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Top & Best Punching ball Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Punching ball: What’s the best of 2022?

Today’s text is about the punching ball, the perfect equipment to improve your technique, prepare for your fight or just keep your shape in a more dynamic and, why not, fun way.

Below you will find the guide for your ideal purchase. By sharing selected information, analyzing the market and answering the main questions, we will help you find the right punching ball for your training.

First, the most important

  • The punching ball is literally a ball, with leather lining and inner tube, which serves as a target for punches.
  • Punching ball training goes beyond blows, developing reflex, agility and even defense.
  • There are three types of punching ball: ceiling, floor, and ceiling-solo.


Shopping Guide

It is beautiful to see a punching ball being operated in the right way. The focus, the synchrony between hands, body and equipment, is all somewhat hypnotic. It is not for nothing that the fighting academies leave them at the bottom of their salons, so as not to distract others.

To reach this level of practice, it takes technique, but also compatibility between activity and equipment. Choose the right model, in other words. In the following Guide, we will show the techniques, activities and different models, so that you can find this synchrony at the time of your training.

What is a punching ball for?

To put it bluntly: the punching ball is an equipment for boxing and martial arts training.

Its design is thought in such a way that it allows to train some key aspects of the repertoire of any fighter, all directly or indirectly related to the punch.

When doing the usual exercises of a punching ball, you automatically train your high guard, essential for defense, your reflex, your coordination between vision and action (punch), your agility, your aim, and, in some cases, your game of legs.


How is a complete punching ball?

“Punching ball” literally means a punching ball. The punching ball, alone, is just a ball, covered with leather (and other similar materials), and an air chamber, which is filled with pump and everything.

Thus, it is only really useful when combined with its fixation accessories, so that it becomes a dynamic target, providing an exercise with rhythm, difficulty and objectives.

When we talk about “complete punching ball”, we mean a product with exactly that combination of ball and support. There can be three:

    • Punching ball with support , which hangs the model in the air, similar to a punching bag;
    • Punching ball with base , which “sticks” the model on a base on the floor, leaving the equipment looking like a “silly joão”, the inflatable toy;
    • Punching ball ceiling-solo , which leaves the ball suspended between a support on the ceiling and a base on the floor, like strings on a guitar.


Punching ball supported or based?

Choosing between a supported or a supported punching ball should be the most difficult decision to make in this research. Both models have their benefits, their exercises and their drawbacks, of course.


Their training is geared to the fight.

The punching ball with support is the one that hangs from the ceiling. Their training is more focused on fighting in fact, with benefits for the development of striking techniques.

Its activities focus on conditioning a fighter’s agility, coordination and precision.

The base model (the one fixed on the floor), in turn, has activities that are more geared to fitness. Of course, their exercises have benefits for fighters, such as precision training, but the focus of this equipment is movement, resistance.

How is a punching ball for boxing?

The emergence of punching ball happens within the tradition of boxing. Thus, there is no model that is not suitable for boxing.

Still, there are more suitable types than others. The ceiling punching ball is the most traditional, and the most suitable. It is the one that brings the greatest number of benefits to the boxer, such as conditioning the high guard, reflex, agility, among other skills developed.


Punching ball or punching bag?

Here is a big question for boxers and fighters on a limited budget, because the ideal would be to have both.

This is because both are training equipment, hanging targets for the development of different fighting skills. Even the lining is similar, of leather or similar synthetic material.


In the English nomenclature, punching bag and punching ball (better known as ” speed bag “) are variants of the same product.


The differences start inside each one, since the punching ball is filled with air, and the punching bag with high density foam.

The skills developed are also different. The punching ball trains agility, reflex and even defensive behavior, while the punching bag develops a technique for striking, moving and resisting.

For this set of fundamentals, the punching ball is more suitable (but not restricted) for fighters of intermediate training level, while the bag and strokes can “already” be used by beginners.

How much does a punching ball cost?

The average price of a “common” punching ball, of good quality and especially good value for money, is between R $ 100 and R $ 200.

Even so, you can find models on the internet from R $ 70, and for up to R $ 1000, especially professionals and those who already come with the complete set for installation, filling pump, spare parts, etc.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your punching ball

In order to save your energy for training time, and, why not, some of the money in your pocket, we have our list of criteria for choosing. If noticed carefully, your items can make buying your punching ball a much more agile, practical and safe process, financially speaking.

  • Training type
  • Coating
  • Size
  • Set

Training type

Before proceeding with your purchase, it is vital that you consider the type of training you intend to do. Thinking about it will help you choose between a based or supported punching ball, and between a slow and a fast punching ball.

If you are looking for more physical conditioning, the models with base add more movement; if you are looking for agility, go to the lighter punching balls, with support; to exercise your strength, opt for heavier models.


It is important that the coating has less abrasive potential.

The coating is an extremely important element for contact equipment such as the punching ball. Although it is recommended to do the training with gloves or at least with bandages and bandages, it is important that the model you choose is covered with materials with less abrasive potential.

At the same time, this surface material needs to be resistant, to have greater durability and prevent it from peeling or crumbling, which also has a great abrasive potential. Well-treated, smooth, natural or synthetic leathers are the best options.


The size of the punching ball will dictate how your training will be, especially how your pace will be. Lighter balls will naturally be faster, and therefore for activities that aim for greater agility conditioning.

Heavier balls, in turn, will be slower, thus aiming at training with greater strength and precision. Pay attention to the name “pear”, one of the national names of the punching ball. You can find templates with the information “slow pear” or “fast pear”.


There is no need to describe the importance of the punching ball set, is it? After all, only the loose ball has the same impact for a fighting exercise as a soccer ball.

So, stay tuned to the punching ball kits, that is, that come with the necessary items to assemble a support or a base. In the absence of a complete set, any item worth going forward in your life, such as a model that already comes with a ring to attach to the support, for example.


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