Top & Best Tax SAT Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tax SAT: What is the best for your company in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a device that is already mandatory for companies in the state of São Paulo and may soon be in some others: The tax SAT! What exactly is it for? Why do you need to have one in your business?

The tax SAT is a very simple device to operate: Just connect it to a computer via USB cable and leave it on while sales are recorded. However, the mandatory use of it makes doubts arise about how to acquire the best model. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it!

First, the most important

  • The use of fiscal SAT equipment is mandatory in the state of São Paulo. In other parts the trend is for the same path to be followed.
  • Among the main advantages of the tax SAT are the reduction of fraud and tax evasion, the agility in the company’s tax processes and the huge paper savings.
  • Before purchasing a tax SAT device, it is necessary to check if it is approved by the State Finance Department and if it is compatible with the certificates that need to be issued.

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The best models of fiscal SAT: Our opinion

There is no point in choosing blind SAT tax equipment: It is necessary that it follow the basic requirements required by the Secretariat of Finance and that it be on the list of approved by it. We selected some models that fit the description and are of excellent quality.

  • The most complete model
  • The best kit with fiscal printer
  • The safest device

Buying Guide

It’s time to better understand what the tax SAT is, what it is for and how you can choose the model that best suits your needs. We selected the most common questions about the equipment and, below, prepared answers for each one of them!

Read our purchase guide carefully to understand everything about the tax SAT!

What is a tax SAT and what is it for?

The operation of the tax SAT is very simple: It is a device that must be connected to the computer responsible for registering sales and issuing invoices for a trade or company. It automatically transmits the record of each movement to the Finance Department.

It is also necessary that the same computer connected to the tax SAT is connected to a printer (which can be tax or common) so that the generated invoice is delivered to the consumer.

The connection between computer and fiscal SAT is made by USB cable. Most models are compatible with the most used operating systems (Windows, Linux and IoS).

It is worth remembering that in some states the use of fiscal SAT is optional. Currently, this is the case in Alagoas, Ceará, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraná and Sergipe, but the trend is for the number to grow. The obligation only happens in São Paulo.



Did you know that before technology allowed the issuance of electronic invoices, this innocent coupon made with each purchase was one of the most responsible for the consumption of paper on the planet?

According to the Water Footprint Network (NFN), since the electronic invoice started to be used on a large scale in 2008, 88 billion sheets of paper were saved. And each leaf saves about 10 liters of water!

How does the legislation in relation to fiscal SAT work?

Since 2015, the fiscal SAT is mandatory equipment in the state of São Paulo. The transition was made gradually, related to invoicing: Companies that invoiced 100 thousand reais or more that year, supermarkets and gas stations were the first to enter the new law.


The idea of ​​using SAT is to combat fraud and tax evasion.

The idea of ​​using tax SAT is to combat fraud and sales evasion. As it automatically transmits the note of each sale to the Treasury Department, there is no way to hide any transaction that has been registered in front of the cash register.

Since then, six other states have also joined the system (Alagoas, Ceará, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraná and Sergipe). The transition rules are specific to each Treasury Department, and do not work equally. In most of them, use is still optional.

SAT stands for “authentication and transmission system”. It is necessary to have a model that is registered by the local Finance Department. Today, in São Paulo, it is already mandatory for all companies with annual sales greater than 60 thousand reais.

It is also important to note that, according to CAT Ordinance 08/2018, taxpayers from the state of São Paulo must have a reserve SAT tax activated.

What are the advantages of using a tax SAT device?

If you have a company that complies with the state mandatory SAT tax rules, there is no choice: You must follow the law and have equipment like this. But what advantages does it bring?

In addition to the main one, which is the fight against fraud and tax evasion, the SAT tax brings a lot of practicality to the life of the entrepreneur and his employees, since it is not necessary to manually send the registration of invoices and sales to the Finance Department.

The fiscal SAT still makes it no longer necessary to have a fiscal printer – a common one perfectly does the job of printing the bill and serving it to the customer. Thus, sector costs can be reduced.

We can mention as a disadvantage only the mandatory purchase of a fiscal SAT device, which is not cheap, and its constant maintenance, since a defect can cause future problems in relation to the transmission of banknotes.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of SAT Fiscal:

Which fiscal SAT devices are approved by the Finance Department?

You can’t just buy a tax SAT device blindly: You need to know if it is approved by your state’s Department of Finance!

As São Paulo is the only state that currently has the mandatory use of the SAT tax, we will list in a table the models that are approved by the Secretary of Finance of that state in the Southeast!

Check the table below for brands and models that fit the category:

How much does it cost and where to buy a tax SAT device?

Most SAT Fiscal devices are in the same price range: Between R $ 600 and R $ 800. Only some models with special features, such as extra security, can spend a little of that and get close to R $ 1,000.

Because it is not yet available in many states, finding a tax SAT is not an easy task. Stores specializing in articles for companies can be a good option, as well as large chain stores. But the best option is, without a doubt, buying over the internet.

We mainly recommend theAmazon, which offers several of the approved models. Also check out the Free Market.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing your tax SAT

You already know the reasons for having a tax SAT and which are the approved models. But how to choose the ideal one for your company? We have selected some important technical criteria:

  • Certificate compatibility
  • Connectivity
  • Memory
  • Technical support

Below, we go into more detail about each of these specifications.

Certificate compatibility

We have already listed which fiscal SAT devices are approved by the São Paulo Finance Department. Likewise, there are those that are compatible for use in each of the states that have already authorized this new technology.

Therefore, if you intend to purchase a fiscal SAT device for use in another  state, pay attention to which ones are compatible with the system applied on the spot.

It is also worth remembering that the system for transmitting tax coupons undergoes constant updates. Each time this happens, you will need to download new software on the computer connected to your device. Only then, it will continue to be suitable for transmitting smoothly.


The fiscal SAT device is able to transmit tax coupons even if it has been disconnected from the internet for a while: In this case, it accesses the recent sales file and executes everything that was missing during the disconnection time.

It is important to have more than one way to make the connection between device and computer.

It is still important that you have more than one way to make the connection between device and computer. All models have a USB port, but some even offer Ethernet or even WiFi.

Security is fundamental in the use of a fiscal SAT: Great care is taken to avoid flaws that could compromise your relationship with the Finance Department!


A very positive characteristic of the tax SAT for the entrepreneur is its storage capacity. There are models that keep all transactions made within a space of up to ten years.

If there is any unexpected disagreement between you and the Treasury Department, or if you always want to have a look at what happened over long periods of time, a tax SAT with greater memory is able to help you a lot!

Technical support

Do you know the brand chosen for your tax SAT? Have you bought any other products from her? Do you know if technical support is offered in your city, either for installation or maintenance?

It is essential to purchase a fiscal SAT model that has excellent technical support. Despite the requirement of a reserve device in the state of São Paulo, you cannot run the risk of being without the proper transmission of tax coupons.

So, before completing your purchase, research the brand and make sure that it can offer you respectable support.


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