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Top & Best Electric barbecue Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric barbecue: Check out the best of 2022

Would you like to be able to enjoy a barbecue even if you live in an apartment? Or do you live in a house, but would like to eat a roast meat in the middle of the week without making too much dirt? The electric barbecue can be what you are looking for.

In this article we want to help you find the perfect electric barbecue for your home. With low investment and many advantages, it is an indispensable item for those who have little space and appreciate a barbecue.

We are sure that we can help you in choosing your barbecue. Stay with us until the end of this article to check out the 7 best models and learn everything about an electric grill, including how to prepare tasty meat and clean the appliance.

First, the most important

  • The electric barbecue is a solution for those who live in apartments – or do not have outside space – to be able to prepare a delicious and quick barbecue.
  • In addition to knowing all the important details to buy an electric barbecue, here you will learn tips for preparing a delicious barbecue using this very practical equipment. We will also teach you how to clean your barbecue and take care to prolong the life of your equipment.
  • Read the purchase criteria to ensure you choose the perfect electric grill for your needs.

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Best electric grills: Our recommendations

Barbecue has never been easier. The electric barbecue is a solution for those who have little space and want practicality. Check out the best models in this ranking prepared.

  • Electric Grill – Arke
  • Electric Barbecue – Cadence
  • Gourmet Barbecue – Britânia
  • Electric Barbecue – Cadence
  • Electric Barbecue – Mondial
  • Electric Barbecue – Cadence
  • Gourmet Barbecue – Britânia

Buying Guide

The electric barbecue brought the opportunity for anyone to eat a delicious barbecue, even living in an apartment. If it weren’t for them, it would be difficult to enjoy a good barbecue for those who don’t have outside space.

Check out all the details about this type of barbecue throughout this complete Buying Guide.

What is an electric grill?

The electric barbecue is a device that made the Sunday barbecue simple and practical, especially for those who do not have much space. There are different models available on the market.

Some that have rotating skewers, others also work as a grill or the simplest ones, but very popular because they are a copy of the traditional barbecue, but without the need to use charcoal.

And that is precisely why this type of barbecue does not leave the smell of smoke inside the house. Many people who have a balcony in the apartment or an outdoor area at home continue to opt for one of these for economy and practicality.

They have a resistance that can be regulated by means of a button, as the meat is roasted.

It is a simple equipment that can be used for the preparation of many foods, offering more health and well-being by not needing oil.

Skewers, various vegetables, potatoes, onions and caramelized fruits are examples of what you can prepare on an electric barbecue, which is not just for roasting meat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric barbecue?

The first – and most important – advantage is the convenience that an electric barbecue offers. Just place your meat or any other snack on the grill or skewer, plug it in and adjust the temperature.

This saves a lot of the work of those who bake, since they do not need to be controlling the fire. No need for coal, no smoke and less dirt your barbecue will be ready without much work.

In addition to being practical, it also generates coal savings. And you still won’t need to run around the market and pick up a bag of charcoal whenever you feel like eating meat “on the grill” – in this case, resistance.

If practicality and economy are already excellent advantages for you, you can stay with us and be even happier because it didn’t end there. They are very compact and can be stored after use. No need to be exposed or take up space in your kitchen.

And precisely because of mobility, you can take your electric barbecue anywhere. Whether for a barbecue at the home of friends or relatives, it is a guarantee of being able to eat a barbecue no matter the situation.

Plus, you can buy one of these for just $ 109. A low investment in a device that offers many advantages can only result in an excellent cost benefit.

To conclude this list of advantages, it is worth mentioning that it is very easy and quick to clean an electric barbecue. They are completely dismountable and this facilitates the process.

One point that disadvantages the product is that it is difficult to reproduce the flavor of the meat roasted by charcoal, as there is no smoke to smoke the food.

In addition, it dispenses almost all the work of the roaster and this can make those who love roasting meat very upset.

How to make meat tasty with an electric grill?

Depending on the thickness of the meat it is possible to prepare a barbecue in 20 minutes. It also depends, of course, on the power of the electric grill you choose. The greater the power in Watts, the faster the process.

But to guarantee that delicious barbecue, very similar to the traditional one – since it is not possible due to the absence of charcoal that smokes the meat – we have some tips to share with you.

Write it down to put it into practice as soon as your electric grill arrives:

  1. Choose a soft, thick meat not too thick. Picanha, rump, rib, against fillet and flank steak are the best cuts. The thinner it is, the better it is done, just as thicker meats tend to be underdone;
  2. Season your way in advance. The more traditional ones only use coarse salt on the spot, but you can season your meats as you wish;
  3. Put water on the tray, it allows the meat not to dry out and prevents smoke, in addition to facilitating the cleaning of the container;
  4. Set the thermostat to your preferred temperature, remembering that the hotter the faster it will bake. And that can change the point of the meat. The low temperature may take longer, but you are less likely to miss the point;
  5. Monitor your meat to check the juiciness, do not leave it on the grill without checking frequently. It roasts faster than on a charcoal grill and can dry out or burn easily;
  6. If necessary, turn the food around while;
  7. You can make a liquid sauce of your choice, such as lemon, for example, to water the meat with a spoon while roasting, taking care that the liquid does not drip on the thermostat;
  8. There, just enjoy your barbecue.

How to clean an electric barbecue?

One of the great advantages of this equipment is the ease of cleaning. But because it is an electrical product, some precautions are necessary for greater safety and also to prolong the life of your electric barbecue.

The first tip is to disconnect the device from the outlet. Never clean with the power supply connected. Also, do not place your barbecue under the tap, for example. First dismantle all of her parts.

You can wash the grill when it is still warm, being very careful not to burn yourself. This facilitates the cleaning of the fat retained on the grill. Or you can also just remove the excess while it is hot and soak it in water and detergent while eating.

The same can be done with the tray where the fat accumulates. Remove the water that was added before preparation and add clean water with detergent.

Then wash normally under running water. It is worth mentioning that in order not to damage your barbecue, you should always clean the components with the least abrasive part of the sponge.

You can wash the tray and the grill without water restriction, but you should only wipe with a cloth moistened with water without chemicals to remove the fat from the resistance. Keeping them well away from the taps. Outside the equipment, a damp cloth is enough.

Finally, never use aluminum foil to line your tray, this can damage the thermostat because it is too close to it. Such care will guarantee your safety and also a longer life for your electric barbecue.

Did you know that there are differences between barbecue from North to South?

The barbecue is the darling of Sunday, especially in the south of the country. But it is a tradition that has spread from North to South throughout.

And this diversity, in such a large country, has been adapted according to the local culture, thus transforming its original ideas and spreading different practices throughout our country.

  • South : Many people follow the preparation of this dish to the letter, especially using only coarse salt to season the meat. The most used meats are picanha and rib. Sausage, white rice, salad, potato mayonnaise and garlic bread are the main accompaniments in this region of the country.
  • Northeast : It is very common to use sun meat and to have coalho cheese and cassava cooked or fried as an accompaniment.
  • Southeast : The most requested meats at steakhouses are picanha, rump heart and pork. For side dishes, it is common to see potato chips, bacon farofa, beans, fried onions, eggs and sausages.

How much?

An electric barbecue really has a great cost benefit. A simple model can be purchased from R $ 100. If you are looking for one that has a pedestal, the average investment value is around R $ 160.

The most sophisticated ones, like the rotating roaster, can cost between R $ 500 and R $ 800, depending on the model and the number of skewers that can fit it.

But doing a general average it is possible to buy a great electric barbecue with less than R $ 180.

Where to buy?

Hypermarkets and department stores usually sell this product.

If these stores don’t exist in your city, check the internet. Buying online you get the product at home, guarantee the best prices and also more variety of models.

All of the aforementioned grills can be found on the Amazon website. Some models can also be purchased at Magazine  By clicking on the ranking links you are automatically directed to the mentioned model.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare electric barbecue models

Now that you know all the advantages of having one of these at home, it may be difficult to choose the right model for you. For this reason we will also address some essential criteria, which can help you decide once and for all.

Before finalizing your purchase, it is important to review:

  • Size
  • Wattage
  • Base
  • Material

Remember that the perfect electric barbecue is not the most complete, nor the most expensive, but the one that will most suit your needs. That is why it is so important to think about your daily life and analyze these criteria before choosing the model. And among the grills that we brought in this selection, one of them was made for you.


Its size is important for two factors. First, because of the amount of food you can bake at one time. And second, because of the space it occupies in your kitchen or even in your closet.

This does not mean that bigger is better. If you plan to have an electric barbecue for two or three people, a small model may be enough. Even more so if you live in a small place.

It is even ideal that you have a more compact barbecue. Think about where you want to store the device and the space it would occupy in your closet. Too big could end up getting in the way of an apartment’s daily life.

But it could be excellent for those who have a larger space to store, or it could also be mounted outdoors. Especially if you like to have friends over.

Think about where you would like to use, the space you would occupy and if there is space for those who bake to work. Think about your reality and how you would like to use your barbecue. So pay attention to the dimensions so that you are satisfied after the purchase.


The power of these devices usually varies between 1,400 and 2,000 Watts. It is a detail that may or may not be important to you.

The most powerful electric grills tend to heat up more and cook food faster. Even more if used to the maximum. But it can make your meat drier.

Those that use more Watts can also consume more energy. Especially if you use the maximum power of the device. The electric barbecue usually has a button where you can adjust the temperature you want from the thermostat.

If you are looking for more energy savings, opt for a barbecue with less Watts. If you want your electric barbecue to be even faster, choose one of 2,000 Watts of power.


Again we invite you to reflect. Where do you intend to use your barbecue? In the place you want to use, do you have space for a model with a pedestal?

The electric barbecue that has the base is perfect for use in more spacious kitchens, on the balcony of an apartment or any outdoor area. Even for an outdoor barbecue.

If you fit these characteristics, it is worth investing in models with this pedestal. The shelf helps to leave everything you need on hand for preparing your barbecue. It is certainly a practical option for those who have enough space.

The investment is usually about R $ 50 more expensive than models without the base. See if it’s worth it for your reality. With these tips you can now choose one of the ranking models, make your purchase and wait for your electric barbecue to arrive for that delicious Sunday barbecue.


The material of the piece is what will guarantee the durability of your electric barbecue. Important criterion, after all, nobody wants to buy a product and have to replace it soon.

Realize that the more resistant the raw material, the longer the grill will last. Take into account that some materials, when exposed to the weather, be it rain, or sun, can be damaged.

The material also dictates the ease of cleaning. And the correct and frequent cleaning also guarantees the durability of the product.


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