Top & Best Flasher Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Flasher: How to choose the best in 2022

Preparing the Christmas decoration is one of the coolest tasks at the end of the year. In addition to setting up the Christmas tree, placing the garland on the door, buying
gifts and preparing supper, you cannot miss the flasher, to ensure special lighting.

Inside and outside the home, the flasher is used in all types of Christmas decorations, from discreet to luxurious. That’s why you can find this ornament in different colors, sizes and shapes of lamps.

If you are looking to make the most of Christmas lighting this year, check out this article that we prepared with everything you need to know about the flasher.

First, the most important

  • The blinker can be made of incandescent, fluorescent or LED lamps. The LED flasher is the best option because besides being economical, the ornament has excellent durability and good cost-benefit.
  • The operation of the flasher can be in series, in which all lamps are connected or in parallel, in which each lamp has its own circuit.
  • You can find the flasher in several formats, from the conventional to the waterfall, curtain and ice rain models.

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Buying Guide

There is no Christmas without lights. This is evident when the flashers invade the streets, shop windows and home decor.

If you want to know how to use the flasher to decorate your home, the correct way to put the ornament on the Christmas tree, what are the different models and flasher and how to install it safely, read this Guide Purchase.

How does a flasher work?

In the serial flasher , all lamps are connected to the same power source, one after the other. The electric current leaves one pole, runs through all the lamps and enters another pole.

In this style of operation, the current flows with the same intensity through all lamps. A switching system is also used which causes the lights to turn on and off at the same time.

In this type of blinker, when one of the lamps burns out, all the others go out, as the circuit is interrupted.

Give preference to a flasher with parallel operation . In this model, the lamps are connected to the power source individually, so if a lamp burns out, the circuit continues to function.

Each lamp has its own switch, so the flasher in parallel has alternating colors, sequence, frequency, effect and time each lamp is on.


How should I use the flasher for Christmas decoration?

In the external area of the house or apartment, the flasher is used as one of the main items of decoration, being the only ornament most of the times. You can place it around the house or bet on the cascading flasher on the roof.

You can also find flashers in various formats such as Christmas tree, Santa’s sleigh, snowman and nativity scene. Another idea is to put a blinker of ice on the branches of a tree.


Before you buy the flashers, think about how you want the decor to look. Give preference to buy the ornament in just one color or in a set of colors that match, to avoid an overloaded look.

It is also important to look for a blinker made especially for outdoor areas, they are more resistant to the action of winds, sunlight and humidity.

In the inner area of the house, you can put the blinker on the Christmas tree. To choose the ideal model, take into account the size of the pine tree and the other ornaments that will be placed on the tree. The blinker can be white or colored.

You can also place a flasher curtain on the window. The flasher helps to create a cozy atmosphere to the environment, but it is necessary to have common sense not to overdo it.


  • Can be used to decorate the interior and exterior of the house
  • You will find models of incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps
  • Electric consumption is low
  • It’s a cheap product


  • On the serial flasher, if one lamp burns out, the others also go out
  • It’s a fragile ornament

What is the correct way to put the blinker on the Christmas tree?

The correct way to place the blinker on the Christmas tree is to plug it into the outlet and pass it from the top to the base of the tree. That way, you can see if there are any burnt out lamps and hide the wires between the branches of the tree.

To highlight the flasher effect, leave the room light off. You can leave the blinker in static or sequential mode, so the environment will always be lit.



How to avoid electrical accidents with flasher?

The installation of the flasher must be done carefully to avoid problems such as short circuits, power overload and heating of the electrical wiring (may cause fires).

If you need to connect more than one blinker, avoid placing them on the same plug adapter (Benjamin), if this happens, the house circuit breaker can trip, indicating an electrical overload. Always give preference to a surge protector, it is safer.

Another precaution you should take is to avoid leaving the blinkers on for a long time, you can leave the ornament on for a maximum of six hours. Also avoid contact of the lights with water.


What are the different models of turn signals?

The cascading flasher is ideal to decorate the facade of the house. You can join some sets and form even larger frames to cover walls, walls or gates.



Did you know that the flasher curtain, as the name suggests, is ideal for decorating windows. The “ice rain” model (shaped like rods) serves to decorate the branches of the trees.


The LED flasher has numerous advantages, starting with its durability, much greater than that of a conventional flasher. The service life of an LED flasher can reach 50 thousand operating hours.

This model is also much more economical, as it consumes less electricity. In addition, the lamps heat up less, so you can place it in plastic or wooden structures.

A novelty is the LED cord, which has an extremely thin wire, made of copper and is battery powered. These features ensure flexibility in the way you use them, you can decorate garlands, centerpieces and glass vases.

Flasher or light hose: what are the differences?

To make Christmas lighting, in addition to the flasher, you can bet on a luminous hose. The luminous hose is equipped with LED lamps, colored or white, and covered by a transparent rubberized tube.


The luminous hose is more resistant.

The mode of operation of these products is the same, the difference is that the luminous hose is more resistant, mainly to humidity. But remember, the outlet must be protected from moisture, to avoid shorts.

In addition, the luminous hose is easy to handle. You can place it on balconies, facades, walls and wrap around trees, without worrying about whether it will rain or wind.


The product is sold in rolls, each about 100 meters long. The price is quite steep, around R $ 600, which makes this product impossible for many people.

If you buy the luminous hose, know that every two meters in length, you can cut it, always in the place indicated by the scissors symbol, then just connect to the power harness and the electrical network.

How do I keep the flasher to use it for the next year?

When you are going to dismantle the Christmas decorations, remove the flashers gradually and wrap the lights in a ball (you can use a paper towel roll tube). This way, the wire will not be tangled and the lamps will not risk breaking.

If you put the blinkers in a hurry, the wires are likely to form knots and the bulbs will be damaged, making you need to buy new blinkers the following year.


How much does a flasher cost?

Conventional flashers, incandescent or LED, cost between R $ 10 and R $ 30. The model with cherry-style lamps is a little more expensive and costs between R $ 20 and R $ 40. The flasher “ ice rain ”is more expensive and costs between R $ 55 and R $ 65.

Where to buy a flasher?

If you are going to buy the flasher at a physical store, you must wait until November and December. In online stores, you can buy the ornament at any time of the year. We recommend the following stores:

    • Amazon
    • Americanas.com
    • Free market
    • Shoptime



Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different flasher models

Lighting plays an important role in Christmas decoration, as it makes the environment more cozy. To make a correct purchase of the flasher, review the following product characteristics:

  • Bulb type
  • Inmetro Recommendations
  • Operation
  • Colors

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section.

Bulb type

The conventional flasher, with incandescent lamp, is characterized by transforming energy into light and heat, 95% of which is transformed into heat and only 5% into energy, generating waste.

The LED lamp is electronic, composed of one or more light-emitting diodes. Upon receiving the electric current, they transform it into light, without generating excess heat. The LED lamp is more economical.



Inmetro Recommendations

Although an Inmetro certificate is not required, the flasher must meet certain requirements such as voltage, electric current and maximum power. This information must be described on the product packaging, in Portuguese.

It is also important that the flasher has the wire covered and insulated, that the conductor is not made of metal material, that it comes with replacement bulbs and fuses and that the socket is standard.

It is worth making sure that the product is guaranteed, if the flasher is defective.


There are different models of flasher, the more traditional ones are connected to the electric power and the operation can be in series or parallel.

But with the modernization of Christmas decorations, nowadays it is already possible to find the flasher powered by the battery. This model is water resistant (except the box with batteries), and an excellent option for outdoor decorations.


The flasher with white lights is ideal for decorating environments inside and outside the house. It can also be used to light up the Christmas tree, as the other ornaments are already quite colorful.

To decorate rooms inside or outside the house, you can also bet on the flasher with colored lights. Traditionally, this model provides a playful effect.

You can also create a monochromatic Christmas decoration by combining the color of the flasher with the ornaments. Example: use the green light to highlight the pine tree vegetation.

If you decorate the Christmas tree only with lights, bet on mixing the white and colored flasher. Focus the white lights inside the pine and the colored lights at the ends.


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