Flat iron Tariff

Top & Best Flat iron Tariff Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Flat iron Tariff: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the favorite device of vain people who love straight hair: Chapinha Taiff, from the brand reference in the electronic equipment market for hair care.

Although some women think that “flat iron is all the same”, you can find a wide variety of models. To help you find the ideal Taiff flat iron for your hair, check out the tips we’ve prepared in this article.

First, the most important

  • You can find more than 10 options of flat iron on the market. The main difference between them is the temperature: 180, 200, 210, 230 and 250ºC – there are also models with temperature control.
  • In addition to the conventional sized appliances, you will find the Taiff Supermini flat iron, ideal for straightening and styling short hair, fringes or for carrying in your bag.
  • In addition to straightening, the Taiff flat iron can also be used to shape or curl the wires. The Look and Look 450 models are ideal for both purposes.

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The best models of flat iron Taiff: Our recommendations

The Taiff flat iron is the ideal equipment for straightening, styling or curling hair. But with the variety of models – thirteen pieces of equipment, for personal and professional use – it can be difficult to find the ideal device. Therefore, we have listed the best purchase options below:

  • The best option for fine and fragile wires
  • The ideal model for those who like super smooth hair
  • The choice of hairdressers
  • Equipment to carry in the bag


Buying Guide

Options abound when it comes to flat iron Taiff. But what is the best model for you? The answer is simple: It depends on your hair, both texture – whether it is straight, wavy, curly or curly – and length.

In addition to finding the ideal equipment, it is important to learn how to protect your hair from intense temperatures to achieve a salon result. These are some of the topics in this Buying Guide. Good reading!

What are the unique technologies of the Taiff flat iron?

Most of Taiff’s boards treat hair while straightening, styling or caching, as these devices offer technological features such as ceramic plate, negative ions and tourmaline.

The use of ceramics can occur on the plate and resistance of the appliance – technology patented by the brand – or only on the plate. When applied to the plate, the ceramic serves to facilitate the sliding of the appliance through the locks.


When applied to the resistance, the ceramic keeps the temperature constant and helps to save energy.

When applied to the resistance, the ceramic keeps the temperature constant and helps to save energy. With a stable temperature, it is not necessary to flat iron several times on the same strand to smooth, which reduces damage to the fiber.

Another innovation is the Dual Transmission System . It’s about reusing heat – when you apply the plate to your hair, the heat is transferred to the strands and loses heat. With this technology, heat replacement is quick and provides a 30% increase in work efficiency.

The Orbital Flotation System (OFS) , on the other hand, offers cushioning, thanks to the independent internal springs, in this way, the plate adapts to the width and size of the wicks, making the device’s heat reach all parts of the wick.


  • There are 13 purchase options
  • There are models for personal and professional use
  • Temperatures range from 150 to 250ºC
  • Flat iron models treat hair while straightening, styling and caching
  • All models are bivolt


  • The more features, the more expensive the device

What are the best models of flat iron for personal use?

Who has medium hair and thick texture, should bet on a flat plate of medium thickness. Appliances with this characteristic can spread the heat through the locks easily, delivering a quick and uniform result.

Women with long hair, should invest in equipment 4 or 5 cm thick, regardless of the texture of the wires. Because they are thicker, these boards are able to straighten larger strands with each pass.

Taiff offers models for both needs. To find the best board for hair care at home, evaluate the table below:


I find a flat iron for short hair

Those who have short hair, whether male or female, have bangs, or want a device to retouch their hair during the day, should invest in the Taiff Supermini flat iron. Only 2.80cm thick, 17cm long and 165g, this is the smallest professional plate on the market.

Although small, it has the same power as a traditional model, in addition to a ceramic plate, in profile and heating, which protects the hair and facilitates the sliding of the threads. The device emits negative ions reaching 200ºC.

In addition to the flat plate, the equipment can be used to model and curl the wires, as it has a rounded shape. The device comes with a thermal case, to store after use.


Which Taiff flat iron should I buy for my salon?

If you are a beauty professional and are looking for a Taiff flat iron to style your clients’ hair, do hairstyles or chemical procedures, know that Taiff offers some models for this purpose.

A common feature among these devices is the temperature control, unlike the flat plates for personal use, which offer only one temperature option. In addition, they all release negative ions. The options are:

    • Progress Titanium: As the name implies, this device is ideal for making a progressive brush . It offers temperature control with five options: 150, 170, 190, 210 and 230ºC, to suit all hair. It has electronic panel and instant heating. In addition, it offers a floating profile that increases the contact of the board with the hair.
    • Titanium 450: Temperature varies between 200 and 230ºC, has ceramic heating, Dual Transmission and Orbital Flotation systems . The device has a bold design in pink or orange.
    • Vulcan: It is the most powerful flat iron on the market, the temperature varies between 200 and 250ºC, ideal for carrying out chemical procedures such as a progressive brush. The device has a ceramic profile, Orbital Fluctuation system and Dual Transmission .
    • Fox Ion 3: Reaches 200 or 230ºC and has a Max Slider profile . In addition, it is thin, easy to handle and has support for the fingers. It has a sophisticated design, in Soft Gold or Soft Rose colors with silver accents.



Did you know that Taiff launched its own flat iron to create volume and texture, essential for making hairstyles? The Frizz flat iron has textured plates that let the threads curl during use.


How to prepare hair to use the Taiff flat iron?

Before using the Taiff flat iron, it is important to prepare the wires to protect them from the heat of the appliance. Who has short, straight, thin, mixed or oily hair should invest in a leave-in with thermal protector.

Another option to protect the hair from the heat and prepare the look is to invest in a hair oil . The product seals the cuticles and leaves the hair with extreme shine. But it is important to invest in a product with a light texture and that serves as a thermal protector.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Taiff Flat Iron Models

The Taiff flat iron is the best equipment for styling the hair, as it can be used to straighten, style and curl your hair. However, there are more than ten models for sale, so it is important to know what to consider when purchasing. We have listed the main criteria below:

  • Device temperature
  • Purpose of use
  • Plate width
  • Technology
  • Cable length

We will detail each of the items listed above throughout this section.

Device temperature

The texture of the wires influences the choice of a flat iron. For fine hair, the ideal temperature is between 180 and 190ºC, which should only be applied once on each strand. Suggestion: Ceramics.

Who has hair with medium or thick texture, can use a flat iron with up to 200ºC. To facilitate the procedure, we recommend making a brush with a professional blow dryer before straightening your hair. Suggestions: Supermini, Red Ion, Blue Ion and Ruby.

Tip: If you are one of those who do not give up using flat iron every day, do a homemade moisturizing once a week, with a moisturizing, nourishing or reconstructive hair mask.

The professional use Taiff flat iron models have temperature control:

Purpose of use

Anyone looking for a versatile device that can both straighten their hair and create various styling effects should bet on the Look or Look 450 models. Both have markings that help to create perfect curls.

These devices also have two temperature options, 150 and 200ºC on Look and 200 and 230ºC on Look 450 – this is the difference between the equipment – negative ions, profile and ceramic coating.

Width and size

It is also important to assess the thickness of the Taiff flat iron. The narrow models are indicated for short hair and for those who want to make defined curls. The wide plates are indicated for those who have long and voluminous hair. They also serve to shape the wires.


The flat iron’s technological resources are the most important characteristics when it comes to finding the ideal device. Among the technologies used by Taiff, we can highlight:

  • Titanium: Releases negative ions that cauterize the threads, eliminate static electricity, close the cuticle and maintain the mass, nutrients, moisture and health of the threads. Suggestion: Titanium 450 and Progress Titanium.
  • Sapphire: It has a smooth and non-stick surface, which provides smooth gliding and less friction, preventing the breakage of the threads during the procedure. Suggestion: Saffira.
  • Tourmaline: When heated, tourmaline releases negative ions, which act similarly to titanium sheet. The heat acts from the inside out, making the hair look healthy.

Cable length

When buying your Taiff flat iron, evaluate the length and type of cable of the equipment. Some models, especially those for personal use, have a 1.8m long cable.

The models for professional use have a 3m long swivel cord, which gives more freedom for the professional to move around in the beauty salon.

  • 1.8m cable: Saffira X, Red Ion, Supermini, Ceramics and Ruby.
  • 3m cable: Progress Titanium, Frizz, Fox Ion 3, Titanium 450, Look, Look 450, Vulcan, Look 450 and Blue Ion.



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