Top & Best Parasol Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Parasol: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about parasol, an indispensable item for the hottest times of the year, especially if you want to stay on the beach for a long time during those periods.

In addition to having to meet the requirements of consumers with regard to efficient protection against the sun, they must also offer resistance to the wind, after all, nobody wants to see their parasol go flying on the beach, do they?

In this article we will talk about all the features that you should be aware of before buying an umbrella, in addition to giving unmissable tips on the models currently available for sale.

First, the most important

  • The parasol should not be chosen only for the protection of the sun it offers, but also for other factors such as number of internal pockets and wind resistance.
  • Before purchasing an umbrella, evaluate its material, and check if it is subject to corrosion.
  • His central rod can be made of wood, aluminum or plastic, which can mean differences in his weight and other aspects.

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Ranking: The 6 best parasol models

The parasol is usually a colorful item that can give more personality to your trip to the beach, and so it is not just used to protect from the sun. The products listed below have the ideal characteristics for you:

Buying Guide

Those who enjoy going to the beach know that it can be tricky to get to the sand if the umbrella is heavy. Even worse when it is difficult to assemble.

Now imagine a product with these characteristics and you having to think about the children who are running from side to side on the beach, while you are carrying several objects at the same time.

In order not to choose the wrong umbrella, read our Buying Guide and know exactly which product you should choose.

What is an umbrella?

The parasol is a fundamental item to use on the beach or in the pool, as it protects from the sun, which is one of the main causes of skin cancer today.

For effective protection, you should check the FPS or FPU factor, which is usually included in the equipment description, and which we will talk about later in the Purchase Guide.

There are different models, made from different materials, such as wood, plastic or aluminum. The parasol can also express a little of the family’s personality, as there are many fun prints.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the parasol?

Obviously its main advantage is the protection it offers, creating more comfort for a day at the seaside with your family.

The parasol is a great place for you to store your personal items, as it is more and more common that it comes from the factory with many internal pockets, thus allowing you to organize yourself in the way you see fit.

They can also be waterproof, meaning you will be sheltered when that unexpected rain comes. This way, your things will also be protected, without you having to be afraid to leave your phone in one of his pockets.


One of the disadvantages of these items is that, depending on the size and material that is made, they can be heavy to carry, which can make it difficult to walk to the beach.

Another problem is the lack of stability offered by some models, which can end up flying on the beach if they are not well fixed in the sand.

Apart from corrosion, which can occur due to the effects that the salt air has on some materials.
Below is a table we made with the main advantages and disadvantages of an umbrella:


  • Offer protection from the sun
  • Provide a place for you to place your personal items
  • Can be waterproof


  • Can be weighed to carry
  • Can fly on the beach
  • Corrosion risk

Parasol with central wooden, plastic or aluminum rod?

Before buying an umbrella, one of the most important things to look at is its central rod, as the material from which it is made must be durable and provide stability.

One of the most used materials in the parasol is wood, which attracts many consumers, since it does not suffer from the effects of the salt air like metal rods.

However, it is a material that may find it more difficult to maintain stability when the winds are stronger.

Plastic rods, on the other hand, are lighter than wooden ones, and have no risk of corrosion, in addition to providing stability.

Aluminum rods are very common on beaches, as they are easy to carry because they are lightweight and provide stability. Only the issue of corrosion should be well evaluated, as it must have been anodized so that it has greater durability and avoids the effects of salt air.

Below is a table with the main differences between central rods made of wood, plastic or aluminum:

How much?

You have to be very careful when evaluating the price of an umbrella, because if it is very cheap, it may have little durability, which means that possibly you will soon have to replace it.

Prices can vary between R $ 15 and R $ 1,000, depending on the level of UV protection it offers, ease of assembly, size and durability.

Did you know that beach umbrellas with solar panels have become a trend on the beaches?

One of the most recent examples is that of students at the Federal Institute of Alagoas, who created and are installing the signs in Maceió, in several umbrellas and stalls of street vendors. On days when the sun is strongest, these cards are able to produce enough energy to keep devices on all day.

Where to buy?

Umbrellas can be purchased online at sites like Amazon. One of the benefits of buying over the Internet is that you can easily search for the best price available and still receive the product from the comfort of your home.

In addition, it is also possible to find umbrellas for sale in physical stores like or even in supermarkets. In some cities it is more difficult to find these products for sale outside the summer, so be aware of that.

Purchasing Criteria: Main features for evaluating a parasol

There are certain characteristics that are fundamental to an umbrella, such as those listed below:

  • Coverage area
  • UV protection
  • Accessories
  • Internal pockets
  • Wind resistance
  • Joints
  • Carrying bag

Below we will detail the most important features so that you can choose the most suitable umbrella for you.

Coverage area

This is an aspect that should be well thought out in relation to umbrellas, because it is useless to buy a product that leaves part of your family unprotected from the sun because it is too small, or, on the contrary, it is too big and ends up occupying more space than it should on the beach.

The width of a parasol has a direct impact on the amount of shade it offers, because the larger the coverage area, the greater the protection it will offer.

But there are some factors to consider if you are considering purchasing a large umbrella area, such as:

  • The greater the chances that the parasol will be affected by the wind ;
  • The central rod must support the extra weight to provide stability ;
  • It will be more complicated to carry the umbrella due to its additional weight.

UV protection

Due to the high rates of skin cancer that exist today, buying a parasol that has protection against UV rays is essential, since, in addition to you, this will also help to protect your family.

Most umbrella manufacturers currently place this protection on products, and it is usually described through a numerical classification that follows the acronym FPS (Sun Protection Factor).

The FPS scale ranges from 2 to 100, and the larger it is, the greater protection against UV rays the product will offer.

Another widely used scale is the FPU (ultraviolet protection factor), which is a scale ranging from 15 to 50, and, like the FPS, the higher the better.

A tip to know if you are really protected is to look at the sky through the umbrella, if you can still see the sun, you are probably not sufficiently protected.

Check out the video below to learn a little more about the need for parasols with UV protection:


There are many accessories that can accompany an umbrella, and usually the more options to make your life easier, the more expensive they are.

One of the most interesting things that can accompany an umbrella is a kind of line, to make your life easier when you have to extend your clothes on the beach. Some even have hooks on the center rod to provide more places for you to hang your things.

In addition, another accessory that has become very common is a kind of sandbag, which is attached to the tip of the umbrella, to facilitate fixing it to the floor, so that it is fixed, and does not fly across the beach.

Internal pockets

To give your umbrella more functionality, one of the best things it can have is internal pockets, so you can accommodate your things, and really organize your trip to the beach.

In addition, as people usually take valuable things to the beach, such as cell phones, wedding bands and wallets, it is important to have a place to put these objects that is waterproof.

After all, if you’ve had the experience of having to look for something on the beach, you should know how stressful the experience is.

The inner pockets of the umbrellas can also be very useful to prevent theft or theft, as they are not the place where assailants go to look for valuable things first, because many do not even know about the existence of compartments in umbrellas.

Wind resistance

One of the most normal things that can happen on the beach is that the wind gets strong and ends up taking your umbrella, causing you to have to run after it across the sand.

Many umbrellas have air vents that allow it to circulate and the equipment to have more resistance to the wind.

Another factor that increases wind resistance is the base that allows you to attach the parasol to the sand, which should allow it to stay firm in the same place. Some of them have more than one way to stand on the ground.

Another way to ensure that your parasol will not fly is to purchase one that allows the dome to be used face up, as shown in the following video:


Not all umbrellas are articulated, as some can only stand in one position without any flexibility. They are not bad, but you will have to keep moving your chair and changing positions in search of a shadow.

Umbrellas that are not articulated also offer the possibility of being placed at another angle by tilting the central rod, which is a way of fixing it that can take time and that can still make it more susceptible to gusts of wind.

If you do not want to have all this work, the most recommended is that you buy an articulated parasol, which allows you to use the angle you want easily.

Carrying bag

Having a bag to carry your umbrella is important so that you don’t have too much trouble taking it to the beach with other items such as chairs, bag, towels, among others.

Usually this bag comes with you when you buy the parasol, and is exactly the right size for it. If you decide to buy the bag separately it can be a problem to know the right size it should be.

One of the problems with these items is that manufacturers often do not produce bags as carefully when they make umbrellas, so look carefully at the material from which they are made.


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