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Top & Best Carpenter’s Pencil Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Carpenter’s Pencil: How to choose the best in 2022?

This shopping guide is dedicated to people interested in buying models or who are just curious about this subject.

Carpenters’ pencils are among the oldest accessories within the carpentry world. Today they are produced using top quality materials and the latest technology that ensures the perfect marking of the scribbles.

What is the average price of carpentry pencils? What are the main versions? Where to buy? How to compare promotions? Unravel these and other mysteries by reading through to the end.

First, the most important

  • Some carpenter’s pencils have a square shape and can also be used as rulers.
  • In financial terms, it is better to buy kits with 10 or more pencils for carpenters than to purchase per unit several times, especially in the case of professionals who need to use the product frequently.
  • To sharpen the carpentry pencil it is necessary to use a stylus or a sharpener adapted to the square shape.

Best Carpenter Pencil Models: Our Favorites

  • Tramontina Carpenter’s Pencil
  • Faber Castell Carpenter Pencils
  • Vonder Carpentry Pencils

Buying Guide

The trend of home carpentry carried out for pure pleasure increases more and more. However, even in amateur services we expect a professional result, right?

To work with maximum professionalism, learn to buy the best carpenter’s pencils with great skill and less chance of being cheated by salespeople in physical stores or online.

What is a carpenter’s pencil?

Carpenter’s pencil is a measuring tool indicated for making markings on surfaces, papers and materials.

Architects also use this product to ensure the effectiveness of measurements of architectural plans, as well as the designers of environments.

However, a carpenter’s pencil is a more common accessory in carpentry or joiner’s workshops, as well as among bricklayers. With it, professionals have something practical in their hands in order to plan daily services quickly.

How to sharpen a carpenter’s pencil?

When we perceive the square shape that exists in a large part of carpenter’s pencils, we immediately ask: “How to do this? ”.

There are two different ways to accomplish this task. The first is using a stylus, try to perform the procedure with the tip of the pencil pointed at the bottom side, decreasing the chances of injuries.

Another way to sharpen and generate a sharp point is to use the special pencil sharpener for carpenters with a square mouth. See how it works in the video:

What are the advantages of carpiinting pencils?

All products have negative or positive sides and in the case of carpentry pencils this rule is no different. Positively we have to highlight the lightness of this compact material, simple to hang on the ear or put in the pockets.

Just point and use it, no secrets or specific training needs. The versions even have a square shape to provide more comfort.

The price is cheap. Spending little money you can buy boxes with dozens of productions from trusted brands.

Negatively, we cannot fail to remember the need to aim the product, either to create a point or to make it sharper. Those who use a lot know that the models can wear out quickly.

See more about the advantages and disadvantages of a carpenter’s pencil:

Is it better to use carpenter’s pencils or ordinary pencils in carpentry?

The question is common among amateur carpenters: “Why should I use a carpentry pencil when there are several common black pencils in my house?”
First of all, it is necessary to point out that ordinary pencils do not scratch directly on surfaces, they only work on paper. Other differences between these versions are shown below:

Carpenter’s Pencils

The carpentry pencil has a unique color. That is, in the package all units have a black tint. The model prices are a little higher than common standards. The tip is thick and resistant.

You can work long hours with the product due to the anatomical shape. The use of this pencil is perfect on materials and surfaces, although it can also be used on papers as a common model.

Common pencil

This pencil has more color options, not working properly in the scratches in the woods. The tips of the versions are more fragile and can break easily when you scribble with some effort.

It is cheaper, such a pencil lasts less than the standard models for carpentry. The round shape makes pointing easier. It does not offer comfort to users.Better understand the differences between the two models in the lists:

How much does a pencil for a carpenter cost?

The unit of good carpenter’s pencils costs R $ 1, on average, twice as much as ordinary pencils. A kit with 30 productions can cost R $ 20 or R $ 25. Some famous brands offer 72 products in the box of R $ 40!

Famous brands cost higher prices, considering that they are products of long durability. Length and width also mean aspects that increase or decrease the amounts charged.

Where to buy a carpenter’s pencil?

In department stores you can find one or the other brand of pencil for carpenters. There is more diversity of models in the construction stores.

On the internet you have the advantage of paying cheaper, carrying out advanced searches and purchasing without leaving the comfort of home. We recommend the purchase of a carpenter’s pencil at trusted online stores: Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Carpenter Pencil Models

Having a carpentry shop is no easy task. In addition to keeping the machines up and running, there is also a need to renew carpenter’s pencil stocks.

Let’s now know the criteria that help you have more advantages when comparing and buying the best offers:

  • Kits
  • Diameter
  • Mine
  • Eraser
  • wood

Let’s look at all of these 5 ideas below:


Most carpenter pencil offerings come in a box with several units. But, only some packages have a special pointer included to point this type of product.

Some cheap kits do not have a sharpener, which can be a good idea for those looking to save money and already have a sharpener or want to aim with a stylus.


The bigger and thicker the pencil, the better the daily work is carried out, as long as the product is of a reliable brand.

It is no use buying a long and robust pencil when the product is from a brand without quality credentials.

Depending on the case, it is better to buy smaller models of good origin than large and thick Chinese versions.


Basically, mason or carpenter’s pencils are made up of two parts: One is the outer coating, usually made of wood.

The other part is the mine, present on the inside. It needs to be composed of a mixture of clay, wax and pigments.
Try to analyze how the carpenter’s pencil mine was made before confirming your purchase to avoid the risk of buying disqualified versions.


Nowadays the market is versatile to the point of even offering carpenter’s pencils with thick rubber on one end. It can make the product a little more expensive, but it is worth it for you to have more dynamism when making corrections.

Sometimes we scratch the wood excessively and then we need to erase the extra scratches, something that can be done with the pencil eraser quickly.


Jatobá, Ipê, Cumaru and Carvalho are the best pencil woods for carpenters, because in addition to being resistant, they provide more comfort to the hands.

However, it is worth noting that although they are less durable, low-quality woods are easier to sharpen on the carpenter’s pencil.


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