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Top & Best Barbecue grill Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Barbecue grill: How to choose the best one in 2022?

you and announces that it is time to welcome friends with a barbecue prepared on the best barbecue  If you are looking for something practical, modern and that helps you prepare the best meats, this is the way to go.

With several characteristics that attract the attention of beginners and qualities recommended by experts, the barbecue grills meet the expectation of producing a good barbecue and even become a decorative item at home.

If you are in doubt about which model to choose, be aware that we will show you every detail to be evaluated. That way you will know how to analyze all the criteria to make a good purchase.

First, the most important

  • The main characteristic of a barbecue grill is that cover that makes the heat concentrated and contributes to the cooking of the food.
  • You can make the most varied types of meat on a barbecue like this, but it is worth mentioning that it is also perfect for vegetables and fish.
  • They are usually on the list of the most economical models. Depending on the size and model chosen, you can invest from R $ 100.

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Best barbecue grills: Our recommendations

Living in apartments or houses with little outside space makes us believe that social life will be a little damaged, but this is not always the case. The Sunday barbecues are guaranteed with an ideal equipment for your reality: the barbecue. We have made a selection of the best models to present you and help you with that choice:

  • Guarapari breath barbecue – MOR
  • Mini charcoal grill
  • Gas barbecue – Tramontina

Buying Guide

The barbecue grill is very suitable for apartments, as it usually smokes less. But it is also perfect for gathering the family in the garden for a delicious Sunday barbecue.

Not sure that this is the right barbecue for you? Continue with us that we will bring you all the details of this product.

What is a barbecue grill?

Barbecues have become the object of many people’s desire. Synonymous with leisure, much more than food, they need to please the whole family.

If they are practical and beautiful they become even more special in the composition of the home’s leisure space. The truth is that people are not just looking for a functional item that fulfills the role of roasting meat.

Certainly, the efficiency attributes of barbecue grills are very important, but in addition it needs to match the style of the family, the house and, mainly, with the proposed use.

gather friends and family to socialize. But if you have a barbecue in the middle, the meeting becomes a party and it gets even better.

In summer, the weather calls for a walk on the beach and why not a barbecue camp for the crowd at the end of the day?

But if you don’t have time for any of this, and you can, at most, call the crowd for a barbecue on the veranda of the apartment, the breathtaking barbecue is also for you. And better, without making too much smoke, maintaining the flavor.

The barbecue grill is a practical item that can work with the use of coal, gas or even electric. Coal being the most common.

They have a lid that muffles the food, hence the origin of the name. This smoke stored inside makes the meat taste like smoked, one of the main characteristics of the product.

What are the advantages of a barbecue grill?

Let’s talk a little about the advantages of these barbecues, which you find in different models, sizes and prices and which provide practicality to guarantee your Sunday barbecue.

Among the advantages of the steam grill is the economy of coal and the emission of smoke. Because it has a lid, it doesn’t emit smoke all the time.

It is worth mentioning that when you open the lid to check the preparation of the barbecue, some smoke will certainly be emitted, therefore, it is not entirely smoke-free.

Another feature of some models of steam grills is that they are really a decorative item, in your party area or gourmet lounge. And maybe even on your balcony.

As they have a lid, the appearance is always a clean and organized item, just keep the lid closed as soon as you finish the preparation.

Of course, you will need to clean the grill and remove the remains of used charcoal, but this can be done after the visits are gone. If you don’t have much experience as a grill, this grill can also be a good ally in its beginning.

Unlike traditional grills, this one works with an oven. When closed, it keeps the heat and the products end up cooking quite easily.

If you are experienced, you may not need to use the lid all the time, just in some types of preparation. So it is interesting to look for an option where you can choose whether to use the grill cover or not.

In this video at Canal BBQ em Casa you can see some of these characteristics that we highlight.

The barbecued barbecue is not synonymous with charcoal barbecue. Some electric and even gas ones can also have a breath function, that is, they have a cover for insulating the air intake, which maintains the desired temperature.

For the preparation of meat that is usually tougher, such as ribs, termites or ham, for example, the barbecue grill is ideal.

The preparation of fish and vegetables is also easier in this type of barbecue. Those who want to innovate a little more can also take the risk of preparing other foods such as hamburgers and pizzas.

All of this is already making our readers’ mouth water. Before you stop reading and run to the kitchen to prepare something delicious to eat, let’s list some advantages and disadvantages of this type of barbecue.

What is the function of the lid on the grill?

In addition to making the entire structure more harmonious, the grill cover has a very important function. It is because of it that the barbecue is considered the breath.

After you prepare the charcoal, which is usually in a reserved space at the bottom of the grill, so it is more economical, you put the meat under the grill and then close the lid to keep the heat.

The truth is that the barbecued barbecue works like an oven, heating the meat completely and producing a fascinating effect on its flavor.

The lids also have an air outlet that works like a chimney. When closed, it prevents the spread of smoke in the environment and makes sure that your Sunday barbecue does not disturb the quiet of the neighborhood.

But remember, there is no magic. If you are using a charcoal grill, you will certainly have some smoke. The fact is that in the case of a barbecue grill, this smoke will be reduced and controlled.

If smoking is prohibited in your condo, perhaps only an electric grill can save your family barbecue.

How much?

You will find barbecue grills from R $ 80 to over R $ 2,500, depending on the style you are looking for and the characteristics that most suit your needs.

Electric grills, with temperature controllers and super resistant materials, are the most expensive. You will find other electric ones with intermediate values, as well as charcoal barbecue grills, which are the most common, but also have varying prices.

The variation in values ​​is largely due to the size of the grill and accessories that come with it. The cheapest ones are recyclable ones, also called homemade barbecues, made with refrigerator cylinders or iron brass.

Where to buy?

Stores specializing in camping items and even furniture or home items, offer countless options for barbecues. Nowadays, if you go to a butcher shop, you can go out with your barbecue under your arm and prepare your barbecue as soon as you get home.

For you who have already defined your selection criteria, carried out the necessary research and even measured your available space, the best option is the internet.

Especially if you have chosen the portable barbecue, you will have a lot of ease in the assembly, and you will find the best prices.

At Amazon, the main store in e-commerce, you can find the best known and recommended brands and models. Department stores, such as Americanas, or household goods in general, such as Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia and Magazine Luiza can also be an alternative.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the barbecue grill models

It is not the best barbecue that makes the best barbecue, but who knows how to choose and prepare the best meat. Certainly, having accessories at your fingertips that allow you to have more confidence and discover your skills will generate good results.

Keeping your barbecue always clean and sanitized is also an important observation. This will make it possible for you to enjoy it for longer and with more quality. When the structure starts to be damaged, surely your barbecues will no longer taste the same.

We will help you to define some basic and definitive points that will be indispensable to define your purchase. Are they:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Portable
  • Operation


When we are talking about size, it is important to evaluate two aspects. The first is how much space is available, whether at home or in the car to transport, in the case of portable grills, for example.

If you intend to use it on an apartment balcony, measure the area chosen to facilitate your choice within those dimensions. In the case of larger grills that can be used outdoors, evaluate the location where it will be stored.

Generally, the space does not have to be as large, as you can fold or dismantle the side tables.

Another relevant factor is the grill space of the barbecue, that is, how much meat you can cook at the same time on your barbecue. Some barbecues look great, but the accessories represent most of it and that doesn’t influence how much meat you can roast.

On the other hand, some that look small, have a very interesting grill area. Try to evaluate these measures to ensure satisfaction with your purchase.


The material of manufacture will guarantee the durability of your barbecue. The more resistant the raw material, the longer its useful life.

Some materials can be damaged by time or exposure to intense heat. Barbecues on the street, for example, must be more resistant to the sun and eventual rains.

Brass grills, exposed to heat and weather, can show signs of wear such as rust or peeling of the dye.

Care must be taken with hygiene to improve the durability of these models, although some have already been modernized in terms of dyeing and sealing the material.

Barbecues developed in steel with aluminum finishes are quite resistant, but certainly you will also need special care to maintain their quality like any other item.

There are still options in iron. Like iron pans, this material requires a lot of care and maintenance to avoid rust.


If you are going to move your grill frequently, consider buying a model that facilitates this, the wheels. This is an important factor when it comes to portable grills.

What’s more, while you prepare the barbecue you can move it around if the smoke is directed to where people are.

Yard houses usually have more space and the idea is to always have friends gathered in the yard. That’s why laptops are always welcome. You can take them outside, and store them in a safe place after using and cleaning them.

But be careful with the size as mentioned above. If you like to travel, or have a country house or on the beach, and want to take your barbecue with you, look for a more compact model.


The most common barbecue grill is the charcoal grill. But the way your chosen works depends on your interest and your taste.

The limitations of your property also interfere with this choice. Some condominiums do not allow the use of coal, in this case electric or gas grills can do the job well.

In the case of charcoal grills, it is worth mentioning that the portable ones with breath have some advantages, such as charcoal storage compartments that help you save and are also easier to clean.

When coal is not exposed you also have the advantage of producing less smoke, since the fat from the meat does not come into direct contact with the coals.


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