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Top & Best Beach Hat Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Beach Hat: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an article that cannot be left out of your hot days: the beach hat.

Widely used especially by the female audience, the beach hat combines style and protection against the sun’s rays, and although it was idealized for use on the beach, this accessory works very well in many situations.

If you are looking for an item like this to complete your wardrobe, just read our guide to stay on top of all the tips on its use.

First, the most important

  • The beach hat is an accessory to be worn on the head, as a way to protect the face from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Its main objective is protection, however, it has become a very popular accessory among women, and it is often used in regions outside the beach, such as the countryside and the pool.
  • There are different models of beach hats, such as floppy, visor, personalized and panama.

Buying Guide

Beach hats are accessories used by women for many years. They are versatile, elegant and still protect your face from the sun. In the guide below we will give tips on its use, in addition to explaining its advantages.

What is a beach hat?

The beach hat is an accessory that has not left the head of women for many generations. It is a hat made of different types of braided fibers, with a brim large enough to protect the entire face from the sun.

It was designed to be used under the hot sun of the beach, in order to protect the leather, hair and face, however, it has become a versatile accessory, which can be used on several occasions.



What are the advantages of the beach hat?

As we have already said, the watchword of the beach hat is versatility. In all countries of the world, women have a habit of using it on hot days.

The good news is that he left the beaches and reached the countryside and the city, as designs were developed and creations became more and more possible to adapt.

Nowadays, the beach hat is worn with fresh, loose clothing, flat shoes, and even some sandals in different situations.

In addition to the fashion item, it is important to remember that this accessory guarantees safety to your face, since it avoids the direct contact of UVA and UVB rays on the skin.

Despite the protection, it is very important that you also use sunscreen, especially on days of sun exposure, because you can’t play with health, right?

In general, the beach hat is a chic, versatile, timeless accessory that still protects from the sun! Is there anything better?


What are the types of beach hats?

Like most accessories, the beach hat has its aesthetic variations. Below, we will show you which models are on the rise:


The traditional hat, also known as Floppy, is the classic model with wide brim and soft, made of fiber or straw.

Its main advantage is its flap, which covers a lot of the sun, and sometimes protects even the lap or the back.

It is not part of fast fashion and is very easy to combine with different types of looks, including off the beach. In short, it is versatile, chic and very timeless!


The well-known visor also gained a version in beach hat. Its inspiration comes from sports fashion, however it has been adapted to the coastal climate.

Although very elegant, you will hardly be able to use these models outside the beach, since they are more informal. The tip is to bet on a visor with a slightly larger flap, for better protection against the sun.


The personalized beach hat is the craze of the moment! It is a floppy model with personalized embroidery with names and phrases at the top of its flap. Fun, right?




The more discreet are delighted with the elegance of the Panama hat. It has a reduced and firm flap, and the top can be flattened.

It is more delicate, not so flashy and usually comes with a black, nude or beige band. It is an excellent option to be used both on the beach and in the pool, as well as in the city.

How much does a beach hat cost?

The beach hat can be made of several different materials, so its price may vary. However, it is a product that is easily found at affordable prices.

On average, its cost is between R $ 25 and R $ 80, according to the brand and model chosen.

Where to buy a beach hat?

Buying a beach hat is a simple task. There are many stores that sell the product, especially in the spring and summer.

Beachwear brands, for example, are good choices. In this niche, we can Blue Beach.

If you are looking for an accessory at a lower price, department stores are a good idea. are some of them.

And, of course, you also have the possibility to buy online at sites like Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare beach hats

The beach hat doesn’t have much mystery, does it? But, it is still important that you observe every detail of the product before choosing yours.

  • Material
  • Color
  • Finishing
  • Design

Next, we’ll explain each of these points better.


There are hats made of synthetic materials, such as paper or cellulose fibers, and those made of non-synthetic materials, such as straw.

The former have a better finish and greater durability, however, straw is great in protecting against the sun, it is chic, sustainable and beautiful!

All cases have their benefits, it’s up to you to decide which one you like the most.



In most cases the color of the hat is caramel or light beige, however, there are also blacks, and even some colored models, usually made in warm tones.

This item is also totally personal and varies according to the taste of each one, however, we recommend you to buy a beach hat that has a neutral color and will look good with any clothes or swimsuit.


Good workmanship is very important! Nobody likes loose thread and sewing that bothers you, right? So, pay attention to every detail of your hat and see if it was really made with care and is of good quality.


Finally, the design, after all, an accessory has to be beautiful and shine your eyes. Some of them even have bands, embroidery and even chains.

As we already said, the variety of models is great and you have several possibilities of purchase.



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