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Top & Best Barbecue stove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Barbecue stove: How to choose the best in 2022?

With the increasing number of people living in apartments, barbecue enthusiasts have suffered from the lack of space to prepare a good roast. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with one product: the stove grill.

Being small, needing only a stove to function and not emitting smoke, this product gains versatility and ease of use. And if you’re interested in it, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s Review you will find all the information about the stove grill and who knows, soon you will be doing barbecues in the comfort of your home.

First, the most important

  • Stove grills have an average size of 30 centimeters and cannot be used for large quantities of food.
  • They are very easy to use, clean and disassemble and can be taken anywhere.
  • Its cost benefit is also very good since for about R $ 50 it is possible to purchase one of these.

Best stove grills: We recommend

Can’t wait to schedule a barbecue with friends, but don’t know which grill to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared this list with the models best rated by lovers of good roast meat, check out:

  • An excellent option for those who live in an apartment
  • Very easy to clean barbecue option

Buying Guide

A self-respecting grill knows that for a good barbecue it is necessary in addition to good meat, the ideal temperature and a quality barbecue.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the key part of a good barbecue, we have prepared this Purchase Guide containing absolutely all the information about the stove grill. At the end of the reading you will be great and you will be able to choose your ideal model.

What is a stove grill?

Stove grills are like round pots. They have a base, in which it is necessary to put water, a circular grid where the ingredients will be placed, an opening in the middle where the stove top will be and a lid.

Reading this it is thought that the product is very simple and that is a reality. Being light, portable and very practical, the stove grill is ideal for those who live in apartments or small houses where there is no space for another type of product.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a stove grill?

Thanks to the water that is placed inside, this barbecue does not emit smoke, which bothers many people in traditional barbecues.

It can bake all types of food and to work it only needs to be placed over the fire and its lid must always be closed, as this is how the heat spreads evenly through the product and roasts the food.

Its negative point is that it is not possible to use a barbecue stove for a large number of people, since its space is limited. In addition, because it does not use charcoal, it does not provide that smoked taste that many appreciate.

What types of stove grill?

There are not many variations with regard to stove grills. All models are made of aluminum, what differentiates one from the other is the finish, with some gaining non-stick coating.

The grid may also vary slightly between brands. There are models that have grills very similar to those used in traditional barbecues, while others are smaller and there are even some that are closed in the middle and have openings only on the sides to pass the heat to the food.

The cover can be made all in aluminum or have a structure in this material and a glass window.

Speaking of size, it is somewhat standardized, changing just a few centimeters in diameter from one grill to another. The most common are 30 centimeters, but it is possible to find options with 28, 31, 32 and up to 33 centimeters.

Barbecue for stove or electric?

Thinking of the use in small places and portability, there are two models of barbecue that compete with each other: the stove and the electric.

The biggest and most obvious difference between them is in the fact that one is activated by fire and the other by electricity.

In stove grills the heat source is external and the meat or vegetables are roasted through the steam of the water that is inside the product and the grills.

In the case of electric models, the resistance is just below the grid and it is possible to see them easily. The heat source is very close to the food and it is possible to control its temperature.

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Another difference between the two options is that the stove grill has a size that does not vary much, while in the case of electric ones there are small ones, but it is also possible to find larger options, not to mention that there are rotating or fixed models and built-in ones on the wall.

In addition, both barbecues do not generate smoke, but the stove has less chance of leaving a smell in the apartment since the whole process is done with its lid closed.

How much?

The investment to purchase a stove grill is not high. The average minimum value for this product is R $ 50, with a maximum of R $ 1,100.

What will vary in the price of this product is the type of coating it has, the cover model and the brand.

Where to buy?

The stove grill is an easily accessible product that can be purchased at home product stores, department stores and hypermarkets.

Online you can also buy a stove grill, and the sites that most have this product are:

    • Amazon
    • Free market
    • American
    • Extra
    • Magazine Luiza


If you are interested in a model from our ranking know that you can buy it just by clicking on the link.


Did you know that there are smoke extracts for food? This product is aimed at those who do not give up the taste of smoked meat that is roasted on charcoal grills. It is possible to find the powder option, which already comes with salt, and the liquid.



Purchase Criteria: How to compare stove grills

Even though they do not have many variations between them, stove grills have some particularities that must be taken into account to find out which is the ideal model for your need.

Therefore, we have separated below the main factors that you must take into account when comparing stove grills, they are:

Now, check in detail each of these factors to make your decision and make the right choice


All stove grills are made of aluminum, but the type of finish and coating they receive may be different.

The simplest ones do not usually have a coating and at most they receive a polished finish. This way, it is easier for the fat to stick to the product and cleaning is a little more complicated.

Other options receive a non-stick coating, such as teflon. This coating is widely used in kitchen pans, and its cleaning is very easy, since the fat does not stick.

However, depending on the type of product that is used to wash it and the kitchen utensils that the nonstick is used in, it can scratch and start to come out.

Cap Type

There are stove grills with full cover made of aluminum and others with glass cover.

Functionally speaking it makes no difference, as the food will roast regardless of the material with which the lid was made.

But remember that this type of product should always be used closed? With this, the glass lid can be a good option to accompany the process of preparing meat or vegetables without having to open the grill every time.

A tip to achieve the best performance of your stove grill is to use it over medium heat so that cooking is done equally and the flavor of the food is preserved.

Grid template

There is no such thing as an ideal grill model and this is true even with common grills, but there are ways to evaluate and make a good choice.

Do not opt ​​for grills with very large spaces between them, depending on the product you are going to bake it is possible that it will fall between the openings.

Very small models are also not recommended because cleaning is much more difficult on these grills.

The closed options, only with holes in the sides are good for those who want to bake pizzas on the grill, but for meats they can end up accumulating fat which can lead to smoke and strong smell in the house.


You should remember that we said above that there is not much variation in size on stove grills and that is a reality.

However, there are models that are slightly smaller and others slightly larger.

It is worth doing a search and choosing that barbecue that best suits the type of product you like to consume, sometimes a few centimeters can make a difference.


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