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Top & Best Mizuno boot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mizuno boot: How to choose the best pair of 2022?

In today’s text it’s about the Mizuno boot, the shoes made for the player who wants to get out of the obvious, but knows what he wants for his game.

In the Guide below, we prepare sections and lists, share tips and answer the most important questions about Mizuno boots, all so that you can find the model that best fits your style and your football.

First, the most important

  • Mizuno football boots offer an alternative to major brands by making classic models, which are more sober, cleaner, but equally effective.
  • Mizuno works with main lines, such as Morelia and Wave, each with their respective editions and sub-lines.
  • The price of Mizuno boots varies widely, between approximately R $ 90 and R $ 1500.

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Best Mizuno boots: The newsroom favorites

The following list is the result of a complete analysis of Mizuno’s boot catalog. The best models of the brand are listed, the ones that most pleased our newsroom. The idea is that our selection inspires and helps you find your ideal match.

  • The best Mizuno professional boot
  • The most cost-effective model
  • The Mizuno football boot



Shopping Guide

The competition for the boot market is extremely fierce. Brands rush to develop the most innovative models, with the most disruptive designs and technologies that best enhance the skills of players … and end up forgetting the basics. But not to Mizuno.

With a leaner catalog, but more focused than competitors, Mizuno bets on boots with more classic molds, quality materials and comfort, so that the protagonism of the game is with who deserves it: the player. In this Shopping Guide, we will help you find the model that will connect your game and bring out your protagonism.

How are Mizuno’s boots?

If we had to summarize Mizuno boots in one word, we would use the word “classic”. Among lines, models and brands, the Japanese manufacturer’s sporty footwear are the ones that most maintain the “essence” – design, shape, even materials – of the general conception of what a boot is.

The format is practically the same in all models, disregarding, of course, the small adaptations between indoor, field and society cleats: the base of the heel tight, the upper leather of the instep, making a “descent” to the tip, which is more pointed in field and society shoes, and more rounded in futsal shoes.

The leather is also classic. Always in leather, synthetic material or other material that is similar. You will hardly find models with bolder details in this region, both in the aesthetic sense (details, prints) and in the functional (openings, textures).

The same goes for closing, always in shoelaces, with long tongue, in short, everything very traditional. Which does not mean, however, that Mizuno’s boots are out of date. They are not necessarily innovative, but they are just as effective as any other.



Mizuno boot: Morelia or Basara?

Two of Mizuno’s most popular boot lines are Morelia and Basara. Although they are similar in general format and basic design – the brand’s logo highlighted on the side of the upper, identification of the line on the heel -, they are boots with different proposals.



There is an alternative line, from Morelia, Morelia Japan , which is produced and imported from Japan. It is a professional line and, in a way, luxury.


Morelia is the supreme of Mizuno’s classic cleats. Little variety of colors, although the variety of models and editions is much greater than the other lines of the catalog, clean leather, with reinforced seams and the minimalist print, just written “Morelia” and the edition in simple font.

Basara, in turn, is Mizuno’s youngest line, but not necessarily child or youth. It is that its look is more daring, with bright colors, leather almost smooth with seams and a print with a more “street” font.

Where to buy a Mizuno boot with booties?

To find a Mizuno boot with a “bootie”, that inlaid anklet, in mesh or other elastic and porous fabric, you can buy it in … nowhere.

Unfortunately, Mizuno opted, at least for the next few years, to not include advent in its boots, even though its improvement in comfort, stability and even the footwear of the shoes is proven.

It turns out that the boot goes in the opposite direction of the general line of the brand, the classic tone that, as we showed in the previous sections, is present in practically all models in the catalog, especially in the Morelia line .

In addition, the market is already somewhat saturated with cleats with built-in anklets, and launched by the giants Nike, Adidas and Puma – even Penalty has entered the “wave”.


What is the price of a Mizuno boot?

Even though the Mizuno boot offer is not as large or as diverse as its competitors, the price variation of the models is somewhat high, largely because of the brand’s “special” lines, Morelia Japan and Elite (professional) .

Thus, you can find more basic models with the oldest launch date from R $ 90, and pay up to R $ 1500 in the latest, special or professional boots.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your Mizuno boot

You may have noticed that Mizuno has a slightly different boot offer than the others. Well, in this last section we will help you to browse through this catalog, and to find, from precise purchase criteria, the ideal pair.

  • Main line
  • Edition
  • Modality
  • Classic or modern style

Main line

Mizuno organizes its boot catalog based on the main lines. They group certain characteristics, mainly in the design and the proposed use (in some cases, the ideal terrain), and have different release dates.

The most relevant main lines are:

  • Morelia , who dominates Mizuno’s recent offering, and has very varied designs;
  • Basara , older, with bolder designs and a younger audience;
  • Wave , line that came from Mizuno sneakers, and focuses on comfort and cushioning.


Once you understand the main lines and choose your favorite, it’s time to move on, towards editing that line. In an internet search, editions are usually the third name in the product title, like Mizuno Morelia Classic.

Each edition is a kind of sub-line.

Each edition is a kind of sub-line, which further specifies the materials, technologies and uses already grouped in the main edition. There are several editions. Only in Morelia, for example, there is the Classic , the Neo Club , the Elite , just to be among some. The thing is to observe each edition and choose which one brings together the attributes that best suit you.


This criterion serves more as a reminder, that every first-time footballer should know, and that every footballer already knows, but it is still worth remembering. The sport is nothing more than the type of field on which the boot will be used.

There are three modalities covered by the Mizuno boot: field football, society football and indoor football. Each of these fields needs boots with specific adaptations, such as the sole design, the size of the latches and the equation “resistance x lightness” of the upper,

Classic or modern style

A basic duality of Mizuno, which in some cases goes beyond the question of lines and editions, is related to style. There are basically two types of Mizuno football boots, classic and modern.

The classic ones are those that, first, are black, at most white, with few visual details in the design. They have a traditional shape, with leather uppers or material that simulates leather and without many innovations.

The modern ones have bolder designs, with shapes closer to the recent boots of the other brands, although they retain a little of the classic classic tone of Mizuno boots. They have more visual details and have a greater supply of, say, extravagant colors.


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