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Top & Best NBA T-shirts Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

NBA T-shirts: Which are the best in 2022?

Today we’re going to talk about the NBA jerseys, one of the most successful licensed sports products, from incorrigible fans to casual enthusiasts from the biggest basketball league in the world.

Wearing a T-shirt with NBA themes and prints, as well as watching the games, is part of a whole community, sharing a little of the identity and the unique aesthetic sense that the league has developed over more than 70 years, and without give up comfort and economy.

We are warning you: there are too many T-shirts! The prints and designs have a multitude of inspirations and themes, from the history of teams to historic players. But rest assured, in this Guide we have a mission to help you choose your ideal model. So be smart, because if the ball goes up, you have to drop this text.

First, the most important

  • If the T-shirt is a unique product, its prints and designs are the opposite. And everything in the NBA motivates a different model: Cities, teams, players, even the league itself.
  • Always look for official products. They are a guarantee of quality and even help to strengthen the alloy.
  • Its price varies as in any store of designer T-shirts, with the most basic and offline from R $ 50, and the news around R $ 200.

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Best NBA jerseys: Our favorites

Below, you will see the list we have prepared with the three best models of NBA jerseys, classified according to their design, pattern and material.

Buying Guide

With each season played, the NBA increases its influence. The audience for matches grows every year, including the broadcasting of open TV channels. Some pre-season games take place here, sometimes against teams.

This has greatly increased the demand for products related to the league, mainly for t-shirts, which are more accessible, versatile and adapted to our climate than official uniforms. In this Buying Guide, we will show you its advantages, its different topics, among other important information.

What are NBA jerseys?

The product itself is very simple, a T-Shirt style t-shirt, made, most of the time, in cotton or polyester, with its designs, colors and prints worked on the NBA theme, the American Basketball Association.

With more than 70 years of history, the NBA is one of the richest leagues in the world, among all sports, and not only financially, but culturally.

Historical and popular teams, legendary players and superstars of the moment, cities that breathe basketball, everything serves as inspiration, including the very motto of the league, with its characteristic logo and its colors – the same three of the American flag.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of NBA jerseys?

Like everything in this life, there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing an NBA jersey. Among the advantages, the most obvious is its versatility, being suitable for a good number of social occasions – casual, mostly absolute.

Then, and especially when comparing with official uniforms, it is comfort. A T-shirt is easy to use, either for its fabric, cotton or polyester, or for the certainty that it fits the environment.

There is also your experience in using it. As we said at the beginning, wearing a T-shirt, watching a game, even hitting a ball on weekends, all of this makes you part of a unique community, with its own identity and an aesthetic that fits very well in our day to day .


The disadvantages, in turn, have a lot to do with the fact that the shirt is not the piece actually used in the players’ routine. One way of putting it is that the identity experience is, in a way, incomplete: you have the badges and colors, but you don’t see your model being used by those who really matter.

Then there is the question of the game itself. Not that it is forbidden to hit a ball with the shirt, but it is at least harmful to the model. Designed for casual use, the pieces do not have open weaves to facilitate sweat, which accumulates and deteriorates the weaves, little by little.

Part of this incompatibility comes from the lack of models of tank tops, reserved for official shirts, which is a disadvantage. More than fit for the game, they have a greater connection to the NBA and the sport itself.


  • Versatility
  • Comfort
  • Cultural Experience


  • Incomplete experience
  • Unsuitable for the game
  • No racing options

League, team, player or replica?

As we mentioned, the product itself, the shirt does not have exactly different types, because it is the cut that characterizes the piece. However, there is a certain pattern of prints and designs, influenced by themes involving the NBA.

One is that of the league itself, which “offers” designers its color palette – red, blue and white – its classic logo, with the silhouette of the legendary Jerry West, among other elements that refer to its organization , such as court lines and tables.

The most common pattern, as expected, is team-based t-shirts. In addition to the colors, the teams have coats of arms, the cultural baggage of their city, their own names, which involve mascots – such as the Hawks of the Atlanta Hawks – or specific elements – such as the spurs of the San Antonio Spurs.



There are, of course, shirts that depict players, whether they are current stars, like Lebron James, legends, like Michael Jordan, or charismatic, like Dennis Rodman.

Finally, there are the replicas of the uniforms, faithful in their typography, designs and positioning of the elements, but adapted to a common T-shirt. With the recent release of sleeve shirts in NBA matches, these models have gained more prominence and verisimilitude.

T-Shirt or Uniform?

Like any good NBA fan, it is possible that you are in doubt between purchasing the t-shirts or investing in the shirt of the official uniform. Even because, as practical and comfortable as the shirt is, nothing like the shirt of your favorite team.
The differences between the two are very visible. In addition to the uniform race cut, which is larger than regular regattas, the shirt fabric is specialized, with open wefts, 100% polyester and Dry-Fit technology .



However, even if it is made for the practice of basketball, its price, around R $ 300 and R $ 400 among the youngest ones, discourages the ball hitting with such style.

Thus, considering the two as casual models, the choice turns a lot to the economic aspect, their taste and the level of fanaticism towards a team or player.

How much do NBA jerseys cost?

If we consider only official and licensed t-shirts, the price variation between models is not so great, between R $ 50 and R $ 200.

What influences, in addition to the thematic “appeal” (team or player of the moment) of the piece, is its brand, being higher in brands such as Nike and New Era, brands licensed by the NBA.

Where to buy NBA jerseys?

Official NBA physical stores exist, but they are rare. There, obviously, you find a huge variety of prints and even prices. However, the easiest thing is to go after sporting goods stores, like sports brands, like New Era.



However, if you want the huge variety of the official store, but without leaving your home, sites like Amazon, as well as specialized ones, or even the NBA site are more suitable indications for you.


Purchasing Criteria: choosing the ideal NBA jerseys

Remember our mission to help you choose the best NBA jerseys? Well, now we follow with a list of criteria for the time of purchase, made from the characteristics of the product and its use.

  • Use
  • Official Product
  • Comfort
  • Versatile prints

We will now go through each of these items. The more information you gather for the time of purchase, the more suited to your tastes will be your choice.


Among so many prints and designs, knowing how you intend to use your NBA jersey can help you select your favorite models in a more practical way.

For example, if you are looking for a T-shirt to go out with friends, the multicultural T-shirts with the motes of the teams can have a better fit, while a great player’s T-shirt is a safer gift, say.

Official Product

Considering the appreciation you have for the NBA, and therefore the League’s themed T-shirt, we recommend that you prioritize licensed products. They not only help to strengthen your favorite championship but also guarantee a minimum of quality and durability.


Comfort is not just a criterion, but an essential item for your experience with the shirt to be the best possible. Obviously the best thing is to try the piece and finish by yourself, but looking for models with bald collars and 100% cotton already helps a lot.

Versatile prints

Folded in a drawer or hung in the wardrobe, a T-shirt can do just about anything, which is a tremendous cost-benefit, let’s face it. So, to ensure this versatile use of the product, look for models with versatile, discreet prints that can combine with different colors and fit in various environments.



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