Top & Best Skate Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Skate: What is the best of 2022?


Skateboarding is a lifestyle. For some it may seem like it is just a hobby, an extreme sport or maybe a challenge. For others, skateboarding goes beyond a sport. Practical, economical and healthy, skateboarding is also a means of transportation.

Regardless of the reason you are looking for a skateboard, here you will find some different models and their advantages.

For some professionals the best way to buy a skateboard is to customize your model to your needs. But you will certainly find ready-made models that meet your expectations and needs.

First, the most important

  • Skateboarding is a personal item that should, first of all, match you and your lifestyle. Both the model and the style and color should be chosen according to your personal interest.
  • Like most sporting items: “the cheap is expensive”. You will certainly find a multitude of low cost options that can catch your eye, but it is essential to assess the quality and durability of your skateboard.
  • Prices can vary widely, so be careful not to focus only on the cheapest model. You will find good models between R $ 150 and R $ 700, depending on the type chosen. Electric cars can cost more than R $ 2,000.

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Buying Guide

Finding out how to buy a skateboard can be a much more complicated task than you think, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for.

Here in our Buying Guide, you will have valuable information to know exactly which skateboard model to choose for your next rides .

What are skateboards for?

Often the incentives to practice a sport come from home, from the example of a family member or even from an idol that appears on TV. For most, football is still a national passion.

But in recent years, some important scenarios have been consolidated. Surfing, for example, has gained and is gaining more and more prominence among. Surfboards have already started to become the object of desire among boys and girls.

The same is also true with skateboarding. who make history like Bob Burnquist, son of a mother and American father, born in Rio de Janeiro, inspires many young people and some not so young. In fact, the sport has no age limit, just have the will and courage.



Recently a wave of electric skateboards has also won over the public. Quite common abroad, scooters and motorized skateboards, became facilitators when getting around. To escape traffic, get some fresh air and still arrive faster, you have no more appropriate choice.

A little different from ordinary skateboards, electric ones also have a higher cost, in addition to requiring a lot of attention when circulating among people, since the speed reached can be high compared to the ordinary skateboard walking on a flat and horizontal track.

What are the different types of skateboards?

The first thing to consider is the type of skateboard you want. Just as you wouldn’t buy a tambourine for someone who wants to learn to play the guitar, or frozen food for a chef, you need to know where you stand.

Do you want to skate on a rink in the neighborhood or in the city and do radical tricks? Do you want something to travel around the city, go to school and work? Or would you like to go down those huge ramps at high speed?

If the goal is only for transportation, the longboard would be the ideal type, or even an electric skateboard. For maneuvers, you should look for a traditional skate, a street or shortboard.


Speaking of different skateboarding modalities, practiced both and in the rest of the world, three variations can be highlighted, each with its particularities.

  • Vertical : Who has never heard of a half-pipe, or just half? These are U-shaped tracks, of different sizes, made of wood or concrete. It is in the vertical that we saw the most radical and dangerous maneuvers, such as aerial and turns up to 720 degrees.
  • Street : Practiced in the streets, squares, parks and lanes, it is the most well-known and widespread sport. Edges, walls, benches, staircases and handrails are part of the numerous obstacles used by skaters to maneuver.
  • Downhill : There it is downhill, literally, and the faster the better. This mode requires even more safety equipment, as it consists of going downhill at very high speed.

Now that we know the main modalities, we can see a little more about the specific variables of the product itself, the different skate models. Check out the main types and how they differ:

Does design really matter?

There are those who choose their skateboard model focusing only on the visual part. You saw that from everything we talked about the different variations of skateboarding, be it for transportation, maneuvers, speed, the design didn’t even appear.

This is because if you are looking for a skateboard thinking about the designs, themes, stickers, instead of focusing on its potential, it is very likely that your skateboard will only serve to hang on your bedroom wall.

Of course, designs are cool and give that increase in the shape of your cart, but there is a great chance that this design will fade, fill with risk or even disappear.

Focus on your goal with the skateboard, on the quality of the material, the parts, the structure. Oh, and another tip: another factor that you can even take into consideration, but that cannot be the only one to be analyzed is the price.



Electric skateboard: Is the investment worth it?

There is no denying that there is an attraction of many people, young people, adults, men and women, for electric motors. Nowadays, they are in almost everything and electric skateboards are gaining more and more space on the streets.

In addition to the fun, the models are perfected and really practical. People are putting electric skateboards as everyday items and it is already used as a primary form of transportation by many.

A good electric skateboard, in addition to good autonomy and range, also needs to be fast. Not only because of the passion for speed, but because you need that speed to get around urban road obstacles.

For good safety, they also need to be able to stop quickly and reliably. They are easily controlled by a remote control.

In short, we are talking about a skateboard, coupled with batteries, motors and controlled in a simple way by a remote control. You can get around as fast as the local traffic, climb hills and brake gently.

It is considered easier to ride than a normal skateboard. See in this video the experience of Lucas, from the Lucas PKTA channel and say if the adventure is not beyond inviting:




This type of skateboard costs about R $ 1,500, R $ 2,000. Therefore, the final evaluation is up to you. You need to know if the budget fits and if those hours, days, weeks of excitement are worth the investment.

How much?

Yes, the price influences and can even be an important factor when deciding which skate to buy, but don’t let it be your only or main motivator.

First of all it is necessary to understand that a skateboard is not something cheap. Of course there are some entry models below R $ 100, but in addition to bruises, you can have a lot of headaches choosing such a cheap and fragile model.

Traditional models cost on average R $ 150 to R $ 200 and good models can be found. In the line of longboards, the values ​​go up a little more. But it is in electric skateboards that the values ​​can reach more than R $ 2,000.

Where to buy?

Sporting goods or extreme sports stores are the right place to buy your skateboard. Often, the safest way is to visit a local store, see the models and even test a lap.

Stores usually even have adequate space for this. In more specific stores, you can chat with salespeople and get some good tips.

Other department stores or large supermarkets also often have their skateboard models available.

You can also take advantage of the largest variety of brands, products and models available, which is the online market. Official vendor websites can be a good way.

And if you have already decided on your model or are about to decide between some options you have already researched, stores like Amazon or online versions of the stores mentioned above offer a wide variety and facilities in payment and delivery.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare and evaluate skate models

The time has come to guide you in everything you need to know to make the right decision, analyzing and evaluating the essential criteria that will ensure safety and quality to your skateboard.

So we will help you to define the main criteria to choose your ideal skateboard:

  • Manufacturing Material / Decks
  • Size
  • Truck
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Adhesion / Sandpaper

Note that some criteria had their name in English maintained, because a translation here would not make sense, and because that is exactly how they are known. There is no translation for shape, deck or truck that works better than their original names.

Fabrication Material / Decks

As a rule, decks are made of laminated wood, which are light and resistant. Among the types of wood, the most common material is Canadian Maple, due to the quality and stability of the wood, as well as the Bamboo and Baltic plywood.

Another alternative that is gaining space is plastic. But if on the one hand you win in price, you lose totally in quality, much lower. You will find aluminum and fiberglass decks that work more similarly to wood.


Longboard is bigger, traditional skateboard is smaller. Only that? Of course not. Regardless of these variations, it is important to note that there are four main skateboard sizes, suitable for different age groups.

  • Micro : They are suitable for children aged 5 years or less.
  • Mini : They are ideal for children between 6 and 8 years old.
  • Mid size : Medium, suitable for children and teenagers between 9 and 12 years old,
  • Full size : Serves over 13 years.



Made of iron or aluminum, trucks are the axles responsible for fitting wheels, bearings and shock absorbers. They are located at the bottom of your skateboard and rotate with the skater’s weight, allowing you to turn, corner and maneuver.

The size of the trucks vary and must follow the size chosen for the deck. There are two main sizes, Standard and Longboard, but a factor that can vary a lot is the height, and it is important to note some differences.

  • Low : More stability for maneuvers and are designed for small wheels.
  • Medium : Ideal for street and for walking in parks and street lanes, usually has slightly larger wheels.
  • High : They are highly recommended for long walks, descents and surf simulations, and are designed for large wheels.


It is the wheels that will take you wherever you are, regardless of your type of skate. There are a wide variety of wheels. Some are specifically made for skatepark, street, maneuvers, others for rough terrain, and many are suitable for general performance.

Generally made of polyurethane, size and durability are the two main variations. All skate wheels are measured in millimeters (mm).

The lower the number, the smaller the wheel. Smaller wheels are slower; bigger wheels are faster.

The ‘durometer’ measures the hardness of the wheel. Stiffer wheels are faster and softer wheels are slower, but have better grip. It is usually measured on a scale (Durometer A) that goes from 1st to 10th to measure the hardness.

Combining the two scales, has prepared a classification to help you choose the ideal wheel for your skateboard:

  • Skatepark / Street Wheels : They are harder (95-101a), medium in size (50-58mm) are more suitable for use in parking lots and streets because they slide easily, are fast on smooth surfaces and fit easily on any type of deck .
  • Cruiser wheels : Similar to street wheels, they are slightly larger (54-65mm) and much softer (75-90a). They roll fast on any surface.
  • Longboard Wheels : Larger (65-75mm) and softer (75-85a), are designed to pass through more rugged surfaces and have a lot of grip. Used for zigzag maneuvers, descents and simulations.


Bearings, on the other hand, are parts fitted inside the wheels, allowing them to rotate and allowing the skateboard to slide across the ground. All skate bearings are the same size, but there is variation in terms of quality.

The better the quality, the better the performance, and bad bearings can deform or break completely under the pressure of the skateboard, and they may also not be sealed, resulting in dirt and debris on your bearings.

The most expensive skate bearings, which are generally the best, are sealed, with more precession machining and higher quality metals. They will remain fast and accurate over time with proper maintenance.

Most bearings are measured by an ABEC rating. The higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate the bearing will be. This classification system includes grades 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.


Did you know that the invention of polyurethane wheels can be considered a milestone in the history of skateboarding? Before, wheels were made of iron or a very resistant type of plastic, called bakelite.

Both materials made maneuvering difficult and caused many accidents. In 1972, chemical engineer and surfer Frank Nashworthy invented polyurethane wheels and revolutionized skateboarding, making it a very popular sport and equipment


Grip / Sandpaper

The adhesive files stuck to the surface of the shape are responsible for the adhesion of the skater’s foot with the cart. They vary depending on the grain, they can be thinner or thicker, and they cause the friction you need to perform tricks like ollies and kickflips.

They usually come with the skateboard, but can be replaced in case of wear or for visual aspect. Although it is most commonly found in black, you can find colored options as well.


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