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Top & Best Fishing rod Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fishing rod: How to choose the best of 2022?

Fishing is a sport for some and fun for many. If you want to venture into this world, it is essential to have a good fishing rod.

But how to choose the ideal stick? There are many types and specifications that define the correct use of each model. It depends on where the fishing will take place, the type of fish desired, the experience and skill of each one.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll explain everything you need to know to choose a great fishing rod. Thus, you can have fun on the weekends, whether in a beautiful fishing village, in a river, dam or beach!

First, the most important

  • Before buying a rod using the technical specifications, know what fishing you will be doing. Each place and type of fish asks for a different model. From there, combine with the information in the article to choose which one to buy.
  • There are three fundamental types of rods: bamboo, telescopic and for reels or reels. The difference is in the pull: in the first two, it is by the strength of the arm, in the others, by the reel.
  • Prices for a fishing rod can vary widely. In the case of rods for reels and reels, there will always be extra costs.

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Ranking: The 4 best fishing rod models

We selected some models of fishing rod that have a lot of quality. They are quite different from each other and serve different needs for fishermen. So, after reading all the information in the Guide, you will know better in which to invest!


Buying Guide

There are many nuances to each fishing rod. The specifications are several and that is what defines the type of use that each one is ideal for. It can be said that the same fish in different places requires different rods.

We will now explain many of these factors so that you feel comfortable when buying a stick!

What is a fishing rod and what are its advantages?

The rod is the most important tool for fishing. It is with it that the fish is captured. Depending on the type, there will be some other secondary items, such as reels and reels.

Fishing has always been a survival activity for humanity. Today, more than that, it is fun and sport. Many people are truly passionate about fishing and devote many hours to perfecting it.

If you like to have contact with nature and spend hours having calm fun, learning to fish can be very advantageous. Get rid of stress, civilization, concentration and moments of tranquility. All this fishing, and consequently the rod, gives you.


Some people go fishing, some like rivers and dams, some prefer the sea. In any of them, the pleasure of fishing will exist. And to experience it to the fullest, you need to choose a quality fishing rod.


Did you know that in the most remote times, fishing was done only with line and hook? However, pulling the thread with your hands caused several injuries and was impractical. Thus, the first sticks made of bamboo began to appear.

In the 18th century, in Europe, wooden sticks were made. The real evolution of materials, making fishing simpler, happened only in the 1950s. As for reels, they have been used in some bamboo poles since approximately 1610.

What types of fishing rod?

There are three most common types of fishing rods on the market: bamboo, telescopic and reel or reel. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Bamboo sticks are the most classic. They are heavier and more concise, suitable for surface fishing.

Telescopes are recommended for their practicality, but they have less functionality and require arm strength. Reels or reels are the most common and functional.

Therefore, bamboo and telescopic poles have the advantage of not asking for purchases of extra items (except lines). In the first, the fish is pulled manually, in the second, through reels or reels.


What is the action and power of each fishing rod?

We will now talk specifically about reel rods or reels. Two of the most important technical specifications related to them are action and power. They relate to the span and the amount of force required to bend the pole, respectively.

The action of the stick is divided into four categories: extra fast, fast, medium and slow. The first curves only at the tip of the stick, the second at the top third, the third at the top half, and the last shows a progressive curvature throughout its length.

This curvature is important and is related to the type of bait used and the weight that will be carried by the rod. Check out this video from the Fisherman’s Channel on YouTube, with a detailed explanation of the rod’s action:

The power is related to the libration of the lines that can be used with the rod and the supported bait weight. The division is made into seven categories: ultra-light, light, light-medium, medium, medium-heavy, heavy and extra-heavy.

The greater the power, the greater the weight supported. One pound corresponds to 453 grams. One should always imagine the weight of the fish that will be caught and, from there, think about what is the best choice of rod from the libragem.

Below, a table with power, libration and casting (bait weight supported).

All sticks must have these specifications written on their body. Always follow them: a line or lighter heavier than ideal can break the rod, a lighter one can break the line.

How much?

The fishing rod alone has a price, while a kit that comes with a reel and / or reel will be much more expensive. Speaking specifically of rod, it is possible to find variations between R $ 20 and R $ 600. Obviously, the complexity of the model will have a lot of influence.

If you choose a reel rod or reel, keep in mind that these values ​​will go up a lot. It is possible to find reels that cost up to around R $ 900. In all types of rods, there will also be constant use of lines.


Where to buy?

If you are a beginner in fishing, you can go to a specialized store. Thus, you can feel the stick in your hand, understand how it works, feel comfortable. Most cities will have an establishment dedicated to water sports and the like.

Another option is purchasing over the Internet. In this case, we recommend the Amazon, fishing sites. Among them brings an immense variety of sticks so you can make a great choice. Buying online you find more varieties and also the best offers on the market.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to consider when choosing your fishing rod

In addition to the criteria already mentioned such as action and power, there are some others that are important when buying a fishing rod. We list some of them below:

  • Stick style
  • Length
  • Material
  • Type of fishing

Below, we explain each of them in greater detail:

Stick style

The rod style is directly related to what will be applied by the fisherman. There are five of them, probably also specified in the model itself: surf casting, spinning, baitcasting, trolling and fly fishing.

The surf casting rods are quite long, reaching 4.50 meters, and are recommended for use on the beach. Spinning rods are usually for reels and recommended for onboard fishing.

Baitcasting refers to reel rods and calls for artificial baits. Trolling rods are short rods with great line resistance.

Finally, fly fishing rods are recommended for this specific modality, “fly fishing”, in which the line itself is thrown, and not a weight on its end.


“Give a man a fish and he’ll have food for a day. Teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the weekend.”


There are several lengths of rods and this is linked to the type of fishing that will be done. Keep in mind that bamboo or telescopic models will no longer extend via lines, which is why they are recommended for surfaces.

The reel and reel rods have their length in feet and inches inscribed. The smallest ones measure 1.37 meters, probably with ultra-light or light power.

From there, the sizes grow: 1.52 m, 1.59 m, 1.67 m, and so on until you reach models over 4 meters. The bigger the pole, the greater the power: those above 4 meters will be at least medium-high.

If you need to fish in depth, the idea is to have a large rod that supports lines that are also quite respectable.


The bamboo sticks are the only ones that have a specification of how they should be made. Contrary to what one might think, making a utensil of this complexity with this material is very difficult.

For telescopes or for reels and reels, there is a variation of materials. The most recommended (due to their durability and resistance) are fiberglass and carbon fiber. There are also some quality ones, like tubular carbon.

Choose simpler materials only if you are a beginner taking the first steps in fishing. The lack of durability will certainly be harmful with repeated use.

Check out this video from the Empório da Pesca channel teaching how to use a telescopic rod:



Type of fishing

With all the information that was highlighted in this text, you must have already realized the importance of understanding what fishing you are going to do before buying the rod. It is worth reiterating once again that this is the most important aspect before the acquisition.

Will it be at sea, fishing or river? Will the fish be small or large? Is the place shallow or deep? Answer all of these questions and combine with all the information presented by the article.

Thus, you will certainly have in mind which rod is the best for the desired use! Professional fishermen or those who take fishing as a very serious hobby have many rods. If your intention is to carry out this activity, perhaps the ideal is already to acquire even more than one model.


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