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Top & Best Volleyball net Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Volleyball net: How to choose the best one in 2022?

If you love to play volleyball, whether professionally or for fun, with friends and family, you have certainly thought about buying a volleyball net. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

There are several ways to assess whether a volleyball net is right for you. Everything will depend on whether you want to buy a wider, more compact, professional or not, to play on the court or on the beach, among other options.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know to buy the best volleyball net for your needs. Continue with us to learn more about the benefits of the network and what you should pay attention to before choosing yours.

First, the most important

  • There are two main types of use for the volleyball net: professional or recreational. This will make all the difference when choosing your model.
  • Each modality requires a different type of net, with different dimensions and widths. You need to evaluate this before making the purchase.
  • A quality volleyball net must be made of 100% virgin material and with ultraviolet (UV) protection. These characteristics guarantee greater durability for the network.

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Ranking: The 4 best volleyball networks

Among the volleyball nets that people like the most, regardless of whether they are for professional or recreational use, these are the models that stand out the most. Check the list and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

  • Official Volleyball Net 4 Tarps Professional Master Net
  • Volleyball Net 4 Synthetic Tracks Master Net
  • Official volleyball network AX




Buying Guide

There are networks of various types: for professionals or just for leisure, those that can be used outdoors and the least resistant. Here you will know exactly which is the best volleyball net for your needs!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the volleyball net?

Playing sports is good for mental and physical health, and the practice of volleyball itself has numerous benefits, such as improved cognition, stimulating the synapse of neurons, greater aerobic strength and endurance, improved motor coordination, among many others.



“For people who don’t like more incisive contact sports, like handball, volleyball is a great exercise, as it has a more controlled interaction, and the chances of physical problems during its practice may be less.”

However, to play this super beneficial sport, you need a special item: the volleyball net. Without it, it is even possible to play, but the game is much more fun and professional with its presence.

In the professional practice of sport, it is totally necessary and indispensable. But it also makes recreational games more interesting and competitive. And the best thing is that it is easily transportable and can be taken to parties and even to the beach.

Among its few disadvantages is the fact that it is necessary to have a good area to install the network. After all, they are wide and players need plenty of space to play.


  • Makes the game more fun and competitive
  • It is easy to transport
  • Good value for money
  • Provides more fun at parties or trips to the beach


  • Needs a good space to be installed

What is the difference between a volleyball net and a footvolley net?

If you think you use the same net for all types of volleyball, you are wrong! So that you can practice the sport smoothly and making the most of it, it is necessary to acquire the right network.

In some ways, they are the same. For example, all quality nets must be manufactured with 100% virgin raw material and have an ultraviolet (UV) treatment. This will make it much more durable.

In addition, the meshes of the net must be interlaced, not coiled. In this way, they become firmer and do not change according to the time of use.

However, the dimensions of the networks for each of the modalities must be different. The beach volleyball net must be 8.5 meters long. The horizontal strips are 7 to 10 centimeters long.

As for footvolley, it is necessary that the net is 9.5 meters long by 1 meter wide. Its horizontal bands are between 5 and 8 centimeters.


How high should a volleyball net be?

If you are going to play with friends and family, this will be a personal matter. You can place the net at the time you prefer, without following official rules. However, if you want to make the game more serious, follow the following steps to play indoor and beach volleyball. In this table, we consider the heights for the adult category.


How much?

The more amateur volleyball nets, suitable for recreational use, usually cost a very affordable price. With R $ 100 it is possible to buy a quality network and play with your friends and family.

The most professional and durable models, on the other hand, can cost around R $ 400. Choose a volleyball net that meets your needs and provides a good cost-benefit ratio.


Where to buy?

Looking for volleyball net models on websites and online store, you will find several options on Amazon, and even Extra. In addition, of course, to the specific websites of each manufacturer.

In order to purchase in person, you will need to go to the sports store of your choice. Some options are Decathlon, for example.



Did you know that when volleyball was created, in the year 1895, in Massachusetts in the United States, players used a basketball court and the same net as a tennis game?

It was only 2 years after its emergence that the rules and the proper volleyball net were created.


Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a volleyball net

Playing volleyball is a fun and enjoyable activity. To do this, you already know that you must purchase a good volleyball net. But how to choose the best one for your needs? These are some characteristics that you should evaluate at the time of purchase:

  • Net width
  • Quality
  • Volleyball mode
  • Type of use

Read on to learn more about each item.

Net width

The first step to think about is the width of the network. If you play volleyball professionally, you will have to select the appropriate size for the game. However, if you want to buy the hammock just for leisure, the main point to consider is where you will install the hammock.

There are networks of different dimensions, some reaching 10 meters in width and others with much less than that. If you have a small yard, the ideal is to opt for a smaller model. For those who live in a farm, for example, you won’t have to worry about it so much.


There are some essential features that need to be present in a quality volleyball net, ensuring that it will perform well and last longer.

The first is that the net must be made with 100% virgin raw material and with ultraviolet (UV) protection. This will ensure that it can be used in any climatic condition without problems.

In addition, the network cannot be made with nodes. Instead, the network meshes must be intertwined.

Volleyball mode

Each type of volleyball requires a different type of net. If you play footvolley, for example, you should not buy a beach volleyball net and vice versa, especially if it is for professional use.

Before purchasing your model, research well what are the necessary measures and indicated for the volleyball nets of each modality.

Type of use

There are two main types of uses for a volleyball net: professional and recreational. Many people buy the hammock just to have fun at parties, with friends, with family, on the beach, among other situations.

If this is the case, there is no need to invest in a professional model. You can buy an exclusive recreational hammock without spending a lot. For those who practice volleyball professionally, it is necessary to acquire a great net with the appropriate dimensions for their type of sport.


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