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Top & Best Hot dog cart Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hot dog cart: How to choose the best one to work in 2022

Today’s text is dedicated especially to those who want to work with a hot dog cart, whether traveling or at closed parties.

The number of people willing to sell hot dogs is growing. Licenses for commercial activity are easy to obtain. But, if you buy the wrong hot dog cart your business will not take off. So pay attention to the text before you go shopping.

First, the most important

  • Hot dog cart should be chosen according to your work needs and the number of snacks you want to sell.
  • Models may have aluminum cover or space for a parasol.
  • The best dog cart editions allow you to prepare other foods as well.

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Best Hot Dog Carts: The Professional Choices

The dream of you achieving your financial independence may come true when selling hot-dogs. However, this will only happen if the choice of hot dog cart is technically correct. Some famous patterns among experienced sellers will be demonstrated below:

  • To sell hot dogs and more
  • Hot-dog sales even in the most difficult places
  • Functional product at popular prices
  • The simple that always works in the basic service

Buying Guide

Is it better to buy a multifunctional model or a lighter and more basic production? How to get the sellers license? Answers to questions like these you will learn as you read on.

How to work with a hot dog cart?

Before, you need to have a license obtained from your city hall. Then it is necessary to purchase a professional hot dog cart. Always with hygiene and quality products it is worthwhile to make sales in the busiest places.

Lunch hours, doors to shows or clubs, exits from football games and colleges, in short, there are several points for you to make sales, especially in the busiest metropolitan centers.



SEBRAE Micro and Small Business Support Service

“The street vending market presents itself as a promising branch, which continues to grow continuously.”

How to assemble snacks to sell in the hot dog cart?

Initially you can use a simple hot dog cart with few sauces in order to prepare cheap snacks. As your business grows, you need to buy other larger carts to suit demand.

Innovating and diversifying snacks is the tip to sell more. Some models allow you to remove the wheels in order to leave the cart without wheels, an interesting choice for those who want to be more stationary on non-straight sidewalks.

One of the secrets to building customer loyalty, in addition to using qualitative sausages and fresh bread, is preparing special sauces with unique flavors, a technique popular with New York street vendors.

What licenses do you need to sell hot dogs?

The license to sell hot dogs may differ according to each municipality. In the case of São Paulo you need to have the TPU (Term of Permission to Use), which can be taken at different city halls, requiring a fee annually.


Register as a MEI seller.

Register as a MEI seller (Individual Microentrepreneur) in the category: Street seller of food products. So you have no cost to issue notes and have several labor rights at your disposal.

Attention: TPU is mandatory. MEI is not mandatory.


What are the advantages of using a hot dog cart to make money?

Making money from a hot dog cart is an old tactic that still works to make a profit. You can have the profit margin never achieved in other businesses.

The models provide superior flexibility for you to work in different areas of the city, thanks also to the pneumatic wheel system. The downside is that along with food the car can be heavy to get around. See other pros or cons:

What is the best type of hot dog cart?

There are several different hot dog cart patterns. Sometimes you buy an edition and then realize that with the money spent it could take something better. Avoid this risk by knowing now the main types of models and their differences:

    • Simple: Perfect hot dog cart for those who are just beginning their careers. The production is small, simple to clean, with thermal saucers to cook sausages and space for bread.
    • 2 in 1: Some models have two cooking pots, other editions have more press and plate to press. The version serves to produce hot-dogs and other snacks.
    • 3 in 1: Sell ​​snacks on the plate, hot and savory dogs (glass greenhouse) or barbecue. There is room for bread, a drink area and even a hood.
    • 4 in 1: In addition to snacks, hot dogs and barbecue, you can produce pastries in the hot-dog cart. Fill up with drinks and boxes in the large reserved production areas.
    • 5 in 1: Serve hot dogs, snacks on the grill, barbecue, pastries and chips or churros. It is a more robust and spacious model, with all the accessories for you to prepare food on the spot.


Below the table shows more features of the models:

What is the average price and where to buy the hot dog cart?

A hot dog cart can cost anywhere from $ 500 to up to $ 3,000. Standards far below average values ​​have no quality. The product increases in price as it can produce more food or because it has a resistant and light material.

You find models in stores like Magazine Luiza, Extra and Walmart. When purchasing online, it is not necessary to take the product from the point of sale to your home. At Amazon free shipping promotions are popular. Buy online also at Shoptime.



Did you know that the first hot-dog appeared in 1880 in the United States?

The inventor was Charles Feltman who created the bread, sausage and sauce snack. Feltman brought the special sausage from Frankfurt, Germany, developed by a German butcher who named it after his dog.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Hot Dog Strollers

It is important not to fool around when choosing a hot dog cart. This product is expensive and you need something capable of withstanding the heavy duty to record at record level.

Thanks to the points listed below, you are more likely to buy a model exactly, with less cost and more benefits:

  • Size
  • Customization
  • Material
  • Shadow

Below you will discover the different Purchasing Criteria:


You should buy a hot dog cart according to your type of work. For example, to sell many simple snacks, buy the 2-in-1 edition. In order to supply to a smaller audience, like, at children’s parties, you can buy the simple model.

Customer demand reveals which hot dog cart you should choose.

Larger standards, from 3 to up to 5 or 6 functions in just 1 product, are more suitable for selling on the street to different audiences, diversifying the menu options.

Also analyze the size of the saucepans and bread knife drawers or to place the knife set Sometimes the drawer is small even in large trolley editions!


The advantage of smaller models is that you can more easily find versions with arts and messages such as: Hot dog, hot dog, among others. Some customizations in the body of the product have the image of the images of snacks.

There are multiple personalized offers, it is even possible to find the most vintage editions that can attract a vintage audience.


Nowadays the best productions are carbon steel. This is because in addition to being resistant, these hot-dog carts weigh much less.

For example, a 4 in 1 carbon steel edition weighs 40 kg, the same weight as simple patterns or 2 in 1 with iron or other heavier metals.

Also pay attention to the plate that needs 430 stainless steel to not rust easily and quickly.


The aluminum awning can be something that makes production more expensive, although it is important for you not to suffer from weather conditions while you are on the street. Parasol patterns protect less, although they cost more popular prices.

There is a hot dog cart with fittings for you to install awning, parasol or to be without any cover, taking advantage of the pleasant temperature environment.


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