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Top & Best Table tennis racket Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Table tennis racket: What are the best options for 2022?

Today our subject is table tennis racket. In this article, you will learn what are the best products according to your style of play.

There are several types of table tennis rackets available for sale on the market today, so people may be confused as to which item to buy.

To clarify your doubts regarding table tennis rackets, we have created the following guide, with all the information and tips necessary for you to buy yours.

First, the most important

  • One of the criteria for choosing your table tennis racket is whether it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use (indoor or outdoor).
  • The prices of the table tennis rackets listed here vary between R $ 35 and R $ 190, depending on the material from which it is made, among other characteristics.
  • Among the characteristics to look for in a table tennis racket are: power, control, effect, shape of the handle, colors, rubber, durability, style of play, level of play and weight.

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Buying Guide

A dynamic sport, in which it is necessary to keep an eye on the match so as not to lose any movement. So is table tennis – also called ping pong when practiced for leisure. Do you like the sport? Do you want to be the best among your friends or maybe even participate in official competitions?

Then you will need a quality table tennis racket. And in this Buying Guide, we will bring information that will help you choose the ideal model.



What are table tennis rackets?

The table tennis racket is used in training and competitions in this sport and must have several characteristics to suit the playing style of each player.

A good table tennis racket gives you control over the ball so you can master a game. This depends a lot on the characteristics of the racket, such as rubber, weight, etc.

Some table tennis rackets that people use, especially when they practice the sport just for fun, are considered of low quality. Especially rackets that have no rubber or coating. Changing equipment can change the way you play.

What are the advantages of buying a good table tennis racket?

Given the variety of rackets that exist on the market today, many practitioners end up opting for the cheaper one. What these people do not notice is that the likelihood that a model like this does not offer good game quality is very high.

In addition, models considered cheaper do not offer the same durability. With that, the rubber, within a few months, ends up losing its texture and becoming thin, which is terrible for the game.

Good quality racquets offer very remarkable control and performance. That way it is possible to achieve the most varied effects!

One of the most used effects, Topspin, is very difficult to apply on a racket that has lost the rubber texture, as the ball usually falls off the racket as soon as the person tries to apply this effect.


Did you know that Topspin is the most used blow in table tennis and also the easiest to execute? In it, the player hits the ball from bottom to top, in order to make it spin, to rise and fall suddenly, making it difficult to receive the opponent.


The worst thing is that there is no way to recover the rubber from the table tennis racket once it loses its quality. It is of little use to the game and you will probably have to buy another one.

As it is a sport that requires very fast movements from players, be careful not to start with a racket too advanced for your level. Rackets that require more agility are indicated for people more experienced in the sport.


  • Control over the ball
  • Effects
  • Wattage


  • May be of low quality
  • Durability can be low
  • Good rackets are often expensive

Is there a difference between table tennis rackets for indoor or outdoor use?

Although the game of table tennis usually takes place in covered places, also known by the English word “indoor”, it can also take place externally (outdoor).

However, to play outdoors, you need the right type of table and favorable weather conditions.

In addition, the type of table tennis racket you need for outdoor games is different. You will need stronger equipment, as it will be subject to varying weather conditions.

Typically, table tennis rackets for outdoor use are composed of a plastic material, which is a material that is also more resistant to impacts.

Indoor rackets are often used more, especially by those who want to progress in the sport, as they provide greater precision in the effects. The material they use is wood. Below are the main differences between rackets for indoor and outdoor use:


What effects can I achieve with a good table tennis racket?

Control is the most important skill during a table tennis match, as it represents the ability to respond to the opponent’s balls.

If you are not so good at your strikes, but have consistency in the ability to return the balls to the opponent, there is a good chance that he will make a mistake at some point, and that you make the point.

After some time training the ball control, you will find that it requires not only physical but also mental responses. This is because, in many cases, you must give an immediate and accurate answer.

Some rackets provide better control of the ball, both by the material of the smooth part and the handle, which allows a firmer grip.



Control results in one of the most important things in table tennis: the effects, as they serve as a strategy to give more acceleration and rotation to the ball. Knowing how to use these techniques greatly defines the player’s level.

Some of the effects of table tennis are as follows:

  • Backspin . This effect allows the ball to spin back and slow down;
  • Topspin . This effect causes the ball to rotate forward and accelerate;
  • Sidespin . When the player strikes the ball from left to right, or vice versa, it generates rotation in the ball;
  • Dead ball . This occurs when a blow cuts through the ball’s effect.

As with the controller, higher quality – and therefore more expensive – rackets allow the player to put more effect on his moves. Learn a little more about some of these movements:



Does the racquet rubber matter?

In the past, there was no rule regarding the colors of table tennis rackets, so most of them were black on both sides.

What started to happen is that people put rubbers that made the opponent’s game very difficult, and it was very difficult for the opponent to know which rubber was being used in each opponent’s hit.

Currently, players are allowed to inspect opponents’ rackets before games to find out which rubbers they use on their rackets.




Thus, the player can better prepare for the game, already knowing the type of rubber and on which side of the racket it is being used by the opponent.

This, of course, is for professional competitions. If you are an amateur and just want to have fun playing table tennis, there are different color options and you can look for one that has your favorite colors.

How much?

The cost of a table tennis racket is quite varied, as they can be made of bad materials, have little durability and cost R $ 20, or they can be professional and cost R $ 500.

In this article, the table tennis rackets that have been listed have prices ranging between R $ 35 and R $ 190.

In addition, professional players usually have their own table tennis rackets made, and in these cases, depending on the wood used, the amounts can reach R $ 1,000 or more.

Where to buy it?

It is possible to buy table tennis rackets on the Internet at stores such as Amazon. In physical stores, it is also possible to buy quality table tennis rackets.

It may be that in your city it is also possible to find a store specializing in table tennis.

The advantage of buying in a place specialized in this sport is that you can take all your doubts with sellers who really understand the subject. Buying used table tennis rackets is not recommended, as the rubber may be worn and without inefficient to apply effects to the ball.





Purchasing Criteria: Main factors for evaluating a table tennis racket

There are certain characteristics of a table tennis racket that must be analyzed before purchase, such as the following:

  • Wattage
  • Cable shape
  • Eraser
  • Durability
  • Play style
  • Level of play
  • Weight

See below for a detailed description of each of these features, which will help you make the best choice.


Being able to make strong moves is one of the strategies of offensive players, who are usually a few steps away from the table at the time of the game.

Rackets that are designed for players who enjoy offensive and powerful games tend to be a little heavier than normal, as this is one of the characteristics that help to give strength to strokes.

When the rubber part is rigid, it absorbs less impact, which ends up providing extra power when hitting.


Cable shape

The shape of the handle of a table tennis racket does not have much influence on the game, it depends a lot on the player’s personal taste.
It can be in the following ways:

  • Straight . As the name says, it is a straight cable in its entire length;
  • Concave . This type of cable is slightly narrower in the center, and wider at the ends;
  • Anatomical . This is a thinner handle at the end where it is joined with the racket, and a little wider at the other end.


Rubber is very important to guarantee a quality game. Many people prefer to customize table tennis rackets with rubber purchased separately, as they provide greater grip.

There are several types of rubbers for table tennis, and one of them, for example, is known as a pin, which is used by those who want to remove the effect of the opponent’s ball.

Therefore, the use of a specific rubber in your table tennis racket goes a long way towards the question of game strategy as well.



Durability is an important item for a table tennis racket, because when its rubber gets worn out, you need to change equipment. And often, depending on the quality of the racket, this can happen with just a few months of use.

One clue to whether your rubber is worn is through effects. If you train and can’t learn or apply certain effects, it can be a sign that your rubber is worn out.

An important tip to increase the durability of your table tennis racket is to wash the rubber once a week. Just be careful not to wash it under running water, as it may peel off the rubber. Carefully wipe with a damp cloth.

Play style

Defining your style of play is very important to know which table tennis racket to choose. The following styles are the most common:

  • Aggressive . This is a common characteristic of professionals, who have a very fast game, and that includes techniques that can finish off the opponent very quickly.
  • Controlled . This player uses a style of play that mixes aggressive and defensive characteristics. It is usually found in the game of beginners and intermediate players, who usually wait until the right ball to attack.
  • Defensive . Some players, including professionals, tend to play more defensive table tennis, although this style is still not as widely used as offensive. This depends on the strategy, and can help slow down the game.

Depending on your style, a racket that allows for a faster or slower game will be ideal. In that case, the advice of someone more experienced can be of great value.

Game level

Analyzing your game level before buying a table tennis racket is very important.

  • Beginner . A beginner in table tennis is a person who has no knowledge of the techniques of the game. This practitioner usually plays just for fun. You can choose a cheaper racket to start with and, when you understand your playing style, change equipment.
  • Intermediate . This is a player who knows some techniques, and is trying to learn more. At this level, the table tennis player must know his playing style to choose a racket that offers greater precision in strokes.
  • Advanced . This player has strategy and extends the techniques of the game well. You are already at a level where you can choose custom rackets.
  • Professionals . They are people who have a deep knowledge of the game, and practice table tennis professionally. They are the category that has the most difficulties in choosing a racket, as they have very specific preferences regarding the equipment they use.

Check out, in the video below, what professionals are capable of doing with the proper equipment:




The weight of a racket depends a lot on your style of play, and works just like in a tennis game, where the following happens:

  • Light rackets . They offer greater speed and agility in applying the effects on the ball;
  • Heavy rackets . They offer the possibility to play with greater power.

So it is important to know what your style of play is before opting for a table tennis racket, as this will give you many tips on the equipment you need.



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