Top & Best Dummy Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dummy: How to find the best model of 2022

Welcome, fighters who know the value of preparation. Dummy, the essential equipment not only for a good workout, but for a complete workout.

In the text below, you can follow our exclusive curatorship of tips and information about the punching doll, a true guide to help you find the ideal model for your training, your fight and your pace.

First, the most important

  • Basically, the punching doll is the evolution of the punching bag, a target of strokes with anatomical details of the human body.
  • The punching dummy is a device that allows you to train technical and strategic details of blows and fights, such as where to hit a punch and how.
  • Most quality models are priced between R $ 2000 and R $ 4000.

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Shopping Guide

The punching dummy is extremely useful and versatile. It is a great equipment for preparing for a fight, an object for regular exercise or even a target to relieve everyday stress.

However, to get the most out of a dummy, it is necessary to choose the most suitable for the use you intend to give it. In this Shopping Guide, we will explore all these uses and the characteristics of each, among other information, all to help you find the right model.

What is a Boomboxe Hit Dummy?

The Boomboxe is the great success story of the market for simulator mannequins, or, if you prefer, punching dolls.

Like the iconic Xerox , Band-Aid , Gilette , among other names in a huge list of successful brands, Boomboxe has established itself in its niche and has become such a reference that the product itself is known by its name.

Thus, a Boomboxe can be both a generic dummy and a specific product.

Speaking more specifically of the brand, its catalog currently consists of exclusive models for children, for specific MMA training, of muay thai, in addition to the original Boomboxe, designed mainly for boxing and martial arts in general.


How to use a punching dummy?

One of the greatest merits of the dummy as training equipment is its versatility. In other words, there is no single way to use it.

There are several types of struggle understood, as well as training methods. To be more objective, we organized in three the main possible exercises with a dummy:

    • Strength x Accuracy
    • Speed ​​x Agility
    • Dodge x Return


In these three trainings, series of strokes (direct, jab, kick, etc.) or movements (dodge, jump, turn) are established in a certain time and with a certain intensity. Each workout configures your exercises more appropriately to the intended results.

Punching doll or punching bag?

When it comes to training, and especially hitting, there is always a doubt that lingers. What equipment to use: punching doll or punching bag?

The name is not the only similarity between the two. Both are training equipment, inanimate objects that serve as a target for blows of different types of fighting.



Although the use of one does not eliminate the other, it can be said that the punching doll is the evolution of the punching bag. The doll is a modern product, with its high density synthetic coatings, while the punching bag has been made with leather and wool since the beginning of boxing, in the middle of the 16th century.


Thus, the use of the two is quite similar, with users establishing series of strokes and movements. The differences begin with the results expected in each one.

The dummy, for simulating an opponent, allows for more technical and strategic training, such as where to strike, how and at what time.

The punching bag, in turn, conditions the physique more, but without leaving the technique aside. It is perfectly possible, for example, to learn how to apply a jab ( short punch) or a hook during a series on a punching bag.

Punching doll or sparring doll?

This question is more a lexical question than necessarily a variety. You will find many places identifying punching dolls as sparring dolls, sometimes even both together.

In many types of training, the dummy “acts” as well as a sparring.

Still, there are quite different models, such as for MMA solo training and for immobilizing jiu jitsu. Their level of specificity is such a size that it is even difficult not to differentiate them from dolls made to receive actual blows.


Is it worth an inflatable dummy?

A variety of the hit doll that has become popular is the inflatable doll. More practical and cheaper, these models have gained some space in the market, especially for non-regular practitioners.


The big question is this: regular practice.

The big question is this: regular practice. As a physical exercise equipment, it is just as valid as, say, solid dolls. They are resistant enough to withstand all types of blows and padded in the right measure so as not to hurt the user.

For a more complete workout, they are not so useful. With the inflatable doll, the strokes do not have the same weight, the same strength, and neither do they print the rhythm of the standard hit doll.

The case is inverted in solo fighting modalities, such as jiu jitsu and judo, which have a lot to benefit from the models’ flexibility and lightness.


  • Practicality
  • Price
  • Simulation of ground fights


  • No technical details for scams
  • Less intense pace

Where to find a cheap punching dummy?

Hitting dolls are not very cheap products. The size, the materials, the level of detail, everything means that the average price of the models is between R $ 2000 and R $ 4000.

Still, it is possible to find better prices and take advantage of promotions and special conditions on the internet on sites such as Amazon and Mercado Livre, which also have a great offer of brands and types of dolls.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing between hit dolls

Hitting dolls can be many things, but they are not toys. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your model carefully, to make the best use of it and make your investment worthwhile. From the list below, we’ve selected a few items that can guide you in making the right choice.

  • Material
  • Adjustable size
  • Modality
  • Base


The material of the dummy should be one of the most relevant points for your decision. Because it is a training equipment, which receives blows and even simulates the human body, it must be resistant, slightly soft and with high density.

The coating must be the most resistant, preferably rubberized, whether with real rubber or synthetic products with the same effect, such as polyurethane (PU). The filling, in turn, must be dense. The best models have high density foams.

Adjustable size

The size of the dummy dictates how accurate your combat simulation will be, after all, not all of your opponents will have the same height.

An important measure is that of the lower stretch.

Therefore. the ideal is that your model has an adjustable length, between 1.60m and 1.90m, to train different ranges and situations.

Another important measure is the lower stretch, if you are a fan of fights that apply kicks and other similar strokes. In this case, a quality model has an elongation of up to 1m downwards, before, of course, the base.


To get the most out of your punching dummy, it needs to be suitable for your fighting style. Let it be clear, a doll aimed at boxing does not make it impossible, for example, that you apply taekwondo or muay thai strokes, but each model is designed for maximum efficiency within a modality.

Some boxing dolls, for example, come with “shorts” to visually mark the waistline, and condition their punches just above it. Muay Thai dolls, on the other hand, are more elongated to train the right area of ​​the kick.


Here is a very interesting tiebreaker. The base is an essential item of the hit dolls, so that they receive the blows and do not fall or keep swinging. The most common among the quality models are the hollow bases, whose cavities can be filled with water or sand.

Extra points are given to the bases with a more innovative design for fixation, with suction cups or contours to better fit the walls.


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