running or hiking.

Wearing crossfit shoes for other types of physical activities can overload the sole over time and change its shape.

Pay attention also to cleaning, which must be done according to the brand instruction manual. Do not wash it in a washing machine, avoid abrasive products and dry it in the shade.

Keep the pair in an airy place where the shoe has space for the mesh to return to its original position, as it is compressed during use, due to the feet and the shoelace knot.

Never borrow your sneakers, as over time the fabric fiber and sole adapt to your feet, and borrowing it can affect this, in addition to the risk of bacteria proliferation.

Every two years, replace your sneakers with a new pair. If you use it daily, change it every year, as the shoes wear out over time and this affects the efficiency of the shoe.

A tip for those who practice crossfit daily, is to buy two pairs and alternate the use because, this way, the wear is less, the foot marks less the footwear, the sole is not addictive and the shoes last longer.

What is the difference between a crossfit shoe and a running shoe?

As you can see, crossfit sneakers are a little more expensive than ordinary models. For this reason, many people use running shoes to do crossfit activities in an attempt to save money.

But “the cheap is expensive” and in addition to sneakers wearing out very quickly, there is an increased risk of injuries that may cause you to have to spend on medical appointments, physical therapy and medication.

This happens because each tennis model was designed according to the characteristics of that sport, and this makes them incompatible, since neither crossfit shoes should be used for running nor running shoes should be used for crossfit.


Running shoes bet on cushioning to minimize impacts on the ground, but this same cushioning destabilizes the movements of the crossfit. Another difference is in anatomy: while running shoes follow the natural shape of the feet, crossfit shoes have a flat sole.

Check now the main differences and similarities between the two models:

How much does it cost and where to buy a crossfit shoe?

Most crossfit sneakers have high prices, but all have an excellent cost-benefit ratio, as they are very resistant models with a long service life.

Prices vary from one model to another and according to the brand. The cheapest costs around R $ 230, there are excellent options between R $ 350 and R $ 500 and the most expensive costs around R $ 600.

You can buy crossfit shoes at sporting goods stores like Centauro (physics), Dafiti or Netshoes (virtual), at tennis stores like Authentic Feet, World Tennis, among others.

If you prefer, you can also buy over the internet. The cool thing is that on the internet you can find a slightly lower price and you have a wide variety of models and brands of various colors and sizes.

We recommend that you take a look at Amazon. There, in addition to being able to check out the models of crossfit sneakers of different brands, price ranges and styles, you can still read what other consumers thought of that product, through ratings and grades.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Crossfit Tennis Models

When choosing a sneaker to practice crossfit you must go far beyond appearance and be aware of several factors that must be taken into account when choosing such as: safety, comfort, cushioning, stability, weight, grip and resistance.

Other essential features when choosing a model to practice crossfit are:

  • Tennis structure
  • Anatomy
  • Drop
  • Sole
  • Midsole
  • Durability

Now we will explain item by item, so you don’t have any doubts and get your shoes right.

Tennis structure

Like sports, tennis needs to be versatile to suit a wide variety of typical crossfit activities. The shoe should be stable, to assist in weight lifting and have (light) cushioning for running and jumping.

It is also very important that the shoe is breathable, both to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the bad smell in the shoes, and to keep your feet free from these evils.

Models made with mesh fabric in the upper are more comfortable, breathable and assist in the heat exchange of the feet with the environment.


It is possible to find very anatomical models with thinning of the tissue in the forefoot region (toes), straight sole in the midfoot region (midfoot) and hindfoot protection (heels).

The protection on the heels and around the feet ensures stability to movements. The thinning of the sole in the forefoot region helps when you are jumping rope.


The tennis drop refers to the distance between the heel and the sole of the foot. It varies according to the physical activity for which the tennis shoes will be used. For example, the drop of a running shoe is above 8mm, while that of a crossfit shoe is about 4mm.

For the practice of Olympic weightlifting (LPO) in the crossfit, the drop is even smaller, this helps to divide the body weight evenly on each foot, helping in the squat and body extension.

If you are a beginner, or practice crossfit only in an amateur way, a 6mm drop sneaker is enough to offer stability, comfort and prevent the occurrence of injuries. You can exchange for one with a lower drop as it adapts.


The sole of a shoe suitable for practicing crossfit should be straight, firm and made of resistant rubber. It is essential that you have traction on any type of terrain. Some models even have grooves to prevent possible slips and accidents.

The rubber must be hard, because the practice of crossfit requires a lot of jumps, so when you jump, it must cushion your return to the ground, to avoid deviations of the column and other problems.


The midsole is a part of tennis that is not easily seen. It is located between the upper (outside of the shoe) and the sole. In this area of ​​tennis there are shock absorbers and foam that are used to absorb impacts.

Most models of crossfit shoes have reinforced midsoles on the inner sides of the feet to better absorb impacts. Models like this are essential if in the modality you practice there is rope climbing.

For those who practice Olympic weightlifting (LPO) there is a greater preference for midsoles with a straight profile, which guarantee the sensation of stability, control their weight close to the surface and absorb impacts when necessary.



It is essential that the person who practices crossfit wears excellent quality shoes. These models are not usually cheap, but they are the best option as they offer greater health protection and last longer.

Ideally, you should change your shoes every two years if your training frequency is regular, or every year if you practice crossfit several times a week or daily.

You can buy two pairs of sneakers and alternate the use to avoid wearing the accessory.


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