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Top & Best Office chair Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Office chair: Which are the best in 2022?

We spend about 16 hours of our days sitting or standing. Of those 16, at least 8 hours are at work. The office chair is the best friend of anyone who works on the computer and therefore should be purchased with a lot of analysis.

Concerned about your health and well being, we want to show you the best models today. In this comprehensive shopping guide, we will bring you all the details you need to know to ensure success when buying your office chair.

Design, comfort, material and adaptation are the criteria that you must take into account before finalizing your order. To learn more, continue with us until the end of this article.

First, the most important

  • More than 80% of the population suffers from low back pain. Investing in a good office chair is taking care of your health and well being.
  • Increased focus – and productivity – is one of the advantages of investing in a good chair for you or your employees.
  • In this article, you will learn what the differences are between a chairman chairman or director. In addition to discovering all the important details to buy the best office chair for you.


The best office chairs: Our favorites

Investing in an office chair is investing in health. And you will understand that statement throughout this guide. Now, keep the selection we made for you of the 5 best chairs on the market.

  • A chair style chair
  • A chair with luxurious design
  • A very comfortable option
  • A great cost-effective option

Buying Guide

Taking care of your health does not mean just exercising and eating well. Small daily habits make a difference to our well-being and, consequently, to our productivity at work.

So, continue reading this Buying Guide and learn, in detail, how and why to choose a quality office chair for your day to day.

What is an office chair and why invest in a quality one?

You must have stopped to think that you spend most of your day at work, right? At least 7 or 8 hours, if not more.

And as much as you get up to go to the bathroom, get a coffee or stretch your legs, it is sitting in your office chair that you spend almost 8 hours.

For this reason it is essential that comfort is the number 1 priority on your list. After all, sitting in a chair while doing your tasks can take your focus off, decrease your productivity and harm your health.

Companies are investing more and more in the well-being of employees. There are different types of office chair. They are classified into categories: president, director and secretary.

As you can see, most of the chairs brought in this ranking are from the president category and only one from the director. They are the best on the market and everyone should deserve a comfortable chair, with a high, adjustable backrest as in these categories.

But why invest in a good office chair? Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages of a good office chair?

The first advantage, of course, is the prevention of health problems. Just 20 minutes of sitting in the wrong posture can cause blood flow problems and strain your spine.

Working years in an office can cause serious damage to your health if you – or your company – do not invest in a comfortable chair.

Studies indicate that spinal pain is the second most common worldwide, second only to headache.

Therefore, taking care of your health as soon as possible, investing in a good office chair is the biggest advantage that you can offer for yourself and your employees.

And while that advantage is already convincing, we don’t end there. Comfort generates more focus, productivity and creativity.

People who are comfortable at work tend to stay focused longer and consequently produce more. They also become more creative because the brain is more free to create, without having to worry about possible pain.

And although it is a detail, it has a greater impact on the company or business. Think of the reverse process. Lack of comfort can drastically reduce an employee’s performance, even if he doesn’t realize it.

In addition, a good office chair will last much longer than a cheaper one, made from inferior materials.

So even though the investment is higher – which can be considered a disadvantage – having a comfortable chair is the best option in the long run. A cheaper chair can tear or break sooner than expected and you will need to invest in another one again.

And of course, comfortable and elegant chairs, such as those mentioned in this ranking, give your business more credibility. The environment says a lot about the company’s image. What image do you want to leave for your customers?

There are many options on the market that combine comfort and style. With different designs, you just need to choose the one that most has your profile or your business.

It is even difficult to talk about disadvantages, but we can highlight the higher investment, as we already mentioned.

Chair office chair or director?

Office chairs are classified into different categories. President and director are two of them, the ones that offer more comfort and functionality.


Investing in this type of chair is investing in your health.

But that does not mean that only presidents or directors of companies can have one of these. On the contrary, investing in this type of chair is investing in your health, as we have already discussed in this article.

Although the two models are very similar, they have some different characteristics. A president’s office chair has a higher back, is produced from more noble materials, the foams are of high quality and have a sophisticated finish.

Designed for people who spend up to 12 hours in the company, they offer more functionality in the adjustment of arms, back and headrest.

The categories in the director category are also very good. The biggest difference is in the backrest, which is usually lower. Consequently, they do not have a headrest and offer less functionality.

They are cheaper, but still offer quality. An excellent option for those looking for a more affordable office chair.

Did you know that pain keeps your employees away?

If you are an entrepreneur, paying attention to the well-being and health of your employees is not only a matter of empathy, but also an investment. An article published by Exame revealed that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 80% of the population suffers from some type of back pain.

Consequently, this is the main cause of absence from work. In 2012, 116,000 people were removed and received government assistance for this reason. In addition, 1 in 10 people suffer from chronic low back pain. And men are more likely to suffer from this type of problem throughout their lives.

It is worth taking care not to enter the statistics or aggravate a situation that already exists. Many people end up looking for help after finding the problem, when the correct thing should be to think about preventing it.

How much does an office chair cost?

An office chair can exceed the value of R $ 3 thousand. But it is possible to buy a great model for much less.

The cheapest model in our ranking costs only R $ 320 on the Amazon website. And the most expensive, R $ 2,555. The average value of the mentioned office chair models is around R $ 800.

With the interest-free installment option, the investment ends up having a great cost benefit, taking into account all the advantages it offers.

Where to buy an office chair?

Shops specializing in office supplies sell various models. You may find chairs at computer stores as well. But for a greater variety of models and better prices, we recommend purchasing via the internet.

You buy from the comfort of your home or office, without wasting time looking for the perfect model in different stores and still receive it at your door.

Check out the Amazon website, which has all the models mentioned here. Just click on the link and check out the great offers.



Did you know that it was the English scientist Charles Darwin, famous for formulating the theory of the evolution of species, who invented the office chair?

In addition to traveling extensively for his research, he also spent a lot of time in his office and felt the need to change his chair to streamline processes and have greater mobility within the space.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare office chair models

You have certainly understood the importance of investing in a good office chair. But you may not have convinced yourself of the ideal model for you. Therefore, we will present you the purchase criteria.

With them you can see what is most important when buying one of these chairs and decide once and for all which one will be your great companion for so many hours at work.

Look at your chair today and analyze: how would you like it to be different?

This is a good tip to understand what bothers you now and what you would like to be different. Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Adaptation
  • Backrest

We will detail each one so that you can make the best decision when buying your office chair.


The material of your chair can be extremely important. Think carefully. Some people don’t like leather as it can stick to the skin. Others prefer leather because it is a highly resistant material.

So, this is a matter of taste. The best chairs are leather – even if synthetic PU, like the models in this ranking – and canvas.

The screen chairs have no foam on the back and are more breathable. Although most of the rooms have air conditioning, it is worth reflecting on these details.


The design, although it is a detail, can be an important one. Choosing a chair that in addition to being comfortable, matches the environment and the profile of the company or person, can make those who use it even happier and more productive.

A good chair also says a lot about the company’s credibility and image. In this list you will find different style options.

But design is not just about visuals. Design also says a lot about how the company thinks about the user. Design combines all the details that make the chair beautiful, very comfortable.


Comfort is the main item on this list. Have you ever thought about spending 8 hours sitting in a hard chair? It wouldn’t be pleasant to work that way.

Comfort includes many aspects, not just whether the chair seat is soft enough or not.

Comfort includes if the user reaches the feet entirely on the floor in a comfortable way, if the arms are in a pleasant position, if you like and use the headrest, among other details. Then the descriptions carefully.

Model number 1 on the list even has an anti-stress heating and massage system. This is a criterion that you may want to consider when making your next purchase.


Finally, as an extension of comfort, the adaptations that the office chair has are also important.

There are reclining and fully adjustable models, some of which have so many adaptations that they are practically molded to any biotype.

Height adjustment, armrest, head adjustment are some of the things you can consider. Think about what is important to you by doing the exercise of trying to see what your current chair could improve on.

Other models only have height adjustment and that may suffice. So the best chair is the one that fulfills your needs and fits in your pocket.


Each chair has a type and size of backrest and the person adapts to a different type. That said, we did an exclusive study on the size of the backrest available on the market:


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