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Top & Best women’s gym shoes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best women’s gym shoes in 2022

When buying a pair of sneakers to practice physical activities, many people choose shoes according to the technology, design, price or brand and fail to consider the particularities of the sport practiced.

Using inappropriate shoes impairs sports performance and increases the risk of injury to the lower, upper and spine members. To avoid these problems, learn how to choose women’s sports shoes to go to the gym with the information in this article.

First, the most important

  • Each model of sports shoes is developed to meet the needs of your body during the practice of a particular physical activity or sport.
  • Choosing an inappropriate pair of running shoes can keep you out of the gym for weeks or months.
  • To find the best women’s sports shoes for the gym, you should go to a store that offers specialized service. If you choose to buy the product over the internet, seek quality information, such as this article.

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Buying Guide

Whether for weight training, aerobic exercise, gym or Crossfit classes, the main piece of clothing for a woman who attends the gym daily is women’s sports shoes.

But choosing a sports shoe compatible with the characteristics of your own body and the chosen physical activity is a challenge. With that in mind, we have prepared a Buying Guide to help you choose the best women’s gym shoes.



Why should I buy women’s gym shoes?

Currently, the gym offers several training modalities in addition to weight training, such as aerobic exercises and gym classes. These sports favor the gain of physical conditioning, muscle strength and agility.

But each sport modifies the body in a different way, so you need an appropriate sports shoe that will help you achieve good performance and prevent injuries.

What are the characteristics of a gym sneaker?

There is a wide variety of tennis models according to the sporting activity practiced. As our goal is to help you find the best pair of gym shoes, we have listed which features cannot be missing from the shoes:

    • Breathability : Foot perspiration prevents overheating, bad odors, proliferation of fungi and bacteria. When your feet perspire, you can perform the workout in greater comfort.
    • Adequate protection : It is important to buy sports shoes that provide stability, grip and support to the feet when performing movements.
    • Flexibility in the right measure : A flexible shoe provides agility of movement. But there are different levels of flexibility, which vary according to the activity performed.
    • Balanced midsole: A gym shoe should have a midsole in the appropriate thickness to allow firmness and freedom in the execution of movements. Another important aspect is the damping of impacts.
    • Proper Toe Box : A gym shoe should provide adequate space for your toes to move and ensure balance during movement, but not enough for your toes to slip.
    • Durability : Gym shoes must be made of quality materials that resist the pressures, frictions and impacts common in training.


What is the best women’s gym shoes according to the sport?

Those who practice weight training want to gain strength and muscle mass through weight lifting. Therefore, you need to buy sports shoes that provide stability to the body to maintain good posture.

The footwear should offer rigid cushioning, low drop and good support for the midfoot region. This damping will also be important in collective gym classes.

With collective gymnastics classes, we refer to the jump , step, zumba classes , among others, which combine aerobic exercise movements and different dance styles to increase caloric expenditure and assist in weight loss.

Between turns, jumps and other movements, the ankles and knees are exposed to a lot of pressure, so the tennis must be able to cushion the impact of the activity without impairing the flexibility and agility of the movements.




To stimulate the loss of calories and strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles you need to perform aerobic exercises. As this sports modality generates a lot of impact, it is necessary to wear a shoe with enough cushioning, traction, flexibility and grip.

For those who want to develop endurance, physical conditioning, flexibility, motor coordination, precision and muscle strengthening, we suggest the practice of Crossfit .

To enjoy the benefits of this sport, it is necessary to buy a shoe that offers stability (especially for the ankles), flexibility and traction, while not limiting movements.

Still in doubt about what features cannot be missing in a sports shoe according to the sport? Review the table below:

What is universal tennis and how does it serve different activities?

Have you heard about universal tennis? This model is ideal for those who practice different sports in the gym.

The shoe offers comfort, stability and good cushioning. However, as universal tennis is indicated for general use, it probably will not offer an improvement in performance in specific sports.

To choose a universal shoe, pay attention to the characteristics of the shoes, which must weigh less than 300g and offer a good fit to the feet. As the design is similar to that of casual sneakers, make sure the shoes are suitable for physical activities.




How to choose a gym shoe for your feet?

Endowed with complex bone structure, the feet are responsible for the posture and execution of body movements. In order to better understand your feet, get to know some of its functions and try to recognize them while exercising:

    • Adaptation : The foot consists of three arches, the largest one defines our type of step and the two smaller ones work together with the fingers to adapt the foot to the irregularities of the ground.
    • Damping and energy return : The larger arc has another important function. During movements, when the foot touches the ground, the plantar arch is responsible for absorbing the impact and storing that energy that will be reused in the impulse.
    • Posture, movement and balance : The feet have sensors responsible for sending information about the position of the body to the brain, managing movements and adjusting posture. These same sensors help to maintain balance.


The feet are impacted by movements that can cause injuries to the ankles, knees, hips and spine. One of the main cares you should keep with your feet is to choose quality shoes and good brands.




Why is it important to know the type of step when choosing sports shoes?

The type of step is determined by the anatomical characteristics of the feet and the way they behave with each movement. There are three types of steps:

    • Neutral step : Begins with the outer part of the heel, followed by a slight rotation of the foot towards the inner part, reaching the center of the sole of the foot, where the energy generated by the impact becomes an impulse.
    • Supinate step : Begins with the outer part of the heel, followed by direction to the outer region of the foot, causing the impulse to be generated only in the area of ​​the little toe.
    • Pronated step : Begins on the outside of the heel, followed by an excessive rotation towards the inside of the foot, causing the heel region to travel through the ground, ending with an impulse generated by the big toe.


To find out your type of step, you should consult a physical therapist or orthopedist. If it is not possible to consult a professional, analyze the following characteristics:


Purchasing criteria: How to find the best women’s gym shoes

The choice of sports shoes makes a difference in performance and motivation to practice sports. Therefore, choosing the best women’s gym shoes requires attention and care.

Aspects such as ergonomics, comfort and stability must be taken into account regardless of the sport chosen, as well as the purchase criteria listed below:

  • Sports activity
  • Material
  • Design
  • Shoe weight

We will detail each of these criteria throughout the section. If in doubt, leave a comment below.

Sports activity

As mentioned earlier, there are specific tennis models for each sport.

Aerobic trainers have greater flexibility and excellent cushioning. These shoes absorb the impacts of movements performed in spinning , zumba, jump or dance classes .

To do weight training, you need shoes that keep your body stable and have good posture, otherwise it will overload your knees and spine. The footwear must have a flat and rigid sole.

To perform aerobic activities, you need a shoe that can keep track of your body’s impulses and speed. In general, these sneakers are lighter and have greater cushioning.




We recommend that you buy a sneaker made of quality material, with a structured and breathable fabric upper, anatomic foam insole and well-cushioned rubber sole.

Prefer a shoe made of resistant and light material. When you buy a quality product, you will be able to use it for a long time.


Although the design of the shoes does not compromise your performance, choosing a sports shoe with the design, colors and prints you like will make exercise more fun.

As brands invest heavily in design, you will find shoes in a wide variety of shades and prints, from the most discreet to the most striking.



Shoe weight

To practice physical exercises, you should use light shoes, weighing between 150g and 300g. A light sneaker will help you keep your balance during physical activities.

Know that because of technological development, sports shoes are increasingly lighter, perfect for those who practice impact sports or participate in sports competitions.




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