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Top & Best Children’s beach chair Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s beach chair: How to choose the best model in 2022

Is the next family vacation destination on a beach? So be sure to put a children’s beach chair in your luggage.

The children’s beach chair is designed to meet the child’s physical characteristics, so it offers more comfort and safety when compared to an ordinary beach chair. Continue reading to learn more about the product.

First, the most important

  • The children’s beach chair is indicated by boys and girls over three years of age. The child must exchange the children’s beach chair for a traditional model when weighing over 30 kg.
  • A children’s beach chair can be fixed or foldable. Regardless of the model chosen, choose a chair with a sturdy structure, support arms, backrest and comfortable seat.
  • The shapes, dimensions, materials and colors are characteristics that enable the buyer to choose a children’s beach chair according to the place where it will be used, the child’s needs and preferences.

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Buying Guide

The arrival of summer takes many people to the beach in search of sunbathing and sea. Children love this family outing as they can swim and play a lot.

But after building a sandcastle or diving into the ocean, the child will need to rest and eat. Therefore, it is important that they have their own children’s beach chair. The product is the subject of this Buying Guide. Enjoy reading!


Why is it important to buy a children’s beach chair?

Who has a small child in the family understands the importance of adapting the environments of the house for the boy or girl to live together. This care must also be extended to moments of leisure.

During outings or family trips it is important to include in your luggage the items necessary to meet children’s demands.

When the destination is a beach, swimming pool or camping, be sure to place a children’s beach chair in the luggage compartment of your car or travel bus.


The children’s beach chair is essential to ensure a better use of leisure moments in open environments, as the chair is designed for the height and weight of children – the chair is small and very light.

Even more comfort, safety and fun are some of the advantages of using a children’s beach chair. Check out other advantages – and some disadvantages – of buying one of these in the table below:


  • It is designed according to children’s size, weight and characteristics
  • Can be used on the beach, pool or camping
  • Can be foldable or not
  • It is very light, the child can carry it
  • Suitable for children over three years old
  • It is a very cheap item
  • Models for boys or girls


  • Not suitable for children over 30 kg

Up to what age should a children’s beach chair be used?

The beach chair is recommended for children from three years of age. Although there is no maximum recommendation for the age that a child can use this chair, the ideal is that it weighs no more than 30 kg.

Just to give you an idea, a 7-year-old girl weighs between 18Kg and 30Kg, while a 10-year-old girl has a minimum weight of 25Kg, an average of 31Kg and a maximum of 46Kg.

A seven-year-old boy can weigh between 19 kg and 31 kg, and at 10 years of age he can weigh between 25 kg and 45 kg. With that, we can understand that the children’s beach chair can be used by a child up to 7 or 10 years old.


What better children’s beach chair: Folding or fixed?

When buying a children’s beach chair, you can choose between a folding or fixed chair. The folding chair is suitable for those who like to walk and travel a lot, as it is compact and weighs little.

The fixed children’s beach chair is intended for the pool area, as it cannot be transported easily – it is bulky, heavier and takes up a lot of space in the trunk of the car.

But regardless of the model of the children’s beach chair chosen, the important thing is that the child likes the chair, feels comfortable and safe. The item may last for a few years, so buy a good quality model.

How to preserve the children’s beach chair?

To preserve the children’s beach chair, you must clean and store the piece according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as each model requires specific care.

Basically, remove the salt water and sand with running water and let the chair dry in the shade. Another tip is not to exceed the weight limit stipulated by the part manufacturer, avoiding damage to the object and possible accidents.

How much does it cost and where to buy a children’s beach chair?

The children’s beach chair is a very inexpensive item. You can find models for prices that vary between R $ 35, R $ 50 and R $ 80 reais, depending on the material of the structure (can be plastic or aluminum), canvas (can be plastic or fabric) and details (parts and accessories).

This product is sold in several stores as major retailers – Amazon You can also find hypermarkets.

In these stores you will also find children’s lounger options, an even more comfortable model for the little ones.



Purchasing criteria: Find the best children’s beach chair

After reading this Buying Guide, you may have noticed that the children’s beach chair provides comfort, well-being and safety for your child during leisure time on the beach, pool, camping or any other outdoor leisure activity.

But before buying a beach chair for a child, it is important to know what features to analyze and compare at the time of purchase. To simplify your search, we have selected the main purchase criteria below:

  • Model
  • Chair frame material
  • Dimensions
  • Screen
  • Safety

We will detail each of these topics throughout the section. If you want to share any questions, suggestions or experiences, leave a comment below.


As we mentioned throughout the text, the children’s beach chair can be a folding or fixed type. The folding chair is ideal for families who like to stroll or travel frequently. This accessory can be easily transported in the luggage compartment of the travel bus or in the car, in addition, the child can carry it alone.

The fixed children’s beach chair can be perfect for the outside area of ​​the house, by the pool, leisure area or garden. It is not very practical to take while traveling, as it takes up a lot of space and is heavier.

Chair frame material

The structure of the children’s beach chair can be made of plastic or aluminum. Both are light and resistant materials, which allows the child to carry his own chair without the help of his parents – it depends on his age, of course.

These materials are safe to handle.

These materials are safer to handle, as they allow the child to play, climb, jump and manipulate a lot without fear of damaging the chair or getting hurt.

In addition, these materials can be exposed to moisture, sand and sea air and will not rust easily. After a day at the beach with your children, just pass a little water to remove the sand and let the chair dry naturally.

It is important to mention that the children’s beach chair must be made of non-toxic materials so as not to pose any risk to your child’s health. This recommendation applies to other beach items.


Although the beach chair for children is designed for children, it is important to analyze the dimensions of the model such as height, width and depth of the model you intend to buy.

In addition, it is important to assess the capacity of the chair, that is, how much weight the accessory can handle. Most models support a child weighing up to 30 kg.


Another feature that must be analyzed at the time of purchase is the screen of the children’s beach chair. Some use “sannet”, a fabric composed of polyester and coated in PVC – which makes it easier to clean – available in several color options.

The chairs with polyethylene fabric are striped, colorful and quite fun. It is also possible to buy a beach chair stamped with the child’s favorite design. There are several options to choose from.


The children’s beach chair is designed according to the size, weight and characteristics of a child. Therefore, more than an accessory option, this item is an investment in comfort and safety.

However, it is important to analyze some characteristics of the children’s beach chair to make sure that the piece is really safe. First of all, make sure that there are no sharp edges and corners.

See if the chair has an Inmetro seal.

Then assess whether the chair is stable and whether there is a risk of closing while the child is sitting down to rest or eat. Finally, see if the model in question has an Inmetro seal of approval.


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