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Top & Best Stripping pliers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Stripping pliers: How to choose the best in 2022?

Stripping pliers: today the text is about this essential work tool for anyone who works with wires and installation every day.

The positive side of stripping pliers is that they work for different tasks, not just stripping wires. However, sometimes you can spend a lot of money on the product with extra functions that are rarely used in your work.

Have you ever stopped to think about the main versions of stripping pliers? And the best price to pay? Is there a worse option? We go to the answers in the following article.

First, the most important

  • Stripper pliers in high priced versions have extra features such as the hook that pulls the wire and facilitates the act of stripping wires.
  • Versions of popular values ​​have only the option of stripping or the plate that presses the wires with connectors on terminals.
  • The less force you use to strip the wire the better the pliers can be considered.

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Buying Guide

Stripping pliers are the most practical tool for stripping wires. Buying requires a certain amount of knowledge, because choosing the wrong product generates cost of service and money. So, now let’s find out details of this accessory.

What is a wire stripper?

Stripping pliers are the tools used to cut or strip wires and cables of different sizes. Tool used in several productive areas, from mechanic workshops to electrician services.

The version serves to strip quickly and accurately, unlike the work carried out with ordinary pliers that require more time and effort.

In addition to speed, several electricians use the product for safety reasons. In practice it is the technological evolution of the pliers.

How to use stripper pliers?

To use it you need to place the wire you want to cut on the stripper blades, usually present on the top of the product. Adjust the cut size and press the handles.

After hearing a kind of snap, you pull the pliers and release the handles, realizing that the protective cover of the wire or cable has been completed. See more in the video:

What are the advantages of using stripping pliers?

Positively, there are benefits because there is a wide range of prices. In this way, different types of audiences can access the tool, although the best models cost at least 5 times more than popular versions.

With this product, in addition to stripping, you can cut wires or cables, in addition to performing other functions, such as the terminal press, for example. Some versions are capable of cutting light screws and help to crimp.

Something in common in the best versions is in the format: Ergonomic engineering in the models generates more safety in use, contributing to the firmness of operations, reducing the chances of the product falling or slipping.
Negatively, the low priced versions have less cut quality. This consequently may require more force in the application, which consequently reduces the useful life of the models.

Pros and cons of the stripper pliers you see in the table below:

Stripping pliers with or without hook: Which is better?

Just look around to see that there are two main formats of stripper pliers: versions without hook and models with hook. Want to know better what each model can offer? Read more ahead.

Stripper with hook

This version is robust, full of special features. One of them is in the size adjustment for you to regulate the exact space of wire that will be bare.

Another feature of the model is the presence of the hooks (or, teeth). This function serves to pull the wire in the exact sizes when cutting, which makes it more practical to use when working overhead or in areas where the electrician has little space to move.

Stripping pliers without hook

This model has a shape similar to large scalloped, wavy and full of holes. The accessory is successful because it costs less than hooked models, in addition to being flexible to work with different cable thicknesses.

Some versions have all the basic features: Cut, strip, cut, press, among others. However, basic models can only cut or function as a stripper.
Note the main differences in stripping pliers:

How much does a stripping plier cost?

The price ranges from R $ 15 to R $ 150 or a little more. Models with multiple functions, hooks and anatomical shapes cost higher prices. In general, these editions are produced by trusted brands.

With a price of R $ 50 you can buy a version capable of stripping wires. These models do not have additional features that work perfectly, and are ideal for jobs with just a few cable diameters.

Where to buy stripper pliers?

In construction stores you find it easier to find this product.

Amazon is the most reliable site to find dozens of different options related to national and international models. Buy online in the comfort of your home, receive everything on the agreed date. also sells this product.



Did you know that with stripping pliers you can “jump”? This is a technique that aims to unite two or more different wires in just one connection to a given connection, performed with the tool’s “press” function.



Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Stripper Plier Models

Tired of straining and wasting time stripping wire with plain pliers? Then you need the stripping pliers. In this section, discover some smart ways to compare models and bring a version that has more advantages:

  • Bookings
  • Type
  • Finishing
  • Screw cutter

Then stay on top of each item.


There are some versions that have small markings. The situation gets worse when the marked points have a color similar to the complete body on the tool.

To make it easier to take that quick look, it is worth choosing models that have large markings, or numbers that make a lot of contrast if compared to the standard color of the tool.


Do you aim to perform only services with network cables, mouse or other technological items?
In these cases, it is not necessary to buy a complete tool, full of additional resources. It is worth acquiring the smaller standards with powerful cutting blades at lower prices.

A robust stripper with or without hooks is more suitable for those who work in various tasks that include wires or cables of different diameters. This tool is designed to strip various gauges.


Pliers are more expensive as they have a better finish on the body.

Well-finished versions are safer, especially when they have handles made of varnished wood or silicone, great for you to feel more comfort and have less chance of the tool slipping.

The finish must also be present on the hooks or blades, with stainless steel composition resistant to fungi, termites and weather.

Screw cutter

Do you also work with screws in very confined places? In this sense, opt for stripper pliers that have screw cutters.



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