Top & Best women’s trail shoe Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What is the best women’s trail shoe in 2021?

To venture out on a trail, you need the layout, planning and the right accessories, among them, the most important is footwear. Therefore, we will show,  which is the best sneaker for women’s trail.

Quite different from walking or running shoes, trail running shoes need to ensure comfort and safety for you to face the challenges of the terrain and the climate. As there are several options, we have listed the best that you will find for sale.

First, the most important

  • Women’s track shoes need to have special leather and soles so that you can face different terrain and weather conditions.
  • Protecting your feet is the most important thing, but you can’t forget about comfort.
  • Trail shoes are not necessarily the same as trekking shoes.

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Buying Guide

A good trail shoe is essential for adventuring. In the case of women, special attention is also given to the variety of models and the best options for the shape of the feet.

In the Buying Guide below, we will show you how to identify the best women’s track shoes, which models are most popular, how much it costs and where to buy.


What is the importance of running shoes?

Hiking is a high-impact adventure activity. Much more than a simple walk, the trail has challenges and obstacles along the way.

After all, you will have to deal with unstable terrain, with rocks, holes, water, mud, as well as thermal differences. In addition, a trail can be a few-hour journey or a multi-day adventure.

And as your feet will do the heavy lifting, they need comfort and security to get to the end of the route.



If you use an ordinary shoe on a trail, such as walking or running shoes, you will surely end the course with blisters, calluses or with injuries to your feet, calves and legs.

Therefore, it is essential to have specific footwear to face adverse conditions, uneven terrain and different degrees of elevation.

What are the characteristics of the best women’s track shoes?

In a terrain for trail, unlike the streets and sidewalks, at any time we can trip over stones, hit the thumb, get off a dry path and enter a wet one.

Therefore, trail running shoes need to be built to withstand all these adversities. However, as there are different levels of difficulty, there are also sneakers for various types of adventures.



To identify the best women’s track shoes, therefore, the first step is to consider the route, terrain and climatic conditions of the trail you will face.

In general, the best hiking shoes will have a resistant and waterproof upper, reinforced toe and sole with latches or grooves. But none of this is useful if the shoes are not comfortable to walk for long hours.

To sum up, the best women’s track shoes will offer:

  • Foot and toe protection , with resistant upper and reinforced toecap;
  • Grip and stability to avoid twisting, with a firm, straight and / or high sole;
  • Comfort , with the right level of cushioning to prevent injury.

Best women’s track shoes: What models will you find?

When choosing the best trail shoes you will find two options: sneakers and boots.

For long trails with many climbs, boots are the best option. This type of footwear is more rigid, has a high heel, which protects the ankle and, in general, has higher latches on the sole, of about 5 mm.

Therefore, the hiking boot offers more stability for those who climb mountains, avoiding twists. On the other hand, the disadvantage of these shoes is to limit the movement of the feet, being uncomfortable for running.



On lighter and shorter trails, sneakers are the most suitable. They facilitate small climbs, are lighter and more flexible and can be used for mountain racing since they usually have hybrid locks of 2 to 4 mm.

So much so that, today, there is even running shoes for trail running. In addition to it, it is also possible to find the hybrid trail shoes, which are suitable for both those who run on asphalt and on trails.

In both cases, however, it is important that you know and consider your type of heavy, which can be neutral, pronated or supinated. The downside is that not all track shoes receive waterproof treatment.

To illustrate the differences between hiking shoes and boots, we created the following table:

What are the other essential accessories on a trail?

In addition to planning, physical endurance and the best running shoes for women, you must have other accessories that will increase your safety and comfort while walking.

After all, in addition to using your feet, your body and skin will be exposed to weather conditions that, depending on the region, can change a lot during a single day. So it is important to choose clothes, socks, backpack and other accessories well.

Opt for hiking clothes that are made with light fabrics, but at the same time, protect your body and skin from the sun and insects.



Did you know that hiking socks are also important? The socks reinforce the protection of the feet, especially against the dreaded blisters.

Wool socks are suitable for short, one-day hikes and cold, dry climates, as they do not absorb moisture.

The synthetic fiber models are ideal for longer trails and for those who sweat more.

Give preference to long-sleeved pants and shirts, waterproof and with sun protection factor. And always take a windbreaker with you.

Regarding accessories, the most recommended are: Walking stick, pocket knife, headlamp, raincoat, repellent, sunscreen, towel, guidance equipment and first aid items.

The backpack is another item that can be very useful for carrying groceries, water and accessories.

The size and weight of the backpack will depend on the type of trail. In any case, always choose lightweight, waterproof models with multiple compartments.

What is the price of the best women’s track shoes and where to buy?

There are women’s track shoes of all prices. But it is undeniable that the best are more expensive. Thus, you will be able to opt for sneakers that cost between R $ 70 and R $ 1,000.

If you are a beginner there is no need to buy the most expensive one, but we recommend that you choose a model with an intermediate price. The cheapest ones can have dubious quality and resistance.

As for buying the best running shoes, the options are vast and include shoe stores, adventure stores, department stores and even hypermarkets. However, the greatest diversity of offers you can find online, in renowned stores such as Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to evaluate the best women’s track shoes

To buy the best trail running shoes for women, first you need to analyze the terrain and conditions of the route, then define what resources the footwear needs to have. With that in mind, you should review the following criteria:

  • Correct numbering
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Latches and grooves
  • Lacquering

Below, we will detail each of these topics.

Correct numbering

It seems obvious, but it is not. It is essential that you buy the right size of track shoes. And, here, experts recommend that you always choose a numbering higher than yours to ensure protection and comfort.

The need to have more space available inside tennis is explained by three reasons:

  • On a trail, the impact of your fingers with the toe of the shoe is much greater;
  • It is almost always necessary to wear thicker socks to keep your feet dry;
  • The feet must have enough space to swell .

Waterproof and breathable

As we find puddles of water and mud on a trail, and it can always rain, it is important to consider a women’s trail shoe that is waterproof.

After all, getting wet and keeping your feet wet, in addition to being uncomfortable, can cause the appearance of fungi.

Another important feature of women’s track shoes is that they are breathable. This feature depends on leather fabric technologies, which ensure that the moisture in the feet is dissipated by evaporation and, at the same time, prevent moisture from the external environment from entering the shoe.

Latches and grooves

As we have seen, the best women’s track shoes will have a sole with good grip for both wet and dry surfaces. To guarantee traction, track shoes must have locks on the soles and / or grooves.

The latches give the feeling of a high sole, but they are essential to protect your feet and provide more security in your strides on uneven terrain. The grooves, on the other hand, help to increase the grip and also prevent stones from lodging in the sole.


There are two types of lacquering in a women’s track shoe: the one with an adjustable shoelace and a fast-fitting shoelace.

Here the choice is personal and should be made according to your comfort and practicality. But, generally, the laces that already come interlaced and allow quick adjustment are not always so comfortable.


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