Top & Best Badminton Kit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Badminton Kit: How to choose the best set in 2022?

Badminton is growing in popularity, a dynamic sport that is more practical than it looks. If you also want to join the wave of this “modern shuttlecock”, just read the guide that we, made about the badminton kit.

In the text that you follow below, we will examine the badminton kit. We will talk about each of your items, about the different manufacturers, in addition to examining the market and listing the best sets, all to help you find the best kit for you.

First, the most important

  • A basic badminton kit has at least two rackets, a pair of shuttlecocks and a net, as well as a carrying bag.
  • There are kits without a net, which view badminton more as a leisure activity, such as frescobol, for example.
  • Badminton kits can be purchased from R $ 30 and up to R $ 300.

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Shopping Guide

Part of badminton’s recent success with the general public is due to the “discovery” of its versatility. In other words, because it is both a sport with very healthy competition and a practical and fun activity, true outdoor entertainment.

From this perspective, it is very important to choose the right set, with the items that best meet your needs, that make your game better. Lucky you, in this Shopping Guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to find your badminton kit.


What comes with a badminton kit?

The badminton kit aims to make a sport match possible wherever possible, that is, that has the necessary space and is relatively flat. The idea of ​​the most complete sets is to have a “portable court”, for you to set up on the beach, on the grass, even on the street.

Although the number of each item is variable, a badminton kit consists of:

    • Racket – at least two, varying to four, to allow games in pairs;
    • Shuttlecock – at least two, to have at least one “spare tire”. It is the item with the most variable number;
    • Hammock – less essential item in the kit, since it is possible to play with the racket and shuttlecock. It can be a mountable network or a portable network.



How to set up the badminton net?

There are two types of net present in badminton kits. One of them, the most common, is the mountable net, with metallic or plastic supports, many of them foldable. Its assembly is simple, just stretch the support, drill the soil (being therefore limited to grass, sand and earth) and, finally, secure the net between the rods.

The other type of network is the portable one, which is also mountable, but which already comes with most of the work done. We will talk more about it in the following section, but its assembly is even simpler, just by stretching the rods and suspending the net between the two.


Is it worth buying a kit with a portable network?

In practice, all badminton kit networks are portable, as it would be quite complicated to carry two poles around. But here we speak of the portable network as those that come pre-assembled, with base and everything, all it takes is for the user to lengthen the supports, forming a “V” with the base, and to stretch the network.


Without perforation, it can be used on any surface.

If the mountable type is practical, the notebook is even more so, with an assembly time of around 60 seconds. It is a much more versatile net, since, without the need for drilling, it can be used on any surface. This makes it also more durable.

On the other hand, non-fixation makes it more susceptible to being knocked down by the wind, even though it needs to be a master wind. The price of this type of network is higher, of course.


  • Easy assembly
  • Versatility
  • Durable


  • Can be overturned
  • Biggest price

How is a professional badminton kit?

A professional badminton kit is not much different from a normal kit. The main difference is the quality, the level of performance of each item, especially the racket and shuttlecocks.

The net, in turn, needs to have the official measures, that is, 1.55m high and be at least 5.18m and at most 6.10m wide, which are the sizes of the courts for single matches and for matches in doubles, respectively.


Kit for badminton Vollo or Winmax?

Two of the most popular manufacturers of badminton equipment, and therefore kits for the sport, are Vollo and Winmax. They are not necessarily the market leaders, but have an excellent cost-benefit ratio, albeit with very different kits.

Starting with market positioning. The Winmax kit is an entry kit, for entertainment, while the Vollo kit is already intermediate, for those looking for a slightly more serious game.

The other differences are due to the items, especially the racket and shuttlecock. Vollo produces both aluminum and graphite rackets, while Winmax only has aluminum models in its kits.

As for shuttlecocks, at Vollo it is composed of nylon in the feathers and cork – the material with which the cork is made – at the base. Winmax shuttlecocks are made entirely of plastic.


How much does a badminton kit cost?

For having different compositions both in number of items and in their quality, the price of the kits is quite variable. You can find basic sets from R $ 30, and advanced kits for up to R $ 300.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing yours for badminton kit

Our last list focuses on the moment of purchase. In each item below, we show elements and characteristics of the badminton kits that must be observed so that you can compare and select the best set for your game.

  • Number of rackets
  • Network
  • Shuttlecock
  • Carrying bag

Number of rackets

A very simple way to target your search for badminton kits is from the number of rackets. There are only two types of sets, two rackets and four rackets. One racket sets you will have to assemble by yourself, and with more than four you need to purchase the other rackets separately.

There is, of course, no better type than the other, because they only vary in the number of rackets, but they dictate whether the kit is suitable for a game in pairs, for one against one or even for a “altinha” on the beach or in the backyard.



The network is a very important element to be noticed in the set. Its quality and its measures dictate the seriousness of a game, and its simple presence in the kit is the one that dictates or even determines whether a game is a badminton game or in fact or just a game.

Note, therefore, the size of the net, which needs to have a height close to 1.55 meters, when mounted, of course, and a width between three and six meters. Thinking about a more practical use, it is also worth informing about the ease of setting up the network. The easier it is to assemble it, the more practical your kit will be.


Did you know? Original from India and developed in England, badminton initially had a net like tennis, which touches the ground. Only after she came to be suspended.



Without shuttlecock, also known as steering wheel and bat, there is no badminton. But to say that your kit needs to have them is obvious. So, focus your attention on their quantity, material and storage.

The minimum the kit needs is two shuttlecocks. The ideal is from three, for the game to be more dynamic, without wasting time searching for those who have escaped the court, and also in case of losing any.

The best composition of a shuttlecock is to have nylon feathers and a cork base, so give preference to sets with this variety. Even better if they come in cans or tubes, to better store them, and prevent their feathers from denting.

Carrying bag

A badminton kit is only as good as your carrying bag. After all, without them, your set is just a bunch of items. The bag itself doesn’t have to be a sporty Louis Vitton, but its functionality needs to be good, at least in quality kits.

There are three things a carrying bag needs to have:

  • Sturdy straps , preferably to be worn on the shoulders;
  • Ample internal space , to fit all items and not threaten their integrity;
  • Internal organization , such as pockets and other compartments. Failing that, it is worth having one of the transparent faces, so you can visualize your organization of the items.




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