Top & Best Costal sprayer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Costal sprayer: How to choose the best in 2022?

we will talk about the best options for backpack sprayer, an object widely used in agriculture to spread dust or liquid, especially used to combat weeds and insects.

Coastal sprayers are those that you use on your back, as if they were a backpack. For your use, you will need to walk around the area to be sprayed as the liquid is pumped and released through a nozzle.

There are several options for pumping modes, lances, capacities, etc. In this article we will help you choose the best option for your case. Keep reading to better understand what to take into account to make your purchase right

First, the most important

  • Spraying is done by a lance that you must direct with your hand. The pumping of the sprayers can be done manually with a lever, by means of a battery or with a gasoline engine.
  • Capacity, method of pumping, number of spears, length of boom and hose and even if you are right-handed or left-handed are factors that you must observe before purchasing one.
  • Prices can vary between R $ 100 and R $ 2,000 and this difference is determined by all the characteristics mentioned above. Regardless of use, there is a backpack sprayer that meets your needs and fits in your pocket.

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Ranking: The 4 best coastal sprayers

So that you don’t have to worry about looking for the best costal sprayer models, we’ve put together 4 of them that stand out in this list. Below, you can check the characteristics of each one of them.

Buying Guide

Whether to combat insects in your agricultural area, or even to apply in your garden, the backpack sprayer is an object of specific use, but very functional, since it speeds up the application of these liquids.

If you are not sure of making your purchase, continue with us as we will explain more about the costly sprayers throughout this guide.

What is a backpack sprayer and what are its advantages?

Costal spray is a practical option for applying herbicides, pesticides and pesticides in general.

They can be used in gardens, especially those of medium and large size. For small gardens, spray spraying may be a viable option.

For agricultural production, sprayers are indicated for crops on small properties or places where it is not possible to use sprayers installed on tractors.

Every sprayer has a tank, a pump and at least one spear. They usually have several options for spear lengths and nozzle types. Depending on the type of cultivation, the accessory to be used will be different.

The advantages are many. Among them the price of many models and practicality are highlighted. As well as the variety of models, which can be manual, electric or gasoline, have 1 or 2 lances and support from 5 to 25 liters. However, a negative point is their weight. In a 25 liter backpack sprayer the total weight can reach 30kg.

What are the methods of pumping a backpack sprayer?

Depending on your budget, you can choose between manual, electric or gasoline pumped sprayers. In models with manual pumping it will be necessary to move a lever up and down during the entire spraying time.

Models with manual pumping tend to be lighter than the others. This is because both the batteries used and the gasoline engine have a considerable weight.

Electric sprayers are usually powered by a 12-volt battery lasting a few hours, usually less than 10. In general, they come with a bivolt battery charger.

We can see an example of an electric sprayer in operation in the video below:

Since recharging the batteries usually takes a considerable amount of time, the manual pumping option is interesting to prevent you having to stop work while the battery is charging. To avoid this inconvenience, some electrical models have the option of manual operation.

Another point to consider is that in every battery, its charging capacity tends to drop over the years. The same battery can spray smaller and smaller areas as time goes by.

Electric models are usually seen as a practical replacement for models with manual pumping, being indicated for the same types of applications: gardens or small crops.

If your application area is large, the most recommended option is to choose models with gasoline engines. Their disadvantage is that they are heavier than the others, produce more noise and release gases from burning gasoline and oil.

If the application is in a poorly ventilated place, the gasoline sprayer may not be a good choice. To facilitate the comparison between the models with the 3 types of pumping, we made a table detailing the differences:

How much?

Costal sprayers have a wide price range, starting at around R $ 100 and reaching around R $ 2,000. As we saw above, the cheapest models always have manual pumping, usually by a lever.

The most expensive models are gasoline, which allows its use in larger areas without the need for stops to refuel. Battery options have intermediate prices.

Where to buy?

You can find a backpack sprayer at garden and general agricultural stores. Another option is to choose your model in the comfort of your home to purchase online. That way you find more options and also the best offers.

There are several stores where products are sold, such as Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare coast spray models?

Now, let’s list the points you need to take into account before making a decision on which is the best backpack sprayer for you:

  • Capacity
  • Number of spears
  • Boom and hose length
  • Right-handed or left-handed



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