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Perneira: Know how to choose the best one in 2022

Personal protective equipment for workers must always be taken seriously and today we are going to talk about those indicated for the lower limbs. In many services, using a quality leggings is absolutely essential!

Do you want to know more about leggings, understand in what situations they should be used, what type of protection do they offer and what advantages do they bring to workers? So stay with us, as we researched a lot and prepared an article full of valuable information and very capable of helping you!

First, the most important

  • Leggings are essential personal protective equipment to keep the lower limbs protected when working with piercing objects or in places with venomous animals.
  • In addition, there are also some quality models that can help when services involve chemicals or high temperatures.
  • Made of good materials and with affordable prices, the leggings must always be provided by companies to employees, in accordance with Regulatory Standard number 6.

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The best leggings: Our recommendations

To start the article, we will introduce you to some of the main leggings available on the market. In each of these models, there is no doubt: the quality is indisputable!

  • For those who want absolute protection in the field
  • A complete leggings
  • The best cost-benefit

Buying Guide

It’s time for the buying guide, the section of our article dedicated to answering the most common questions from potential consumers about a particular product.

It is the sector in which you have all your doubts about leggings resolved!

What is a leggings and what is it for?

Many services pose risks to workers’ lower limbs. We can cite as main examples those that are made in places with risks of poisonous animals, those that involve sharp objects, those that use chemical products and those that are close to high temperatures.

In all of these situations, it is necessary that quality protection reduces the risk of accidents involving the legs and feet of workers. And one of the individual protective equipment responsible for this is the leg.

Leggings are quite simple: You either wear them, like a normal garment, or you fix them, with buckles and buttons. When strong, resistant and made of good materials, they offer enough protection for workers to feel secure in relation to their legs!

Did you know that leggings are not the only personal protective equipment for lower limbs? There are others of great prominence, such as safety shoes, safety boots, foundry boots and shin guards.

Whenever you need something more specific for your legs and that comes close to your knees, however, the leggings should be chosen.

What services require the use of a leggings?

Curious if you need to use a leggings in your work or if you should provide this equipment to your employees? So let’s make a list of where it is indispensable!

    • Rural works: In cane fields and other crops that use sharp objects, the leg is essential. It protects from impact with the scythe or machete and also helps against possible snakes or spiders.
    • Cleaning of isolated areas and land: Venomous animals have proliferated in vacant lots or closed places for many years. Whenever there is a risk of their presence, wear a leggings!
    • Handling of heavy tools: Whenever you use heavy tools or that can hurt you, such as electric saws, pinchers and the like, protect yourself completely.
    • Contact with chemical substances: If your service involves contact with hazardous, corrosive, abrasive chemicals or any history of damage to human beings, also do not leave aside the leg.


For work in extreme temperatures, it is rare to find quality leggings. You either wear a full protective suit, or reinforced boots for legs and feet.

What are the advantages of using a leggings?

Leggings are essential to protect your lower limbs in hazardous work. That alone is a great advantage and enough for you to choose the acquisition.

But that’s not all: they are very resistant and durable equipment, capable of being used for a long time. They are usually made of good materials and give users an extra sense of security while performing the service.

For so much quality, the prices of the leggings are considerably satisfactory. It is quite easy to wear them and some models are still versatile enough to protect against several possible dangerous elements.

In some situations, especially against high temperatures or chemical elements, the use of boots that close the entire lower limbs region may be more recommended. But when there is no such risk, just impact, cut or sting, the leg is more advantageous.

See the table we prepared with advantages and disadvantages of the leggings:

What are the most used materials in leggings?

Most leggings made for protection against physical agents are made of bidim, a material also known as geotextile. It is a non-woven fabric that is normally used to reinforce layers of clothing or objects.

Another well-known option is polyurethane, a synthetic laminated plastic that is used in many industrial areas. However, it is also not yet recommended for contact with chemicals or high temperatures.

Against chemical products, the most used is the leather scrape. This material protects against possible corrosion, but has little durability, is difficult to maintain and muffles the skin. Therefore, in these situations the boot is often more recommended.

Aramid is highly recommended against high temperatures, being efficient in this type of service. Many workers opt for clothes that cover their entire bodies when this is the case.

In the table below, we present the types of leggings and their comparisons:

What does legislation say about leggings?

When we talk about personal protective equipment,  law is very clear: It is the employer’s obligation to provide it to the employee. Therefore, in situations where the leg is essential, the company must give it to all employees.


Regulatory Standard number 6 governs the use of PPE.

If you want to know in depth what the law says about the use of leggings and other personal protective equipment, you should read Regulatory Standard number 6, which deals with the subject. It specifies when and by whom each item will be used.

You should buy a leggings, therefore, only if you are an employer or if you are self-employed, performing services that ask for protection for lower limbs. Otherwise, you must receive it from your employers.

How much does it cost and where to buy a leggings?

Leggings are not very expensive protective equipment: We found pairs that vary between the ranges of R $ 15 and R $ 50. Considering how important they are and how almost all have good quality, these are very affordable values.

Stores specializing in personal protective equipment are the best places to buy leggings. If you want to make your purchase over the internet, we recommend mainly Amazon, followed by Amazon international.

Purchasing criteria: What to pay attention to when choosing your leggings

You already know the importance of wearing a leggings and in what situations it is indispensable. Now, you need to learn to decide between similar models. We have selected some technical criteria to help you:

  • Size
  • Extra protections
  • Comfort
  • Closing method

Below, we discuss each one a little more!


Most leggings are one size. These devices are designed to cover the area from the ankle to just before the knee without major variations, and in most cases they do their job well.

However, some manufacturers are concerned with the exact positioning of the leg, increasing safety and making different sizes. In this case, it is important to check the measurements of each garment and know exactly what will fit well on the user’s leg.

Extra protections

In general, a leg is defined as a piece that covers the entire lower part of the leg, that is, between the ankle and the knee. Some models may be larger, covering up to half of the thigh, but they are more rare.

Some leggings have padded spaces for the knee and instep.

Some manufacturers put special protections on their leggings that cause the price to rise a little, but security improves. Padded knee and instep spaces are examples of these bonuses.

It is also important to note the quality of the seams, which can sometimes be electronically welded, and whether there are splints that guarantee the fixation of the leg. Most of the time, they are made of PVC.


During work that can be long and arduous, such as in a cane field or when handling a heavy tool, the worker needs to be comfortable. Therefore, the leggings must also be very ergonomic.

Check if the equipment is perfectly suited to the shape of the leg, if it does not tighten too much, if the skin perspires optimally, if it does not cause allergies and if it does not hinder movement. All of this is important even for the quality of service.

Closing method

The simplest leggings have no specific closure: They must be worn basic, as if they were a piece of clothing. They are the cheapest, but they already provide more than satisfactory protection.

If you want a more prominent closure, you can choose models with buckles, velcro or buttons. In all these cases, the fixation will be better on the leg and, consequently, also the protection.


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