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Top & Best Beach toys Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Beach toys: Discover how to choose the best in 2022

Few things in this life are as pleasant as spending a beautiful day by the sea. And, if you have children, beach toys are an excellent option to entertain the little ones.

Especially for younger children, when entering the sea can still be very dangerous, playing in the sand is usually the best way out and with some toys the fun is guaranteed.

Today there is a huge number of models on the market, so has prepared for you this complete analysis of the best beach toys and how children can enjoy them without danger.

First, the most important

  • Check if the toy has a seal of approval from Inmetro ensuring that the product is safe for your child.
  • Exposed for a long time in the sun, some toys end up fading or losing their original color.
  • Even though toys are safe, on the beach it is very important that there is always adult supervision to avoid accidents.

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Best Beach Toys: Our Favorites

Modern parents are increasingly fighting for their children to spend a few minutes away from their cell phones, and beach toys are a great option, allowing them to enjoy a little outdoors.

Check out our list with some options that may interest the little ones.

  • For slightly older children
  • To make the castle of dreams
  • Complete toy kit
  • Beach bag for Hot Wheels fans

For slightly older children

Perfect for children a little older, Magic Toy’s Big Carriola is synonymous with beach fun, allowing your child to play freely in the sand.

Made of resistant plastic, it comes with a large shovel and rake and articulated arms that make it easy to transport and store the toy.


Buying Guide

When we talk about beach toys, we immediately imagine the buckets and buckets we used to build sandcastles when we were children.

In that case, it is true that they have not changed much over time, and that is because they are timeless. Every child likes to put his hand in the sand and make a good mess. The advantage is that today we have a lot more options, so we also need to take some precautions before making the purchase. Check out our shopping guide for more information.

What are beach toys?

Unlike the most technological toys, the models for the beach remain simpler, allowing the child to use their own imagination and have direct contact with sand and water, in a much healthier game.

In addition to buckets and buckets, we can also put in this category the inflatable pools and buoys, more geared to playing in the water, suitable for slightly older children.

Regardless of which toy is chosen, both for beach sand and water, it is important to remember that it is very important that games take place under the supervision of an adult.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of beach toys?

Beach toys offer several benefits, because even though they are simpler, they stimulate the imagination, allow them to socialize with other children and can still be used in playgrounds and playgrounds where there is sand.

But, you need to be aware of some disadvantages. The colors and prints can fade in bright sunlight, on the beach it is not uncommon to lose a piece and, after playing, it is necessary to sanitize the product well.


  • They are simpler toys
  • Stimulate children’s imagination
  • Allow them to socialize with other children
  • They can also be used in playgrounds and playgrounds


  • Colors and prints may fade in bright sunlight
  • On the beach, it’s not uncommon to miss a piece
  • After playing, it is necessary to sanitize the product well

What is the importance of outdoor play in children’s development?

It is impossible to fight against technology and it seems that each new generation is born more attached to electronic toys. It is natural, but the ideal is to find a healthy compromise between these toys and those of “old days”, especially when the children are younger.

Playing outdoors, especially with other children, allows them to socialize better, which helps a lot in their development. In addition, these most basic toys are an excellent way to spark the imagination.

Whether building sandcastles or floating in the water, struggling to learn to swim, these games help with motor and cognitive development, in addition to exposing the child to a healthier lifestyle. However, always remember to always keep them under supervision and well protected with the help of a good children’s sunscreen

How much does a good beach toy cost?

The price of beach toys can vary widely, mainly because they can be purchased separately or in kits. The most common ones, developed for playing in the sand, such as buckets and buckets can vary from R $ 2 to R $ 50, with kits that may cost a little more.

Toys for water, such as floats and floats, tend to cost a little more, with prices ranging from R $ 10 to R $ 100. It all depends a lot on the quality of the material and the number of pieces.

Where can I buy a beach toy?

Nowadays, many toy stores have specific sectors for beach toys. If you consider, almost any plastic toy can be taken to the sand without any problems. It is also quite common to find them in supermarkets, especially in beach towns.

However, if you are looking for a specific model that you could not find in your city, it is also possible to make your purchase over the internet at major distributors such as Amazon.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying beach toys

Synonymous with guaranteed fun, there is no need to spend a lot to get a good beach toy for your children, allowing them to enjoy a day of outdoor play.
However, you still need to be aware of some criteria to ensure that your child will be safe, such as the guarantee of the Inmetro seal and some other criteria that we will list below.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Suggested age
  • Colors and prints

Check each of these topics carefully to understand a little more about the specifications of the toys and let your kids get the most out of it without accidents.


To ensure greater resistance, most beach toys are made of plastic, rubber and foam, ensuring that they are safe even for the youngest children.

In addition to the safety seal, look for materials that are atopic, that is, that do not pose a health risk, such as allergies and skin irritations, after all, it is very likely that younger children will put the toy in their mouth.

A good material also ensures that the toy will be more resistant against possible damage, in addition to lasting for much longer. Some types of plastics are also specially developed to not fade or completely lose their color or pattern even when exposed to the sun for long periods.


Another important factor that you should be aware of is size, ensuring that it conforms to your child’s age. If it is very small, it can be difficult to carry a sandbox full of sand that is much bigger than it, which can result in accidents.

So, before making the purchase, make sure the age suggested by the manufacturer and make sure that your children will not be hurt when they are playing.

Suggested age

As we have shown in the topics above, the material and size have a great influence on the age suggested by the manufacturer. On some toys, the weight supported is also something you should take into consideration.

Many manufacturers include this information in the product description, but if it is not available, choose another model or use your common sense, always taking into account that the most important thing is your child’s health and that he is not hurt at the moment of the games.

Colors and prints

Finally, it is also important to keep an eye on colors and patterns to find a toy or even a kit that fits your child’s personality and preferences.

Nowadays it is possible to find a wide variety of prints of superheroes, princesses, animals and other common characters of drawings aimed at children. Thus, it is not difficult to please both boys and girls.


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