Top & Best Reel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Reel: Find out which is the best in 2022

Hello, it is always a pleasure and an honor to have you here, after all we need to teach you how to fish, instead of just selling the fish. So today we are going to talk about an indispensable item: the reel.

It is very likely that you have seen the product in videos or even accompanying a relative in fishing.

The reel is used to skillfully use the line, but not only that. Handling one efficiently means improved pitch and more quality in the fight against hooked fish. If you like this sport, let’s dive in together!

First, the most important

  • Whenever you see that device with the thread roll installed on the pole, we immediately think of a reel. But the reel is very similar and has the same function, but with different characteristics.
  • Reels are suitable accessories for more experienced fishermen, where their qualities require the fisherman’s ability to excel.
  • Choosing the right fishing equipment is the first step towards making it a pleasant experience. To make mistakes can turn hours of relaxation into a good dose of dissatisfaction.

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Ranking: The 3 best reel models

Bearing in mind that the choice of equipment is important, we will guide you from the starting point. Reels can be difficult to choose, but here are some of the best available.


Buying Guide

Fishing is one of the most practiced activities in the world, this means that there is a huge diversity of reels. Choosing without good criteria can lead you to the wrong option. You will need to know them well to make the best choice.

With this in mind, we have prepared this complete Guide for you to learn all about the reel and choose for yourself the model that best meets your needs.

Why is the reel important?

Perhaps you are already a fisherman, or are thinking about getting started. Or maybe you’re looking for a good gift for a fisherman – he’ll love a good reel, believe me!

Few things are better than contact with large bodies of water. The sea, a lake, a river … Places of tranquility for time to pass.

When we talk about fishing, know that it can be both sporting and a weekend hobby. And, like most sports, some equipment is required to make it more efficient or enjoyable.

In fishing, one of these equipments is the reel. The name is given to the piece where the line is placed and which, with the right movement, leaves this same line free to run during the casting of the bait.


In the same way, it can be locked so that the line does not continue to leave. And as soon as the bait is hooked, work begins to effectively catch the prey.

A good reel also helps a lot in this step, regulating the pressure (brake) of the line and allowing you to lock or release the mechanism. All in order to avoid too great pressure on the line and the rod, to pull only when the fish is tired.

Having a good stick helps a lot, as much as a good line, that’s a fact. However, much of a fisherman’s advantage lies in how he works with the line, and this is done with the reel – or the reel.


  • Higher amount of thread to use
  • Allows line locking
  • Possibility of long shots
  • Allows to release or pull line


  • Requires knowledge for use
  • It is a medium to high investment

Of course, a simple stick will require very little equipment knowledge, but with huge limitations. Using a line bearing will take you to another level in fishing. A reel, then, will be the icing on the cake.

What is the difference between the reel and the reel?

It is one of the most common doubts, when deciding to invest a little more in the activity, choosing the type of equipment to control the line. Reel and reel are the two existing options, and bring positive and negative points.

The advantage is that, with time of experience, you can use the reel for any situation. But the answer to the question comes mainly from the style of fishing you intend to undertake.

To help you understand how much more versatile a fishing reel can be, let’s make a comparison between them.

What types of reels are there?

When we talk about fishing reels, we name a huge amount of equipment. Different in aesthetics, material, weight and other requirements, we have a large tank of options for this equipment.

For this reason, it is important that you understand the existing types. The main separation of the reels is only in two segments, making it easier to remember:

Low profile : It is a smaller reel, compared to the ones you usually see around, which also gives it greater lightness. Due to its size, it usually has less line and ends up being a little more fragile.

It has a spectacular ability in distance and accuracy of pitches, there is no place where they are discouraged. Provides optimum precision and line control. It is also recommended for smaller fish (although it is the line that dictates this rule the most).

High profile : It is heavier and therefore more resistant. It works very well for long fights with fish, as it has a bigger brake, in addition to having more line on your body.

If you intend to catch large fish, where fights go far, the high profile is ideal. High profile reels have an extremely high pull capacity, but are not very good for long pitches.

The above characteristics are mainly what distinguish the reels, but in addition there are still other characteristics, such as: right-handed or left-handed reels (changing the turning lever), lighter or heavier materials, among others.

They are not as defining characteristics as the profiles, but it is important that you imagine yourself fishing, and mainly define how you will move your hands. The most common equipment is designed for right-handers, and this will slightly affect your coordination, if you are left-handed.

How to perform well with the fishing reel?

It is a fact that all equipment requires training and skill to use, with a reel is no different. To handle this device well you can pay attention to these tips, which will help you to have a balanced reel.


There is a correct way to put and wind the thread, which is not simply to attach a point and turn out. Good placement avoids twists in the thread and maintains uniformity along the length where the thread slides.

Never use lines outside the specifications stated by the reel. The attempt can create a crash or something called a hair – when it spins too fast and gets embarrassed.


It is a device also present in reels, which allows the adjustment of the reel friction. This condition helps with how heavy the line is to get out of the reel.

It is ideal to have a good calibration to not give too much slack (it is light), allowing the fish to catch a lot of line. Also, if it gets too tight, the first line is possible to break the line.

Maintaining a balance depends on fishing circumstances. In general, the tip is to adjust the friction to ¼ (a quarter) of the resistance of the line in use (this information comes with the line).


It serves mainly to prevent the formation of the fearsome hair. The reels have a fine-tuning button, where you press and reel the rod with line, hook and bait. The movement will calibrate the braking in automatic.

But, if you really want to be sure not to create a tangle of tangled wires, you can choose to adjust the brake to the maximum. This will reduce the pitch of the pitch, and also leave the spool without wires left over.

How much?

Fishing is an activity whose equipment can vary in price to a large extent. For this reason, you will have a very different price range when searching.

There are products from R $ 200, good enough for your leisure activities and weekend fishing. As you improve, you will be able to look for other models with more technology, reaching thousands of reais.

If you have a professional interest, the good choices will start at around R $ 400. A small difference, but one that can weigh a lot when fishing is just a way to de-stress.

Where to buy?

Reels are fishing accessories, so they are unlikely to be found in stores other than fishing and sports accessories.

Specialized locations will also provide you with more options for observation and choice, in addition to people generally trained in the subject.

Now, with all the immersion you have had so far, a good idea is to look at Amazon. A secure online store with a wide variety of models to choose from, with the advantage that you receive in the comfort of home.

Purchasing criteria: Learn how to compare offers and choose the best reel

Since you have come this far on this journey of knowledge, it is only fair to now pass on the final and most important information. Reels have many models and characteristics, as we have already told you and even presented a little. And you need to choose one.

For this reason, we have selected some criteria that will help you to definitely choose the ideal fishing reel for you.

  • Weight
  • Bearings
  • Braking
  • Comfort

See each of the criteria in detail below.


Arguably one of the most important needs. After all, fishing usually involves you holding fishing equipment for a long time.

A heavy set will make handling difficult after a while, and will likely shorten the enjoyment of its use. In addition, a reel must be compatible with the weight of the rod and line, maintaining a certain balance between the parts. This will help in handling.


It is the party responsible for handling the line, the elements that rotate as it runs or is returned. They are very sensitive and therefore must be made of resistant materials.

In addition, the number of bearings on a reel can vary widely, and the more, the better the line slips. Always take the number of bearings into account before purchasing a fishing reel.

Learn how to use the reel avoiding the hair through this video published by Canal Eki-PanelaTv:


You already had an idea of ​​how important the braking system is to prevent hair, right? Not only that, it also serves to give traction to the line when the fish hooks. Misconfiguring can cause a lot of inconvenience.

There are several types of brake available for reels (the most common ones are magnetic and centrifugal). The first is ideal for lighter lures, and the second for low and medium speed launches.


Comfort is the point of highest attention before purchasing any fishing item. It is basically what serves you and has no relation to others.

Details like the crank on the left or right of the reel, the question of weight and the type of material dictate this comfort.

After all, as fishing is an activity that is generally practiced for a long time, it is undeniable that it needs to be enjoyable. And it will only be if you are comfortable with the equipment you are using.


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