Top & Best Arm buoy Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Arm buoy: How to choose the best one for your child in 2022?

When talking about children and playing in the water, every care is necessary. As much as swimming pools are the passion of the little ones, they can be quite dangerous. To prevent accidents inside them there is an arm float and that is what we will talk about today.

Suitable for children of the most varied ages, the arm float is a very easy to use product. It is found in several sizes and with the most varied prints. However, is this item really safe for children? In this article we will answer this and many other questions, check it out!

First, the most important

  • The arm float is suitable for children up to 10 years old.
  • It should be placed just below the shoulder of the little ones to be securely attached.
  • This product should not be used at sea because of the waves.

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Best models of arm float: The ideal for every child

Just go to a club or condominium with a swimming pool to see several children using the arm buoys. Very chosen to ensure the safety of the little ones, this item is found in several versions and below you will find the best ones.

  • The best option of an arm float kit
  • An arm float model for radical boys
  • A high security option


Buying Guide

Summer and heat combine with children in the pool. However, this activity, although very healthy, can be quite dangerous. To avoid accidents there are buoys and a model widely used by the little ones is the arm buoy.

The arm float is a very practical product that allows children to play in the water with less chance of drowning. It is made in versions for the most varied ages and has different patterns and colors. In this buying guide we will talk about everything about it, so continue with us.

What is an arm float and for whom is it indicated?

The arm buoy is basically composed of two individual buoys that must fit into the arms of the children. They have a rectangular shape and are suitable for small children up to 10 years old.

This type of float allows children to stand in the pool, being supported by their arms, which will float thanks to the float.

There are several variations of this product and because it is made for children it is found in different patterns and colors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the arm float?

The arm float is a very easy to use product that guarantees greater safety for children in the water.

Its positive point is that they are hardly released from the arms. Thanks to this, the chance of the child losing them and sinking into the water is very low.

It is also made in various colors and patterns. This makes the little ones create an interest in the product and do not mind using it.

The arm float has its price advantage.

The arm float also has its price advantage. It is one of the cheapest and that is why it is accessible to everyone.

The negative point of the arm float is due to the fact that it leaves the arms of the children more tied. With this, if they see in the water, it becomes more difficult to return to the correct position.

This makes it also not suitable for use at sea, as the waves can bring down the small ones.


  • Increases children’s water safety
  • It’s easy to use
  • It hardly gets loose
  • It has a low value
  • It is made in different colors and prints


  • Leaves the arms of children more trapped
  • Not suitable for the sea

How to use an arm buoy?

As much as the placement and removal of the arm float is very simple, it is essential to leave it well positioned and fixed to the child’s arms.

After being correctly filled, the float should be positioned just below the child’s shoulder. This location will keep it more attached and so it will hardly come out as the little one plays.



“Children should be supervised every second and always by an adult who is not afraid of water and who knows how to proceed in an emergency.”

What care should be taken with an arm float?

In order for an arm float to work properly and can be used for many years it is essential to take some precautions.

So, before letting your child play in the water using one of these, never forget to check if there are any punctures. If it exists, discard the float.

In addition, proper storage is the best way to ensure that the arm float does not spoil. After use, before storing it, rinse the float with clean water to remove chlorine from the pool.

It is also important to store it in a dry place, away from chemicals, heat or sharp objects.


How to fill and empty an arm buoy?

The work of filling and emptying the arm float is essential so that it remains intact and can be stored or used without problems.

To fill it, just locate and open the filling valves. Then the process can be done with a hand or foot pump.

The buoy must be aired until it is rigid and complete, but not extremely hard. That done, just close the valve cover.

After use, if the arm float is to be stored, it should always be emptied. This is even simpler and just open the valve cover and let the air out.

However, remember that it is not recommended to force the air out so that the float does not spoil.


How much does it cost and where to buy an arm buoy?

The value of an arm buoy is one of its positive points, because it is found at very affordable prices.

Thus, it is possible to purchase models of this product from R $ 7, with the most expensive ones reaching R $ 150, on average.

In addition, in several stores, both online and physical, it can be purchased. If you are looking for one of these you can easily buy it in places Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Arm Float Models

The arm float is a safety item, so it is essential to choose this product very carefully. For this there are some factors that must be analyzed and we list them all below.

  • Child’s weight and age
  • Pattern and color
  • Model
  • Material

Now we will explain to you in detail each one.

Child’s weight and age

The first factor to take into consideration when choosing an arm float for a child is its weight and age. This is important because each buoy is made to support a certain weight and if this is exceeded, its efficiency is reduced.

As not every child of the same age has the same weight, it is essential to analyze these two factors. With that, read in the manufacturer’s specifications how many kilos the buoy supports and buy the most suitable one.

Pattern and color

The pattern and color of the arm float is also important with the child’s acceptance of this product in mind.

It is perfectly normal that some little ones do not like or do not want to use the float. Thus, one way to get their attention is to acquire an option with a theme that interests them.

There are models of the most diverse colors and prints. Therefore, it is not at all difficult to find one that pleases you.


Regarding the arm buoy model, it is worth knowing that there are two options. The simplest ones have two individual buoys. The more elaborate ones accompany a kind of vest that joins the two parts that will be placed on the arms.

In terms of safety, the second option is better, since she has less chance of loosening and is still around the child’s chest. However, these models have a higher value and can be a little uncomfortable.


Finally, check what material the float is made of. Many versions are produced in PVC, which is a type of plastic. This material is relatively resistant, but if exposed to high temperatures or sharp objects it can easily spoil.

Another raw material widely used in making arm buoys is polyethylene. In terms of strength and durability this is the best option. This material hardly punctures or spoils, even after years of use.

Also, check that the plastic or paint used on the float is non-toxic. This is essential to ensure that your child has no allergies when using this product.


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