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Top & Best Straw Hat Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Straw Hat: How to choose the best model in 2022

When it comes to summer, several items of clothing come on the scene. They are bikinis, flat sandals and even traditional hats. Among the options of this accessory, a model that never goes out of fashion is the straw hat. Product that we are going to talk about today.

Simple, yet very versatile, the straw hat matches with the most diverse occasions. It goes well on beach and pool areas, but can also be used in many other locations. Want to know how to include this accessory in the look? So keep reading, because in this article you will discover this and more!

First, the most important

  • The straw hat is a perfect product for the summer that, in addition to complementing the look, still protects from the sun’s rays.
  • This accessory combines with many pieces of clothing and is ideal for use with bikinis, dresses, skirts and shorts.
  • The straw hat can be made with natural and synthetic straw, with synthetic straw being the most common.

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Best straw hat models: Our recommendations

The straw hat is a democratic product that can be used in different ways by men and women. To help you choose the ideal, we separate the best models below.

  • A great option made with natural straw
  • An ideal straw hat for the beach
  • The perfect straw hat for everyday life

Buying Guide

From summer to summer the straw hat is the type of accessory that never goes out of style. Existing in versions for men, women and even children, this product manages to add to the look and combines perfectly with hot and sunny days.

That is why this type of hat resists so many fashion trends. And if you love to complement the look with different pieces it can be a great option. To show you even more details about the straw hat we created this buying guide, come on?

Is it worth investing in a straw hat in 2022?

The straw hat is an accessory that dates back more than 3,200 years before Christ. Since it started to be used, this piece has not left the minds of people all over the world and this is not for nothing.

It can be said that this is a democratic product, which manages to combine with different styles. Its use is also released in the most varied environments. These are your two biggest advantages.

Another positive point is that the straw hat never goes out of style. That way, anyone who purchases one of these can use it without fear.

It is also worth knowing that this accessory can be used by men and women. There are even models that are unisex. And it must be noted that this piece protects the face and head from the sun’s rays.

The negative point is that the straw hat does not match the colder seasons, as this is a more summery piece. In addition, some models, depending on how the straw is shaped, can be a little uncomfortable.


  • Matches all styles of person
  • Can be used in a variety of environments
  • Never goes out of style
  • It’s stylish
  • Protects from sunlight
  • Can be used by men and women


  • Not suitable for cold seasons
  • Some models may not be comfortable

Where can and cannot you wear a straw hat?

The straw hat is an accessory that has multiple uses. In general, it is allowed in different environments and combines perfectly with daytime and outdoor events. Thus, it is possible to use one of these at parties, concerts, walks, at the pool, beach and even in the countryside.

However, just like any other hat model, there are some restrictions. The straw hat should not be used during meals and in closed places, such as theater and cinema. In the church and in the work environment, its use is also not recommended.

How to use a straw hat?

The straw hat can leave any production, from the most basic to the most elaborate, full of style and it is not difficult to create a look with this accessory.

When it comes to beach fashion, the straw hat goes perfectly. In this way, it can be used with swimsuits, bikinis and beach outings.

On a daily basis it is also possible to use the straw hat, but it is necessary to take a little more care. This accessory is ideal for more informal compositions and goes well with pieces such as dresses, skirts, shorts and T-shirts.

To avoid making mistakes when using one of these, remember that this is a summer piece. With that, invest in light and fluid fabrics.

Another feature is the shade of the straw hat. It is made in a very neutral color and this allows it to be used with clothes of all shades.

What is the best option: Synthetic or natural straw hat?

In addition to existing in a wide range of models, it is important to know that the straw hat can be made with natural or synthetic straw.

The models of synthetic straw are the most common and have the most value. Most of the time this version is made on machines and has a fishbone-like weave.

The hat produced with natural straw, is made by hand and has a higher price. This takes a little longer to get ready and usually has a spiral weave. The negative point is that some models of this type tend to pull the hair strands.

How to clean and unmask the straw hat?

As the straw hat is used, it is common to get a little dirty and, depending on how it is stored, crumpled. The good thing is that there are very simple ways to get rid of these problems.

When cleaning this accessory it is essential to know that under no circumstances can it be wet. It is very common for some people to try to clean the straw hat with soap and water, but this will damage the product.


Under no circumstances can it be wet.

That way, if the dirt is simpler, just rub a cloth over the place. If this does not resolve, then you can use wet wipes.

If the hat has wrinkled after a trip, know that it is also easy to return its natural shape. To do this, you can place it on top of a pan of boiling water and, through steam, reshape the deformed parts.

However, if the problem is in the brim, a cloth must be placed over the straw hat and a hot iron must be passed over it.

How much does a straw hat cost?

The value of a straw hat varies widely. This price changes according to the type of raw material in which this accessory is made, its size and also the model.

Therefore, it is possible to find options costing from R $ 7 and the most expensive ones can reach up to R $ 500, on average.


Purchasing criteria: Comparing straw hat models

The straw hat is a very versatile product that adds up to any look. However, choosing the right model is not an easy task. To help you and we have separated below everything you should take into account at that time.

  • Face shape
  • Custom or common
  • Model
  • Comfort

We will explain these criteria in detail below.

Face shape

One of the best ways to get the straw hat right is by looking at which option best matches the shape of your face.

Those with a rounder face should invest in medium and high top hats. These models will create a more elongated look, reducing the round appearance.

Taller hats also look good on people with a square face. While those with a more triangular face shape should bet on models with small flaps.

Finally, for oval faces there are no restrictions and all straw hat versions look good.

“The oval is considered the ideal face shape and, therefore, almost all types of hats look good. Just choose what you like best.”

Custom or common

In recent years, several options for personalized straw hats have started to emerge.

Models of this type can be embroidered with names and designs and even bands with initials. They are ideal for the beach, since many have large and wide flaps where customization is done.

Who likes more differentiated pieces can invest without fear in these options. But, be careful not to create a visual too full of elements. In such cases, always remember to make the straw hat stand out.


This accessory is found in a wide variety of models. In order to get the purchase right, one should think about which occasions one intends to use one of these.

For beach and pool environments, the most suitable straw hat models are those with wide, round brims. These are usually larger and can protect a lot from the sun.

Those who want to use it in more urban environments should bet on models with smaller flaps and a little more square, such as the Panama style.


Another very important factor regarding the straw hat is its comfort. As many models are developed to spend hours in the head without getting in the way, some options may not guarantee this.

To avoid any discomfort it is important to buy a hat of the correct size. Usually this piece is made in sizes P, M and G. To know yours, you must measure the circumference of the head and compare with what the manufacturer says.

Then put on your hat and check that there is no fiber or tip hurting.




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